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With hundreds of proven headlines at your disposal, how do you know which headline will bring you the most traffic to your next blog post?

You now have the ultimate tool to quickly crank out irresistible headlines
that suck in traffic for any advert or piece of

But why stop there?

Did you know that upworthy 
and Huffington Post write 

25 headlines per blog post…

(… and religiously test each headline using their own
private split testing software?)

  • Because they know that every blog post is different…
  • … and unless you’re testing your blog post headlines…
  • … you never know how much traffic, readers and money you could be leaving on the table, no matter how awesome you “think” your headline might be!a
  • So, even though Headlinr can drastically shortcut your headline writing times…
  • … here’s how you can uncover the exact blog headline that’s pulling in the most traffic, readers and response for every blog post you publish…
  • … and ditch the ones that don’t!
Split test multiple blog headlines
at once and automatically show
the best performing headline
over time!

When you combine Headlinr and Winnr, you can create 
unstoppable blog headlines 3 simple steps…
  • Use Headlinr to crank out as many killer blog headlines as you want,
  • Load your headlines into Winnr and it automatically rotates your headlines to find the headline that gets the most traffic and social shares over
  • Sit back and relax, as Winnr automatically selects the winning blog post headline
    to bring you more traffic, more shares, more readers and more sales

You’ll soon wonder how you ever coped without it!

  • Generate Multiple Headlines

    Winnr intelligently and automatically rotates your blog post titles, then learns which title is getting the most action over time, before automatically ditching the duds and keeping the winner. Now you can win more traffic from the same piece of content, automatically!

  • Set it and forget it

    Winnr constantly optimizes every blog post headline you create, and over time, learns which headlines work best for your blog, your style and your readers, making sure your winning headlines always rise to the top, as fast as possible, while automatically optimizing old posts to extract more traffic from Google!

  • Selects the Winner Automatically

    Winnr works from an intricate statistical algorithm to choose which headline has the most improvement

  • No more clunky calculations

    Winnr takes the hassle out of headline testing. Just load up your headlines, and let Winnr automatically find the winning headlines that bring more traffic, readers, shares, optins and sales, while you regain your spare time to spend on the finer things in life.

See the magic as it happens

Winnr isn’t hiding anything. See how your blog post headlines are performing in real time, with simple stats that show you which headlines are winning the race. It’s fun to watch the magic infold, but be warned, it can be addictive too!

Every blog, niche and offer is different… and until you 
split test your blog post headlines, you’ll never know
how much cash you could be leaving on the table!

No matter how many awesome headlines you have at your disposal (thanks to Headlinr…)
… you’ll be amazed at the dramatic difference in clicks, traffic and readership just one headline can achieve over another.
And there’s literally no way to tell, until you split test. But in the past, split testing headlines was a hassle.

But now it’s simple, automated 
and completely tech free!

And the best part is, Winnr…

  • Runs on any WordPress installation
  • Is light, clean and fully supported
  • Requires ZERO technical set up – just add to your plugins from your control panel and you’re ready to start unearthing winning headlines, and automatically start attracting more traffic, readers, shares and sales!
And I’m so sure about this, I’m offering you…

My 100% “Winning” Guarantee

As always, I’m removing any risk here today, with my 100% success guarantee. Which means, if you don’t agree than Winnr can dramatically boost your traffic from every blog post you create, including old posts that are already ranked in Google, we’ll refund your purchase right away. 

If you don’t agree that Winnr is the simplest, most powerful blog headline split tool, that automatically unearths winning headlines while you focus on more fun things in life, then you pay nothing.

Over time, just one winning headline
could deliver thousands of extra sales…

If one blog post generates 50 visitors and 1 sale per week, and each sale is worth $97 to you… 
… imagine what would happen if you changed the headline… 
… and that new headline brought in 150 visitors and 3 sales instead?

You’ve suddenly jumped from $97 per week to $291 per week, without creating any new content or running more ads! 

It’s no wonder why so many people are split testing their headlines, and why they’re choosing Winnr to automate the entire process!


THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! I love PageOneTraffic products because they are easy and simple to use right out of the box.

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I love PageOneTraffic products…professional, easy to use and affordable.

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