[GET] WP Hawk Eye Perfect For Critical Plugins Like Sales Funnel Page Builders And Membership Sites DOWNLOAD

Simple Plugin Gives You Confidence Your Critical Plugins Are Working And Making You Money In 3 Easy Steps

Never Worry About A Critical Plugin Being Deactivated Without You Knowing Ever Again!

Peace Of Mind Your Assets Are Protected And Making You Money In 3 Easy Steps:

  • Upload & Activate WP Hawk Eye

    Installs within seconds like every normal plugin

  • Check The Critical Plugins To Monitor

    Enter your email address and check the critical plugins you want to monitor.

  • Sit Back And Relax

    Rest assured in the confidence that you will be notified if any critical plugins become inadvertently deactivated without you knowing!

I’ve been a customer for well over 3 years and have virtually all Andrew’s products. They are all amazing, top notch products that just keep improving – and as for service and support – THE BEST there is.

Peter Hons

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