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Dear Fellow Digital Product Vendor,

It is a sad fact that everyone selling digital products online needs to protect their download pages.

Leaving your download pages unprotected means that thieves and “blackhatters” have a field day  just sharing your download page URL and robbing you of potential sales.

Worse still, if your download page gets indexed by Google, you could be getting a flood of people finding your product for free just from a simple search!

No-one enjoys having the fruits of their hard work and dedication just stolen by scum. When you see your download page being passed around and exploited by these people, it makes you want to scream.

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this. Not 100% – nothing is ever 100% secure – but there are ways to make it far more difficult and involve much more effort for the scammers …which tends to put this type of person off trying.

How Do People Protect Their Pages Now?

Most product vendors are forced to use a full membership script or plug-in – even for simple products

Whilst membership systems have their place, they tend to be

  • Expensive – Especially if you need more than 1 site protecting
  • Complicated & time consuming to set up properly
  • Difficult to integrate with affiliate platforms
  • Notoriously buggy
  • Resource hungry – slow sites down
  • Not always customer friendly (lost passwords, missing emails, etc. etc.)

Quite apart from all that, they are total overkill for a small product…..

They are designed for multi-tiered continuity sites rather than just protecting a single page with a download link on it.

Is There A Faster, Easier, More User-Friendly Way?

Now there is… Introducing…

  • You can protect pages and posts in seconds!
  • All cookie based – Legitimate customers do not need to log in
  • Works with any platform
  • No “tech” to struggle with – Just add a secret key on the end of your page URL
  • ALSO…Protect content just for list subscribers(with other people being sent to your sign-up page..This is a MASSIVE listbuilding technique)

This lightweight WordPress Plug-in will revolutionize the way you protect your download pages!

Watch this demo video..

It’s As Easy As 1,2,3..

  • Click to enable protection for the page or post
  • Set a redirect URL for people who do not have authorization
  • Paste the generated security key on the end of the page or post link and click to “update” the page/post

That’s it! All done in less than 30 seconds!

Also…think about this…

The vast majority of support tickets are “access related” issues. 
Typical ones include…

“I can’t remember my password”

“I can’t remember which email address I used”

“I didn’t get the log in details email”

Or…the IPN didn’t fire and the system screwed up!

It’s time to say “goodbye” to time sucking support tickets!

This the fastest, easiest solution. EVER! 

But, unfortunately, things that fill a real need and save a bunch of time are normally expensive… Right?


To get a fully fledged membership script or plug-in does cost a lot of moolah, though…

I should know. I have one that costs $167 and one that costs $297 a year!

But those are expensive because they handle all sorts of membership site stuff like membership levels, dripped content, inbuilt affilate systems, autoresponders and so on…

Total overkill for someone who just wants to protect a couple of download pages for a product, right?

Well, The GOOD NEWS is that you DON’T need to shell out $297 or even

$197 to stop the thieves!

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