[GET] Webinar Registration Booster 48 Hour Insane Offer DOWNLOAD

[GET] Webinar Registration Booster 48 Hour Insane offer DOWNLOAD

Webinar Registration Booster – 48 HOUR OFFER, GET IT TODAY!!!

Insanely Simple Webinar Registration Booster – Puts More People Into Your Webinars, or your JV Webinars!

How would you like to:

  • Get more people registering for your webinars
  • Refer more people to signup for JV webinars
  • Make more money from each webinar without changing your presentation
  • Pack out your JV webinars without a spending a single cent more on advertising
  • Have your attendees showing up with more excitement and ready to engage

If this is you, and you want to make a bigger impact on more people, while making more money from your Webinars – The Webinar Registration Booster Is For YOU!

The Webinar Registration Booster is a revolutionary new software that makes it super quick and easy for ANYONE to put more people into webinars. It does this by boosting your WRCR(webinar registration conversion rate).

 You can use this powerful money making tool both for your webinar registrations… as well as other peoples webinars you are promoting!

Yes you use the Webinar Registration Booster, to  get:

1. Get more people into your Webinars
2. Get more people into your JV webinars

How Does The Webinar Registration Booster Make More Money?

The Webinar Registration Booster Makes More Money For You By Increasing The Number Of People That Register For Your Webinar. The More People In The Webinar, The More Money You Make!

How Does It Increase My Webinar Registrations?

The Webinar Registration Booster Increases Webinar Registration By Sending Your Referrals To A (Pre-Selling) Webinar Gateway Before They Get To The Registration Page.

Here’s the difference:

Instead of sending your visitors referrals to a registration page, You send them to a Webinar Gateway. The Webinar Gateway is your way of making a personally connection with your referrals, tell them why they should signup, and send to automatically to the registration page. Here’s how it works;

Let’s Take A Look At Exactly How The Webinar Registration Booster Works, and how it makes more money for you.

And here, we will quickly establish some important facts, ok…

You Want To Make More Money From Your Webinars. That should be very clear.

By Getting MORE PEOPLE Onto The Webinar, You Will Automatically MORE MONEY. (this is true for your own webinars, and JV webinars)

Now, Not everyone that registers for a webinar, is going to show up!

We understand that.

However, by getting MORE registrations, we get MORE people attending. So,

More Registrations = More Attendees = More Money!

Here’s Where Marketers Are Leaving A Truck Load Of Money On The Table;

A Lot people, that land on a registrations page, LEAVE BEFORE SINGING UP!

And here’s why;

They Are Missing A Compelling Reason To Register!

Here’s The Good News… And This Is IMPORTANT:

This Is Actually An Easy Fix… In fact, we can generate a compelling reason for them to register, in as little time as 30 seconds by tackling two critical areas,


Emotions & Intellect!

By connecting on an emotional level, and providing a logical reason.. our referrals experience a compelling reason to register!

In a  moment, I will show you exactly how to do that. It’s extremely easy and only takes about 30 seconds.

..but, here’s What’s REALLY IMPORTANT!

We’ve Got To Motivate Our Referrals To Register BEFORE They Even See The Registration Form!

Yes Before. To maximize the number of referrals to register for webinars, we want to motivate them before they get to the registration page.

And we do this, with the Webinar Registration Booster Gateway!

The Registration Gateway, is a personal message from you to your referral, telling them why they need to register for the webinar.

The personal connection, of you speaking to your referral, awakens the emotions. It is personal. And, what you say, will speak to the intellect.

By delivering a personal message to your referrals, immediately BEFORE they get to the registration page, can dramatically increase the number of referrals that complete the registration for the webinar.

Now here’s what’s super cool about this…

Not only does it increase the number of people that register, but can dramatically increase anticipation for the event, and result in highly engaged webinar attendees!

Here’s How It Works; (now picture this…)

Instead of sending our referrals directly to the registration page, we send them via Webinar Registration Gateway.

The Webinar Registration Booster enables you to quickly generate an unlimited number of Webinar Gateways in a matter of seconds.

There are 2 types of Webinar Gateways, Video and Audio.

These two types of Webinar Gateways are very effective in increasing registrations. They enable you to deliver a personal message that appeals both to the emotional and logical.

Once your referrals have received their personal message from you (they motivational power), they get automatically sent to your webinar registration page!

To Setup a Video Webinar Gateway, all you need to do, is put in a YouTube Video Id, and your webinar registration link. That’s It! The Webinar Registration Booster, will then provide you with a unique Webinar Gateway link.

You simply send your referrals to your Webinar Gateway Link, instead of your webinar registration url.

Your referrals will first land on your Webinar Gateway, to receive your personally message, before being automatically sent to the webinar registration page.

Let’s take a look at how we do that:

To increase the impact of your Webinar Gateway, you can also add a headline directly above the video.

So simple 1,2,3… and you’re done! Your webinar gateway is ready to go!

Here’s what your webinar gateway looks like; (do this for your own or jv webinars

Preview Video Webinar Gateway Preview Audio Webinar Gateway

***You Will Also Get My “Fill In The Blanks” 30 Second Webinar Gateway Script!

To make things super easy for you, I am also going to include my “fill in the blank” templates you can use to generate highly effective webinar gateway scripts. This means, in just a few minutes, you can be up running with a high converting webinar registration boosting gateway!

***New Video Training And Tips***
Next week, I making an exclusive training video for Webinar Registration Booster customers ONLY!

***BONUS 2*** TRAINING (Webinar Registration Booster customers ONLY!)
In my first bonus training video, I going give a powerful shortcut for generate short video scripts that get massive conversions. This session will give you a secret insight to some of the strategies top marketers are secretly doing but not telling anyone about.

***BONUS #3*** VIDEO (Webinar Registration Booster customers ONLY!)
In this video, I am going to show you how to get more visitors from Facebook to your Webinar Gateway, and more people onto the call. You can do this in just a few minutes a day, AND hardly Anyone Is doing it!

Now, let me tell you why I’m offering you this tool;

This is a brand new software that I developed to get more registrations for a webinar I was promoting. The very first day I put it to the test, I noticed an insane increase in getting people to register for a webinar. In fact, I pretty much doubled my registration rate, using the Webinar Registration Gateway!

I was shocked. I knew it would work… just not quite that effectively! Now I must say, doubling your results is not something I am promising here… and not something I’m expecting to do on all my promotions. However, even increasing your registration by 10-20% is can have a major effect on your Webinar business!! 

Now, here’s what I am doing with this offer today. I am going to be launching the Webinar Registration Booster for $197. But, I first want to case real case studies and proof, of people other than myself getting exceptional results.

What I am offering you here today, is instead of paying $197 for the product, you can grab the Webinar Registration Booster right now for just 10 bucks!

In return, I would love for you to give me some feedback on the sort of improvements you’ve experienced. If you can clearly see, a significant increase in getting more people onto webinars (can be your webinars, or even a JV webinar), then I want to hear about it!

Now, if you don’t get results, or don’t like the Webinar Registration Booster for any reason, I will give you your $10 back, no worries at all. If it doesn’t help you, I don’t want your $10 bucks!

So here’s the deal for both of us, you get software today for $10! Keep it for life, including all updates. If you go and make a truck load of extra money because of the Webinar Registration Booster, you give me your case study, testimonial, or even just feedback. Just let me know what’s going on! 🙂

Having those results from people like is going to make it easier for me to get the word out about this new product.

If you agree, please grab the software right now. When I used the software,  I got results IMMEDIATELY! And AS SOON as I have enough feedback, THIS $10 OFFER IS CLOSING SOON and the product will be launched at $197.

Click the Add To Cart Button below and lets the ball rolling!

(For More Information And Examples, Please Watch The Video At The Top Of This Page)

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