[GET] WP Comment Bomb DOWNLOAD

[GET] WP Comment Bomb DOWNLOAD

Discover A Totally Unique Way To Automate Your Marketing On WordPress Powered Sites…

Here Are 10 Ways You Can Use This Plugin:

  • 1

    Comment and Win Blog Contests –

    Host a simple contest on your blog. Best comment wins a prize. After the visitor submits a comment you can redirect them to a squeeze page where they enter their information to be notified. This is great for list building and engaging with your audience.

  • 2

    “Comment and Get” –

    At the bottom of your post you write something along the lines of “comment below to get a free copy of my book”. After the person comments, you redirect them to a squeeze page or directly to the download page.

  • 3

    Comment Appreciation Page –

    Redirect people to a specific, generic page that’s setup for people who comment anywhere on your site. Write a quick “thank you” message and place it at the top of the page along with an optin box and links to offers.

  • 4

    Save This Email Promo Strategy-

    Since one feature of WP Comment Bomb is the ability to send an automated message when some comments on your site, you tell them to “save this email as it contains links to special offer pricing they can’t find anywhere else”. This will increase conversions like crazy.

  • 5

    Explode On Social Media Get Viral Traffic-

    Utilizing this plugin is a great way to expand your audience on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social networking site. Include your profile URL’s in the automated emails, on redirect pages, or even redirect people straight to your profile page even a Facebook page. Since these people commented already, they are more likely to share your site which means they bring even more people in who go through the same process.

  • 6

    Post/Page Specific Affiliate Promotions –

    Let’s say you write an awesome post about marketing on YouTube and give out some tips and tricks. After a person leaves a comment, you can redirect them automatically using your affiliate link to a piece of software that automates YouTube marketing. Now those are some ultra-targeted hops which will lead to sales.

  • 7

    For Product Launches –

    If you are launching a new product, create a pre-sell page. Tell people to comment for their chance to win a free copy or comment and they will be put on the notification list the minute the product launches. This will also provide you with a ton of social proof prior to launch.

  • 8

    Webinars or Google Hangouts –

    Create a page of post that says “I’m thinking about doing a live training on XYZ, comment below with the one thing you want to learn about when it comes to XYZ”. After they leave a comment you can redirect them to the webinar sign-up page and also send them an automated email containing the link to the sign-up page. This will boost your attendance numbers.

  • 9

    Use It With This FREE Plugin To Export Commenters Into Your Autoresponder –

    There’s a free plugin called “Commenter Emails” you can download for FREE from the WordPress repository that allows you to export the email addresses of everyone who commented on your site. So even after they have been redirected and sent an initial automated email, you can upload these email address into your autoresponder and you have an instant mailing list.

  • 10

    Attract Guest Bloggers or Experts-

    One of the easiest ways to get content for your site is allow others to create it for you. This is an added “perk” when you can tell that person all comments will be redirected to their site, squeeze page, or where ever else. Or if you interview someone (like a product creator), ask visitors to leave a comment. You can redirect them to the product creators offer using your affiliate link and make easy commissions.

Of course, there are a ton of other uses…

It doesn’t matter if you’re into list building, affiliate marketing, product creation, blogging, or promoting Amazon products, this plugin fits any business model and will make an excellent addition to any WordPress powered site.

Point & Click Options Makes WP Comment Bomb Super Easy To Use…

It literally takes less than a minute…

After installing and activating WP Comment Bomb, a box will now appear below all of your pages or posts.

As I mention in the video on the top of this page, there are two parts to this plugin; the redirect portion and the automated email portion.

You can turn both of these on and set the options or only use one portion of the plugin.¬†Everything is totally customizable even down to what appears on the “sandwich” page.

You control everything on a per post/page basis. That means you can use this plugin different ways throughout your site or send different messages, set different offers based on the content they commented on.

After you hit publish (or update if its an older post) the settings will be activated on the page and you are good to go:

It’s Time To Take Action…

This is one plugin you will install on all of your sites.

And why not?

There’s absolutely no downside to using this plugin.

If you want to make more money, you need to start putting people through processes.

That’s exactly what this plugin does. It puts people through an automated process each time they comment.

You set it up once on a page or post and it’s running 24/7/365 behind the scenes doing the marketing for you.


This plugin is ultra-lightweight so it won’t slow down your site.

FREE updates are included.

A FREE developers licence is included.

And there’s a 30-Day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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