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Simply The Easiest Way to Legally “Borrow” Authority For Your Offers & Squeeze Pages

WP SmartLinks Features:

Extremely simple to use – uses the power of WordPress!

Add your content right on top of virtually any authority site

Use for your products, affiliate products or CPA offers & more!

Borrow authority to build your lists at the speed of light!

Why Should YOU Be Using WP SmartLinks? 

How many links to sites did you click on in Facebook, Twitter or G+ this week?
Everyone likes to see informative content and will click to get it. So, you can then advertise things like this…

Your Sales Pages

Find related authority articles and BOOM – Your advert appears.
Borrowed authority!

Affiliate Offers

Don’t have a product in that niche? No worries…someone will have!
Advertise your affiliate link!

CPA Offers

This method was virtually made for CPA. On Facebook, you could be DANGEROUS!

Social Links

Use WP SmartLinks to build your social audience. Promote your Facebook page or group

Using WP SmartLinks 
These Campaigns Were Created In Minutes…

WP SmartLinks is 100% Compliant

There are a few sites (usually ecommerce and large sites) that disallow their content to be displayed under third party sites by using “Same Origin” protocols

WP SmartLinks honors this policy so there will be a few sites that may not be displayed in your WP SmartLink campaigns.

That still leaves around 96% of all sites that don’t have this policy for you to advertise over.

Moreover, there are jacking products that allow alteration of copyrighted material. WP SmartLinks IS NOT one of those (and we strongly suggest never doing this)

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We are so confident that you will absolutely love WP SmartLinks that we are offering a full 7-Day, no 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will WP SmartLinks work with my theme?

The WP SmartLinks pages work independently of theme styling so it will work with any WP theme. You can put all kinds of content in your WPSmartlinks pages..Images, text, buttons, links, videos etc.

Is there any limit to how many campaigns I can have?

Not at all. You can create as many campaigns as you wish..each only take a few seconds to create

Can I control the behaviour of my pop-ups?

Absolutely. You can choose to have the pop-up appear after a certain time (in seconds) that you can set or you can choose the pop-up to appear on exit.

What happens if I have links out there and a CPA offer changes or I want to alter something?

No worries. All of the pages (campaigns) are 100% editable. Just go and change what you need and hit save. Done!

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