Watch As This Brand New Plugin Turns WordPress Into Your
Very Own Branded Software Platform In Seconds…


Turn any WordPress install into your own custom branded website platform with a few simple clicks


Transform the look and design of WordPress around your own brand completely


Hide the fact you are using WordPress grom clients


Upsell and cross sell other services and products from within the WordPress dashboard


Make WordPress YOUR OWN and avoid losing clients to other WordPress developers because they know what you are using


Hey there,

Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain here and we are HEAVY USERS of WordPress, especially for clients.

Almost every single site we create and design for a client (we are talking hundreds) is built on WordPress. Right now, you are probably in the same boat too. You either already have sites built for clients on WordPress as you read this, or you are intending to use WordPress to build and design sites for clients moving forward.

WordPress is awesome… we love it, which is why we use it on pretty much all client sites we design and build.

But, there is a HUGE problem and FLAW with it…

They are poised to steal your clients and essentially open up your entire web design business model to them.

How’s that?

Well, check this out…

A standard WordPress dashboard. We have all seen this, we all have sites with this installed right now. But check out the gaping holes here for your clients. If you give clients access to this install so they can manage their own sites, look at what they see.

WordPress…. WordPress…. WordPress.

Essentially, a giant placard that basically shouts “Hey, did you know this site your designer created was built using WordPress, and here is the theme/plugins they used, and also here is where you can find other developers and designers”.

Talk about a HUGE PROBLEM and a giant hole in a bucket! Most don’t actually realize this. In fact, you may have never even thought about this before either.

But, it’s true… Imagine these real scenarios that happen all of the time…

Imagine putting all of your hard work into creating and designing the perfect site for a client, passing over the login details so they can manage content, only for them to check out all of the latest WordPress news and updates… only to find there are actually thousands of other devs and designers online that could do a much cheaper, or even better job than you could do.



What do you think they will do?

They would jump ship and wave you goodbye.

Imagine buying an amazing WordPress theme online for $20, customising it for hours or days, charging a client hundreds or even thousands for it (which is right as you have spent the time and effort on it), only for them to login and then see what theme you used and where you got it? 

Regardless of how much time you put into customising the theme, your client sees that you bought it for $20. What are they likely to say?

You overcharged me, you lied to me.

This is the problem we are faced with when using WordPress to design and build sites for clients right now.

We found this problem too and decided to fix it.

WP Rebrandr Was Born


We didn’t want to use another website building platform, or try and create our own, because WordPress is awesome, it has everything we need, it’s easy to use and an all round amazing solution for our clients.

We just wanted to find a way to essentially hide that we were using it, and in turn, rebrand the entire WordPress install as our own.

That way… Clients wouldn’t know we were using WordPress to build their sites, they wouldn’t know what themes or plugins we were using… and everything about the install looked like OUR COMPANY built it.

WP Rebrandr is a WordPress plugin that once installed allows you to completely overhaul, rebrand and customise the look and feel of WordPress.

This powerful plugin allows you to control what your clients see and interact with within their WordPress installation. It is the ultimate “White Label” tool for WordPress and of you are working on sites for clients, is an absolute MUST HAVE tool in your arsenal.

Now You Can Finally Control Exactly What

Every Single WordPress Site You Build Looks Like

Replace The WordPress Branding With Your OWN!

With WP Rebrandr you can remove every single aspect of WordPress branding from your WordPress dashboard. Switch out the logos for your own, change all of the links for your own and more. No more WordPress branding.

Change The Boring WordPress Color Theme

Want to jazz up the boring standard WordPress dashboard colors? Change the color theme of your WordPress install completely. Get creative, match your branding, all of it becomes customizable.

Fully Editable Login Screen

Transform the screen where your clients login. You can now completely rebrand it around your own company. Add your logo, change the colors, add background images and more.

Manage And Control All User Preferences

With WP Rebrandr you can choose exactly what each user can and can’t do. For the first time EVER, you can control user preferences completely. Hide themes, hide plugin panels, hide anything you want. You control exactly what every single user of your install can and can’t see.


Hide Latest News, WordPress Footers And Updates

Remove all WordPress footer links, news and update feeds with one click. Stop losing clients to other developers and designers once and for all.

Cross Sell/Upsell And Customisable Admin Links

You control what links appear at the top of your install. Add affiliate links to other products, add links to your other services or even add links to your support desk. Essentially control all admin/dashboard links and where they go.

Import & Export All Settings Easily

Work with more than one client? Have multiple WordPress installs? Export all of your branding settings in one click and easily import into another install without having to do all of the work again. Rebrand once, and use on ALL SITES with one click.

Check Out A Full Walkthrough Demo Below

Essentially, What We Have Here Is

The Ultimate Tool To Transform WordPress Forever

In Just A Few Clicks You Can Completely Rebrand WordPress As Your Own!

Finally, no more…


Lost clients due to them finding other designers and developers.


No more awkward questions about themes and plugins you are using for your client sites.


And an end to the boring, lifeless WordPress installs. It is time you took control of your design.

WP Rebrandr Is As Easy As 1…2…3!


All It Takes Is A Few Clicks!

Super easy to install, and as long as you can click the mouse a couple of times, you can completely rebrand any WordPress install in minutes.


Step By Step Tutorials!

We have step by step tutorials on every single element of WP Rebrandr. Watch as we rebrand a WordPress install completely in minutes.


100% Newbie Friendly!

Guess what? We can’t design or code either. That is why we built this plugin. With easy to edit settings, color palettes and more, anyone, with any ability can use this.

What Are Others Saying About WP Rebrandr?

“For those who create and develop websites for their clients using WordPress, this one is a must.”

“WP Rebrandr is the ultimate plugin to deploy the power of wordpress being an open-source platform. I mean, wordpress was made to be customized and most probably that’s how real customization works. For those who create and develop websites for their clients using wordpress, this one is a must. The clients will never know that the site was created using a free theme or even wordpress. I have seen many plugins like these. However, the extents to which this plugin offers customisation is commendable and certainly beyond any other plugin’s reach. This one makes a sites look highly professional too, so this becomes a must-buy.”


– Kartikya Dhiman

“A plugin that will create a unique experience for your clients.”

“We get compliments from clients constantly about this.”

“If you develop WordPress sites for your clients this plugin is a must have. When we develop websites, our clients always want us to do something special. They do not want something that is the same as all the rest online. 

I have been working for some time with WP Rebrandr and it is great. It allows you to completely personalise WordPress sites for your clients on the inside. Rather than see the standard WordPress admin and standard login page, they see their own brand, logo and corporate colors.

We get compliments from clients constantly about this, and it allows us to provide a much higher standard of design service.

Totally recommended.”


– Iñaki Ramirez Martos

What Is Included Today With WP Rebrandr?

The WP Rebrandr Plugin!

The plugin is easily installed onto any WordPress install. Once installed and activated, you have everything you need to rebrand and control the entire install.

Over The Shoulder Step By Step Tutorials

You also get access to a private members area with your purchase. Here you will find step by step, over the shoulder tutorials on every single setting within WP Rebrandr.

Full Developers Rights Included

With your purchase today you get FULL DEVELOPERS RIGHTS. That means you can put this on as many client sites as you want.

Lifetime Updates Included

You also get FREE LIFETIME UPDATES on WP Rebrandr. If we add new features, or fix any bugs that may come up, you get updates for free, forever. We support all of our software with the highest priority.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

You can grab WP Rebrandr with full developers rights
and free lifetime updates today for just… $97… $47…




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