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Want to Drive Huge Optins, FAST & Grow Your Email Lists By Over 633%

Marketers are using WP MembersList to convert more website visitors into subscribers and customers faster than ever before. 

Here are some of the ground-breaking features that makes this software the most powerful list building tool ever.

Build High Converting Squeeze Pages 

This isn’t your traditional “squeeze page” – WP MemberList powerful 2-step builder allows you to create your highest converting optin forms ever

Embed WP MembersList In Post or Pages

Never use html to embed your optin forms again! Now with WP MemberList you can instantly embed any form on your pages with a simple click of the mouse.

Design Multiple Form Types 

Custom design your optin and thank you page and see what works with split testing.  

2-Step Optin Technology 

Now you can turn any hyperlink or image into a high converting 2-step optic-process which will instantly skyrocket your conversions.

Segment Your Visitors

Create unlimited option forms with WP MembersList allowing you to display page specific offers.

Immediate Access To Your Members Area 

WP MembersList allows you to automatically add subscriber of your email list to your secure members area so they get instant access to your private content.

Dear Friend, 

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your email list by 600% on complete autopilot, then this is the most important letter you will ever read, because I have found a plugin that can do it. And why you can do the same thing today… 

Here’s the story: 

My name is Cameron Benson. I am a full time internet marketer and I’ve helped over 10,000 entrepreneur build an automated online marketing business. I have personally shown thousands of people how to get more subscribers and make more sales in a day than 95% of internet marketers get in a year. And many of my students are augments the highest paid marketers on the planet.  

But I’m NOT a born internet marketing genius, and building my email list was NOT easy for me. 

For 2 long years I could barely get any traffic to my websites let alone a single optin. I spent thousands on paid traffic Facebook and Google PPC… and FAILED! Using the same old list building methods wasn’t all that attractive to me so I developed a plugin to get massive amounts of subscribers FOR FREE. 

Anyway, here’s the point: 

I went from no email list to getting hundreds of subscribers a day and making thousands a month on complete autopilot. Best of all the subscribers were coming to me. 

My students went from getting one or two subscribers every month… to getting leads every day. 

Since then my income soared from zero to over a million in sales in just over two years. 

And the best part is that these “leads” know, like and trust you so they buy even more… 

YES! Now You Can Convert More Visitors Into Sales & Subscribers (headline) 

And if you would like to start using this exact same revolutionary list building methods that grow my list (and many other 7 figure marketers) by over 600%…


This list building technology will pioneer a new blueprint for building highly responsive and highly PROFITABLE email list. 

This technology taps into the almost unbelievably effective tactics I learned while building thousands of sales funnels and websites. And using the most proven (split-tested over the last two years) list building funnels today.  

Growing a list to 10,000+ TARGETED subscribers can cost you a lot of money. 

The fact is, getting subscribers is not enough you still have to convert those “freebie” seekers into sales. 

You need subscribers that are ready to BUY. 

How about having 600% more optins using your same website… how about a plugin that does it all? 

 Gets more subscribers on 100% Autopilot 

 All day and night, with your current theme and plugins

 No need to create any additional bribes 

 No need to pay for expensive PPC campaigns 

One plugin that grows your list and profits for any website that you have. 

Advance Simultaneous Optin Technology

Quite simply this makes all other optin obsolete… 

The old free bribes and random pop up optin boxes don’t work like they used to. Visitors don’t like these annoying pops up so they just leave your site or worst give you a fake email just to get a free bribe.   WP MembersList turns any text or image or your website into a two step simultaneous opt-in from. 

Simple To Use Form Builder

Get your optin forms up quickly…

You don’t need a computer science degree to get your first WP MemberList form up and collecting subscribers.  The simple step-by-step form builderallows you to create high converting opt-in forms that are optimized for the high conversion rates.

Now You Can Easily Hit $100/Day  Even If You Don’t Have A List 

This plugin can take any newbie from zero to $100 dollar days in 24 horus.  

The simple little twist on the list building plugin is what makes it so powerful.  The plugin alone is AWESOME but its how you can continue to monetize your list day after day when you really start to see profits in your acount like this… 

Even a “bad day” is still pretty good! 

Designed For Easy Integration 

One click intergration with most email marketing providers. 

It doesn’t matter what autoresponder you use, this software makes it easy to intergrate and start building your list in a matter of minutes. You simply create an optin form in you preferred service, copy and paste the code into WP MembersList, and instantly have a beautifully styled form. It’s that simple!

Even Offline Local Consultants have previewed this and they are loving it!…Now, they can take local clients and practically

guarantee them massive increases in subscribers.”

…and that means more potential customers/clients to notify about their latest products and services.

Offline Local businesses are getting more saavy about online marketing and KNOW the bigger their list, the better

their business will be.

If you’re an Offline Local Consultant this gives you an awesome new tool to offer to clients and prospective clients.

For a long time I searched if anything like this existed. 

And I searched everywhere (and purchased everything!) for it for the last two years. 

See, when I first decided to start building my email list it was a scary time. Sure I had some subscribers at the time. But to really be happy, I knew I wanted a life of freedom. 

Believe it or not, I discover a special kind of list building method that FORCES more visitors to optin and say yes to your offers! 

I have to be honest, it didn’t go so well right away. I had to tweak the system to make it work, but once I did I saw instant results. 

Now the entire plugin is not only easy, fast and effective… but anyone can use it. 

Here’s what my Aweber account looked like before starting to use this plugin: 

That’s Over 12,000 More Subscribers 

From The Same “Bribes”

Sounds almost crazy doesn’t it? 

I know! 

I thought so at first, too, when I saw it working so well… 

That’s why I am not asking you to believe me. All I ask is you let me show you how it works. That way you can see for yourself it’s not only possible to see results like this almost INSTANTLY… 

All you need is a website and a free bribe! That’s it! 

Here’s what you’ll receive when you get this plugin  

  • How six and seven figure marketers grow their list without making any new “content.” (In fact, with this plugin, the LESS you have to offer, the MORE subscribers you get!) 
  • A sneaky way to get the best subscribers to help you get more sales…
  • How to offer upsells to subscribers that have already decided NOT to buy from you (bonus)!
  • My “wrong email” secret that forces FAR more visitors to optin… and with a LOT less effort. 
  • Four words 99% of marketers use that destroys your chances of getting new optins – why you should stop using them so your optin rate goes through the roof. 
  • The starting story you MUST know about your list before they will buy from you. (To get more sales use this “trick” to get promote higher priced products.) 
  • How to “position” yourself as an expert in ANY niche.
  • A weird (but effective) way to make more money when your subscriber opts out.
  • The little fear every subscriber has… and how to use it to work with the most skeptical subscribers. (This tactic is often used by top salesmen that sell high ticket items. And it works better for internet marketers.)
  • How to get your subscribers to ask YOU to sell more to them. (This advanced technique make getting sale dead simple. And you will probably never hear about this anywhere else.) 

All With One Simple Plugin 

As You can see this is not the typical WordPress plugin… 

This is an actual ‘in the trenches’ training that will bring you from where you are now to where you want to be (which is FREEDOM) in a matter of WEEKS!

I’m not saying this to try to ‘sell’ you anything. I’m saying this because I’ve seen it with customers who’ve used the plugin you’re about to use. 

Those who traveled this journey with me are WINNERS all day long… 

I have customers who have email list that bring in 6 figures per year… 

This plugin is serious stuff… and I do NOT mess around… EVER! 

Those who were fortunate enough to grab this plugin know this… 

Those of you who have yet to experience this… GET READY! 

Because this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, heard, watched or installed in your LIFE!

Here are even more secrets you’ll find in your risk-free purchase today…

Fast Action Bonuses

  • Why you should almost NEVER do any of the work. 
  • How to mentally “turn the tables” on your subscribers so they sell themselves on YOU…
  • A secret way to almost guarantee your list don’t miss your emails when promoting your products or affiliate products 
  • The single most import thing you must do (and say) if you are building a completely automated email marketing business 
  • An “almost magic” way to… 

Get Hundreds Of Leads A Day…

 Before You Have Any Subscribers

There’s more. A LOT More. 

But here’s the bottom line: 

Wp MembersList consist of 4 training videos and a PDF quick install guide that make setting up this plugin much easier and faster. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed in the past, if you have no WordPress experience or if you don’t even have your first subscriber yet. 

With this plugin and training you’ll never again feel the sting of rejection. Never Resort to begging for subscribers.  

Instead, visitors will literally jump at the chance to join your list.  

So much does WP Member List cost? 

Not nearly as much as you might think. Especially since I have invested over 2 years and well over $10,000 in real development cost. 

I could easily charge $97 per month for this and still give you the deal of your life. 

Bout you don’t have to $67 or even $47 per month.

If you buy today… you can get this revolutionary plugin and my training for just $21.95 per month. 

But if you buy today before the early bird pricing then I will drop the monthly subscription fee… 

That’s right if you get WP MembersList today you get it for a one-time payment of just $21.95! 

Plus, it comes with an iron-clad, 30 day money back guarantee: 

If at any time during the next 30 DAYS you don’t see a significant boost in your subscribers and sales… if your list doesn’t double… just let me know and I’ll give you a 100%, “no-hassle” refund. 

That means you have zero risk

But the time is short and you must act fast.

This plugin will not be available forever. And I can almost guarantee you are throwing away hungry subscribers each time you “try” to build your list without it. 

It’s so easy to order, too. 

Just click the link below and you’ll get INSTANT access to WP MemberList and the training.

 You Will Have More Subscribers 

This Week!

The process couldn’t be easier! 

You like the ‘Add To Cart’ button and get INSTANT ACCESS to the plugin and training materials! 

If for whatever reason you don’t like the plugin or training just let me know and I’ll refund whatever you spent! I’lll also let you keep access to the members area! 

You have ZERO Risk What-So-Ever! 

So STOP getting sucked into every ‘magic bullet’ theory train offer that comes into your inbox and START building a real BUSINESS now! 

To your success! 


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