[GET] WP Security Hero DOWNLOAD

[GET] WP Security Hero DOWNLOAD

WARNING – 73.2% of WordPress Sites Have Found To Be Vulnerable To Get Hacked.

NEW 3-Step Technology Protects You & Your Business Against Any Known Malware In 2 Minutes Flat

…Without needing any technical know-how or having to hire an expensive developer
AND you will get constant, regular backups on autopilot too !


73.2 % of WordPress Users are likely to get hacked. I thought it would never happen to me either. Watch the previous video to learn about what happened to me… so it will not happen to you. My sites got hacked and it has cost me a lot of money, time, frustration, stress…not to mention the income I lost too, since my websites were down. Now I have learned how important it is to make backups and how to protect yourself from plugins and themes that cause securityholes in your website. The solution you will find on this page: WP Security Hero. I will show you all the featuresin this video.

All about the malware scanner tool

The Malware Scanner Report

All your files and directories get scanned on malware and malware found gets safely removed. Here you see a report of one of my websites. Now it is safe!

Instant backups, schedule backups on autopilot, restore

The 5 extra securityshields…and why you need them

So I downloaded your plugin, and gave it a go. As a web marketer of the 3 years experience, I have built up a raft of websites that use WordPress, and it is a truly essential platform for people working in this field. Security is a major issue, particularly as hacking of sites, and malware is widespread and increasing all the time. With that said, I found WP Security Hero to be a brilliant plugin -it will be perfect for all of my sites. I’ve tested it on a few so far, and I have found it user friendly, intuitive, with no bugs or issues when setting it up and using it. I’m happy to recommend to all of my friends and colleagues, and will do so going forwards.

 Mr Abbas Ali 
True Mastery

WP Security Hero is a wordpress plugin that every wordpress user must have. If you think your WordPress site is important, do yourself a favor, buy wp security hero now

Bramantya Farid 

This Is What WP Security Hero Will Do For You

  • Malware Scanner And Removal Tool

    Every new plugin or theme that you install, can be a threath for your website.
    There are literally thousands for known malware that can infiltrate in your blog.
    Our malwarescanner will detect and safely remove every single treat without damaging your site in any way.

  • 5 Layer Security Shield

    Bulletproof your site against possible attacks by making it virtually impossible for hackers to break in. With a few clicks of a buttton you will be able to change predictable structures in WordPress that ar the easy way in for hackers. No coding skills needed with WP Security Hero to move that around.

  • Complete Backups

    The backup is saved on your server automatically and you can download any backup offline too. That means that even if something bad happens to your website, you will always have a backup ready to go.

  • Schedule Backups

    We all know we should be doing backups. But it is timeconsuming and it is boring. So more than often than not we’ll ignore it. Not anymore. By allowing you to schedule a backup as often as you like (every day, twice a day or every hour) you will be ensured your website is safe in case of an attack.

  • Restore Backup

    What if you uploaded an update or a plugin that messes with your WordPress? If that happens, just restore to a previous moment and you will be good to go.  With one click of a button, you will have all your content and settings back in an instant.

  • Customer Support

    Although you will find this Premium Plugin easy to install and to use, it is a comforting thought to know that we are here to support you if you need us. Just send a supportticket to our supportdesk and we will be happy to help out.


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