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“Don’t Waste Another Penny On Ads 
Until You Read This Special Report!”


From The Desk Of: Pedro Lopes

Dear Aspiring Pack Leader,

I want to ask you to do some mental math right now…

Tally up a rough amount of what you’ve made in your internet marketing career

Subtract that now by a rough amount of what you’ve spent trying to make that money.

Let me guess, it’s a negative number?

You’re not alone

In fact, you’re in great company – meaning you’re in the majority 

The people in negative ROI hell are great – the negative ROI itself, well it 
just ****in’ Sucks!

Ever feel like you are being constantly fed the same stuff over and over again, only to come back for more of the same junk the next day?

These so-called GURU’S just never seem to let up!

All day, everyday “look at me”, “look at how awesome my stuff is” yet here you are again.

You always think it’s gonna be something different – but it never is!

At some point someone has to say…

My name’s Pedro, and I’m not a millionaire. I’m actually quite like you.

I wash my own clothes, do my own dishes, drive my own car, hell I even have a job!

When’s the last time a “guru” admitted THAT to you! 

We all have to start somewhere right? Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban were not born billionaires, believe it or not!

But there’s nothing stopping you or me from becoming one – well, at least a millionaire

See, we’re not too far apart, you and I – we both have a common goal, online success

In fact our only difference is, I may have tapped into that success more so than you

Not to worry though, today I’ll be sharing some of that success…


Wolf of FB is quite simply the most fluff free, tried & tested, rugged, extensively researched, actionable, “sell me this pen” report out there

What’s inside it you ask?

You will find 5 meaty modules just waiting for you to take action on them

Let’s break ‘em down shall we?

Module 1: Find an offer

In this module we go straight into battle formation. We break down where to find the best offers, why you should pick them and how to pick them. By the end of this module, you will also know what you’ll need to build your empire. You’ll find it quite simple and not unnecessarily complicated.

Module 2: Create a squeeze page

If you’ve never built a squeeze page before, now is your chance to learn. This is broken down in detail from domain acquisition to what you should write as your squeeze page headline. With suggestions for both free and paid ways, even a way to do it without a website. You’ll also learn how to set up your autoresponder, step by step.

Module 3: FB page

Not everyone knows how to create a proper FB page, this module gets into the details. Not only will you learn how to set up your fan page, you will also know what to do once it’s up.

Module 4: Fire up ads

This is the module you might enjoy the most. Revealed here are strategies on how to get .01 to .05 cent clicks. You will learn how to laser target your audience effectively so you won’t waste a penny on your ads. You’ll also learn how to use effective ad copy so your ads convert into leads and sales. We also go into how to research your audience. I made sure to leave no stone unturned here as this is the most important piece of the puzzle.

Module 5: Facebook Empire

At first, I wasn’t going to include this module. I was planning on using it as a separate offer because of the information it offers. This is a bonus module, and it is one hell of a bonus!You will learn how to take your take your FB business from “fly by night” to “empire” status. Just one of the ideas I share in this module can skyrocket your fan page to viral status without costing you a penny!

So, isn’t it time you make this online thing work for you?

Just imagine not having to clock in to get paid, because now you’re getting paid to post on Facebook 

No more by the hour, you’re now by the post – and it pays much better

It’s possible for you, I know because I’m damn near there!

This information you’re getting today is worth well over $47

Today you’ll get it for a fraction of that…

Don’t miss your chance…

Freedom’s just around the bend, only question is are you willing to be the pack leader?

Here’s to making great choices that’ll get you out of “great” company!

Your Fellow Pack Leader
-Pedro Lopes

PS – I like to reward action takers. Because of that, this is on a dime sale, which means the faster you act the less you’ll pay. Nobodies ever succeeded by thinking about it. Trust me, the “think about it” plan is overrated. Pack leaders take action, that’s why they’re ahead of the pack. Don’t wait any longer, it’s costing you. Make a decision and you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

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