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Dear Marketer,

Back in 2012 I developed a plugin with hands free traffic in mind to get HUGE amounts of FREE traffic with some practically overnight that once started will carry on for months to come.

I had to make it so it made people interested in what was on offer and give it a viral traffic effect and just in case you are wondering, What’s Viral Traffic?

That magical moment when you post something like a quote, a meme, a shocking news story on your site that gets visitors and shares almost instantaneously.

It sparks an emotion in people that makes them share it like crazy.

Now I know there are many experts that tell you how to get viral traffic like I just described.

But the truth is “going viral” is not something that happens every day. In fact viral traffic can be downright frustrating as hell to get let alone even website traffic.

I’m sure you may have tried many times over to build consistent traffic to your website or offers as I know I have and failed miserably before even with Google not helping.

So I know the frustration I’m talking about trust me.

But I’m here to tell you that my plugin has been bringing in hands free traffic for me and my previous customers for the last few years and the cool part is it does not involve ANY of the following:

  • NO technical skills required.
  • NO traffic driving techniques.
  • NO SEO.
  • NO article marketing.
  • NO Back Link Building

As you can see none of the usual suspects are required to drive consistent free traffic to your sites.

And when I started to see HUGE success on my own sites I knew I was on to a great product and now that plugin I created back in 2012 has evolved into a 3.0 version of my still very popular plugin.


WP She’s Viral Pro 3.0


Visitors Just Can Not Resist

Curiosity gets the better of people when you lock content away makes them want to see it even they want to see it even more.

Fast Simple Set UP

Once installed the preset defaults allow for fast setup so any user can completely lock content ready for social sharing.

Built In Email Broadcasting

Once you started collecting leads their is no need for third party costs with the built in email broadcasting newsletter system.

Web Bots Friendly Coding

You are in full control of what content gets indexed into the search engines for further indexing and visitors.

Why Do So Many Marketers LOVE WP She’s Viral Pro?

Simple, They want a hands free way to generate EXTRA TRAFFIC which gets shares on their content on auto pilot to help bring in new visitors to their blog and take subscribers all at the same time of using a simple solution.

  • It’s simple, easy to install and you can hit the ground running.
  • This is based on a points system – it rewards your visitors for the content they share.
  • It allows you the ability to lock a post/page up to 6 times for a single user.
  • Shares can be made across any platform – not just social media sites.
  • It offers so much more…
  • You get FREE massive amounts of traffic – forget AdWords, Facebook ads, Solo Ads and any other paid ads strategy – you won’t need to waste your money on paying for traffic anymore!

From Install To Traffic As Shown Below

Over 100 Visitors In Less Than 24 Hours As You Can See Above With Just A Few Shares To Start The Campaign.

This same campaign is still bringing in visitors hands FREE and will work the same for you.

WP She’s Viral Has Loads of Powerful Features!

This unique clever plugin packs one big punch

WP She’s Viral Plugin Main Settings

WP She’s Viral has some default settings which can be changed on every post or page basis to help you make every campaign as unique as you really like.

Emailing configuration to help get your emails out on time and through spam blockers so your signups get their giveaway notification emails to encourage repeat interaction.

On Board Stats To The Minute.

On board stats so you can see the campaigns that are working and how many people participating in those campaigns and these stats are only for pages where WP She’s Viral is used only.

We give you details about if the hit was human or bot and what browser was used and the post id which resulted in the tracking.

Viral Autoresponder Settings

Create UN-Limited local auto responder campaigns so all leads are kept in groups and can be assigned to each post or page for lead collection.

When people signup they get the confirmation emails as you would expect to keep those fake emails out and  can be auto backed up across to any third party service of your choice.

Once your signup has confirmed they will be notified with a welcome email and then half way during the unlock process they get a encouragement emails for more sharing and traffic to your blog and once unlocked they then get a final email all can be crafted to your preference.

Send, Create, Schedule, Newsletter

The newsletter section is where you can send out emails to those who signed up via your giveaway posts/pages and confirmed their subscriptions via the system.

Just add what you have to say and set a time and date for it to go out and the built in cron system takes care of delivery whilst you are not even around to hit send.

Great cost saving feature to pre qualify leads as well to know they are keen to listen and learn more from you.

Built in un subscribe feature keeps you within the legal requirement of allowing signups to exit the list at any given time.

Post & Page Settings

Post and page settings is where everything comes together to build that successful campaign and after adding a campaign to the autoresponder you assign it to the post or page.

Then carry on assigning the content to the post/page and if it is linked to other content and everything you setup here over rides the default features set on the settings page.

You can really target each campaign and make it unique every time and our shortcodes to show the content is in a handy insert feature on the editor.

Even the social images for Facebook and Pinterest are set up here to keep every post even more unique.

Post & Page Layout

You have full control of the layout on the front end as you can move items around and re-write text elements to say exactly what you desire using the built in WP editor.

In the image you can see above those elements are their by default for ease of use so you do not have to start from scratch as even the short codes are already in place for you to change locations as you desire.

We have as well supplied a example tab just in case you make a mistake and need to double check what shortcodes are used or want to reset the layout.

You can really customize everything per post or page unlike any other giveaway plugin.

Default Lock Designs Built In For Fast Setup…

Shall We Break It Down Even Further ?

Here is just a taste of some of the features of she’s viral plugin for WordPress which is
by no means limited to but lets go over some main features here…

100% Responsive

Overall locked content is 100% responsive so it will adjust to the page size and screen resolution so it displays at it’s best.

1 Click Re-Optin

Once you have someone subscribed to one post they can with one click re optin to a different content or if they un-subscribed 1 click re-subscribe.

Unique Referral Links

Each locked piece of content generates a unique link that each visitor can use as a referral link and share this link any where they desire.

Allow or Block Web Bots

You are in control to allow web bots to crawl locked content so it gets indexed and gives you extra listings in the serps for extra traffic.

Setup Defaults

Once installed the user can set up some defaults to make it easy all round to lock posts using those default settings.

6 Locks

One post or page can be locked 6 times in one go by adding the force codes and the content to be locked and let the fun begin…

Multi Post Locks

Link locked content together across your whole blog using this feature and even link by keyword to build multiple on topic lists and viral traffic.

Send Notifications

Visitor optins for unlocking updates gives you great opportunity to grow your lists and keep visitors engaged in coming back to the blog.

Built-in pre designs

Built in lock boxes to easily display a variety of designs across the whole blog that can be changed at any time or by page – post area or even upload your own to each locked content.

Email Broadcast

With email broadcasting on board you can at any time send emails to any of your leads about any offers you desire and even schedule emails to be sent at the time from the newsletter section.

Facebook and Pinterest

Choose a default image to be shared to these sites for even more exposure in banner style sized images can bring great rewards and each post or page can have a different image set.

Pre Social Sites

To help kick off social sharing their are 10 sites to increase the conversions of people just taking action while on the post or page and you have full control to turn off or on any of these sites.

Autoresponder Split

Lead collection on the front end any visitor signing up will be delivered to your autoresponder as well as kept in house for lock notifications.

Autoresponder API

Because we have included the most popular autoresponder services via their API it will save users time in adding those if they are a member.


Because of the features of she’s viral you can even use it for competitions or giveaways to bring in more traffic and leads into any business.

Global Viral Sharing

A visit to a locked post will generate a unique referral link and that is their own link to use for sharing across the internet.

You Have To Admit These Features Are Very Powerful.

Take Action Now as we have other powerful features coming and those will get included
Free of charge and you can be up and running minutes from now.

With WP She’s Viral You Can Build Targeted Leads

Because she’s viral allows for users to signup for email notifications you can build targeted email lists by locking content and once someone signs up they can with the click of a button opt in to other posts saving them time
so they are encouraged to sign up and promote your offers further.


The image to the side is set up using the default settings anddone with a few clicks all parts can be moved to change the layout and new designs can be uploaded which the layout is 100% responsive.

Facebook & Pinterest have their own separate share images for extra viral power each time someone shares on those 2 sites everyone is sharing the images you set on the back end.

The URL can be shared any where a visitor desires which is what you really want because providing them social sites is just the start of making your site go viral.

Visitors signing up will have to confirm their subscription and then will get email notification as they start to unlock the content and you have the option to send them emails using the built in broadcasting system.

WP She’s Viral Integrates With All Major Auto-Responders.





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