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Sebastian passed me a copy for review. 

The wso covers a certain method of building links that is very effective. I know it because I’ve been using this method for years and have many top 3 positions in search engines for my keywords.

There’s no long pdf to read but audios/videos that explain the method which is actually very simple. Explanation is clear and simple. Would be most useful for marketers especially the newer ones.

WHAT?! A Friggin’ Rocket?

(a.k.a.: How To Rank Anything Right At The Top Of Google In No Time, With Virtually No Real Effort And Absolutely No Talent.)

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How To Rank Anything Right At The Top Of Google In No Time, With Virtually No Real Effort And Absolutely No Talent.

I see it, I feel itand I’m loving the golden nuggets. This KISS deserves an award as far as I’m concerned. I’m slapping my forehead as I write this, wondering why the heck I didn’t think of this before? 
The videos are short and to the point and the best of this strategy is, is that you can implement straight away. The bonusses make it complete, so thank you for that. Overall, I think it’s a great strategy that WILL work. Well done!

A rocket is an amazing thing.

Take Saturn V, for example.

NASA used it to launch Apollo 13 into space, and it’s also the FIRST rocket that took people beyond what’s called the Low Earth Orbit…

Interesting, right?

Alright. I get it…

…You’re not a geek and rockets aren’t your thing.

What if I told you that you could take your website, article or even a video and launch it to the top of Google.com faster and better than Saturn V got into space?

What if you could completely DOMINATE the SERPS without virtually any work?

What if all the heavy lifting was ALREADY done for you, and you just have to take advantage of what’s already there?

What I Am About To Share With You Is The Main Reason Why These Sites Are On Page One.

You Want YOUR Site On Page 1?


Like A Friggin’ Rocket!

How To Take Anything Right To The Top Of
The SERPSThe Saturn V Style

So, tell me again:

You wannabe like these guys, where you pay nothing, click a few buttons and rank right at the top?

Hell, yeah!

>> You WANT the free, hands off, steady traffic that comes in like clockwork.

>> You WANT the money, freedom and security that comes with that traffic.

>> You WANT to be able to be able to literally do NOTHING and have the traffic STILL coming in by the boatload.

I Teach You How To Do All That In Like A Friggin’ Rocket!

Here are just a few of the rocket fuel golden nuggets you’ll discover:

>> The simple, two step strategy to ranking ANYTHING IN NO TIME flat, without doing virtually any work.

>> How to get all of the content you need for this strategy completely FREE (and you don’t write a single word.) IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU ALREADY.

>> How to make sure your content breeds like bunny rabbits and rank with just ONE small piece (that you didn’t even write or pay for.)

>> Why using complicated SEO strategies is a complete waste of your time, and what you need to do instead.

>> The one surefire QUICK AS A ROCKET way to rank ANYTHING while making sure that your butt is securely situated right on your sofa the whole time.

Listen, Like A Friggin’ Rocket! will get ANYTHING you want to rank fast, easy and with virtually zero work.

Here are two more sites that are using what I’ll share with you to rank in EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE NICHES:

Triple Money Back Guarantee

I stand behind everything I put out.

If I didn’t, I wouldn’t put it up for sale. That’s all there’s to it.
I am so positive about that, that I’ll give you triple money back guarantee.

Go ahead and grab Like A Friggin’ Rocket today, implement it, and if you don’t see mind blowing, jaw droping, ass scratching results, holler and I’ll give you three times what you’ve paid today.

It’s that simple.

Listen, I am working on an automation system for this entire process, and because I am automating everything, I really don’t know how long this offer is going to be available.

I will have to take it down as soon as the automation is in place, so do NOT hesitate.

The good news is that as long as you see those orange buttons, that means you can still get it, but not for long.

Grab it now:

…Sky Rocket Your Rankings And FINALLY See Them Soar On Page 1

[(RANDOM SIDENOTE: I recently saw people taking pictures of soaring eagles using flying drones. Very impressive.)

So, if you really want your pages, videos, articles, etc to be GLUED to the first page, get Like A Friggin’ Rocket! NOW.


…and so I have to tell you this:

>> Like A Friggin’ Rocket! is not about spending hours in front of your computer building nonsense links.

>> This is not about putting up crappy articles and blasting them to article directories.

>> This is not about scraping and spamming the good ‘ol internet with nonsense software (that may or may not rhyme with Scrape Box.)

>> This is not about getting crappy links on fiverr or guest posting.

>> This is not about profile links, homepage links and the like. 

What it IS, is a strategy that works.


Talk soon.

Ps.: REMEMBER: You’re covered by my triple money back guarantee.get it now!

GET WHAT?! A Friggin’ Rocket? How To Quickly Rank Anything On Page 1 With In No Time, Effort Or Talent! DOWNLOAD

Here are some reviews for a previous WSO I did, just so you can can see I put out great products:

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This is a great WSO. Do yourself a huge favor and pick this up.

[quote=naidyphoon;9366419]I just went through this… and the information that seb covers in his ebook is truly mind-blowing! No fluff and straight to the point.

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This report right here man is MONEYYY!!!!

Went through it all action and no fluff, you can bet that. The method shown is soo simple I could hand this to a teen and they could do it.

Conclusion, grab this report and profit from the simplicity of it I am sure you’ll dig the results 

Rock On!


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I was given a review copy of this WSO.

It’s an unusual approach to creating quick but valuable products. The WSO manual is an easy fast read that has no unnecessary fluff, though you’re left thinking a little more explanation might have helped, but on the second read it makes better sense.

This is all about creating high value products fast, and ]I have no doubt it can do exactly that for you. The effort required is minimal and should be extremely effective too.

I like it. It’s a sideways thinking approach to a problem that reduces it all to a very simple solution. Exactly what everyone wants!


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This is a fantastic WSO, something so simple, I wouldn’t have guessed the method to create your products, what a brilliant idea, very easy to implement, there is heaps you can do with this, just have to take action as always, I like it and it worth wayyy more then $7!! Well Done!

I will be implementing it over the action, seriously the product only takes minutes to make! It’s all pretty much done already. Excellent for us newbies,


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I had the chance to get a review copy and I must say that that’s absolutely a brilliant idea Seb and James has packed in this product. I haven’t heard of that before and I will absolutely use it for my future products. Man it was really a 20 minutes work, if not less. Great work. Thanks.
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For goodness’ sake! This is just brilliant. In fact, it would have fixed Jerry Maguire’s problem in a flash.

Yes, I was fortunate enough to be offered a review copy. Here’s what it did:

It made me laugh.
It made me think.
It made me gasp with surprise.

And it’s going to make me MONEY!!

The idea is fun, simple and fast to implement.

If you don’t have a clue how to make money online, start here. Your troubles just ended.

Jerry Maguire, are you reading this? 

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I got a review copy of this product, in my opinion this is a simple program to be done to solve the many problems of people out there such as health, relationships, whatever the problem, 

fair value is not only $ 997, you can determine the value of the program as you want, be honest this simple but highly potential. 

nice work bro. .., good luck. 

Good WSO

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Hey guys,

I was lucky enough to receive a review copy.

I will keep myself short as I don’t want to give to much away.

This WSO is going to make you money. It’s a step by step guideline, everybody can do this. If you don’t by this WSO for this steal price, you really miss out on tons of money.

Best regards,

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