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Dear Fellow Warrior,

Are you frustrated with spending countless hours making high quality videos, only to find them ranking so poorly inside of Google that your ideal customer never finds them?

Are you struggling with establishing a YouTube presence, even though you’ve published tens if not hundreds of high quality YouTube videos already?

If so, I understand how you feel.

My name is Melanie Fine, and though I’m an internet marketer by night, I’m really just a mild-mannered chemistry teacher by day. I’ve made over a hundred videos in order to help my students learn chemistry. 

When I decided to make these videos available to the public, I found it pretty easy to publish them to YouTube.

I added calls-to-action. I added clickable links. I even made some fancy-shmancy lab videos in which I played with fire (Don’t try that at home). 

The thing was, no one was watching my videos. My videos were ranked so far down in Google’s “Black Hole” that I couldn’t even give my stuff away for free, let alone get people to pay for it. 

Which led me to the philosophical question:

What Good Is A Call-To-Action, If No One Sees It?

So I started making Google Hangouts. They were the “IN” thing at the time, and I found that I could spend three minutes in front of my webcam, and rank a video out the gate at YouTube’s #6 spot. 

Soon after, I figured out how to play my PowerPoints through Google Hangouts, so I’d just re-narrate my old PowerPoints live on camera, and I’d have an instantly ranking Chemistry video. 

But all of this seemed like a lot of work. After all, I had already made over a hundred videos. 

To re-make the same hundred videos was exhausting and seemingly wasteful

And as a single-mother of an 8-year-old, and working two jobs, time was not a commodity I let go of easily.

So I tried to replay my videos inside of a Google Hangout, but I wasn’t able to share the video screen, nor the audio.

But I was determined. There had to be a way.

And eventually I found it. 

I found a way to replay my previously recorded videos as new Google Hangouts.

I was so excited about my discovery that I published a product here on the Warrior Forum about it, called Hangout Resurrection.

People LOVED it. Here are just some of the comments they made…

* * *

The thing is, there was a significant loss of quality when broadcasting through Google Hangouts. One of my members wrote me asking how he could broadcast a better quality video to YouTube, because “the video result of Hangout to YouTube is choppy.” In fact, he could only output in 520p resolution, despite his powerful processor and graphics card. 

So I set out to find a better way. And I did. 

I figured out how to broadcast prerecorded YouTube videos, not as Google Hangouts, but as high quality YouTube Live Events

What you probably already know about YouTube Live Events is that they can be broadcast in high resolution, including High Definition (HD)

Today, I want to make this unique method available to you.

Let Me Show You How to Take Advantage of High Definition YouTube Live Events.

I have created a 42-page PDF and six accompanying videos to teach you how to use the very same techniques I’m using to broadcast my prerecorded videos as High Quality YouTube Live events.



Convert old, low-ranking YouTube videos into High-Resolution and High-Ranking YouTube Live Events!

This is no longer a Resurrection.


In this 42-page PDF and 6-Video Training Course, I will teach you: 

  • The FREE software you need to broadcast videos as YouTube Live events.
  • How to get your channel verified to broadcast YouTube Live events
  • How to create YouTube Live events.
  • How to make heads-and-tails out of resolution, bitrates and other funky numbers you should understand, but probably don’t.
  • How to determine the maximum resolution your computer and Ethernet connection can broadcast at, to create the highest quality video.
  • How to edit you YouTube Live event videos from within YouTube itself.
  • How to “Rinse and Repeat”

In this powerful training, you will learn how to recast your videos as YouTube Live Events and get the rankings you deserve. You could even send this training to your outsourcer and do this totally hands off!

The truth of the matter is, I might be able to ask $97 for this training. And, even though that’s a lot of money, let’s be honest here. How many times have you spent $5 here and $5 there on Fiverr in order to add link juice to your poorly ranking videos, with little evidence that it’s doing anything other than costing you $5 (now $5.50) at a time? 

You see, I want to make this totally affordable to as many people as possible. And, because I’m launching it first on the Warrior Forum, I’m going with WSO pricing, so the price goes up a penny every time somebody buys. You’re going to get all of that in this powerful training.

Look, here’s the thing. This is amazing training that I put countless hours into preparing. I could sell this for $97. But, because I’m launching it first on the Warrior Forum, I’m going with WSO pricing, so the price goes up a penny every time somebody buys.

Comes With 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so certain you are going to be thrilled with your purchase, that I’m offering you a 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee.

If, for any reason within the first 30 days, you are not delighted with your purchase, send me an email and I will happily refund you the purchase price. 

But, before you do that, do yourself a favor. Follow the steps I outline in this training. Recast your tired old videos as YouTube Live Events, and see what happens to your video rankings. I am certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!

So, if you want to take me up on this amazing bargain to learn how to play prerecorded videos as high-quality high-resolution YouTube Live Events, get YouTube Insurrection now. 

I can’t wait to see how this boosts your business and helps you produce more, profit more, and enjoy your business more.

Have a spectacular day, 

Melanie Fine

P.S. Your purchase is fully guaranteed. It’s very important to me that you’re happy with your purchase and that it truly does help you profit more. If you’re not happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll return your money, no questions asked.

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