[GET] Wearable Technology PLR Bundle 40 HOT Product Reviews DOWNLOAD

[GET] Wearable Technology PLR Bundle – 40 HOT Product Reviews DOWNLOAD

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Hi everyone!

Forbes magazine recently stated that 71% of 16-24 year olds want some form of wearable technology. Their disposable income is a powerful force in the marketplace, too. 

ABI Research showed it as a market selling $485 million annually – and it’s just getting started. Celebrities are even jumping on the bandwagon to product their own gadgets. 

Just this week I saw a special on NBC Nightly News about how companies are investing in Wearable Tech for their employees – to improve their health (and having competitions) – and fashion designers are starting to create high fashion technology that looks like pure gold. 

What is wearable technology?

Well, it’s a tech product that you or a loved one wears or has attached to them in some way.

For example, you can find:

Cameras that attach to your head
Baby monitors that prevent drowning accidents
Basketballs that coach your kid 
Bands that help improve your sleep habits
Collars that prevent you from losing your pet…and more

The best thing about this niche is that more products are being released constantly and more consumers are finding it affordable. 

It’s Not a Matter of If You’ll Someday Wear Technology – It’s a Matter of Which Gadget You’ll Prefer Over Others When You’re Ready to Buy

I’ll admit, I’m slow to jump on gadget trends. My kids had to shame me into trading in my flip phone for a smart phone. But about a week ago, we were ready to leave on a trip to Great Wolf Lodge and my 15-year old said, “Wish we had a GoPro.”

A GoPro is a waterproof camera that straps to your head (or other ways) and you can capture your adventure hands-free. 

I won’t show you the results of me flying down a terrifying water slide screaming like a banshee, but this gadget was one of the best family entertainment pieces I’ve ever invested in – and it made me spend $360 on the fly as we made a pit stop at Walmart to pick one up. 

I’m also the daughter of a father who has dementia, and I love the wearable technology that helps loved ones know if their elderly are okay – down to whether or not they ate food or took their medication!

PLR That Helps You Profit Off of the Merging of Technology, Fashion and Convenience

Right around the holiday season, I always explore Amazon in depth to see what will be hot selling items. I was amazed to find an entire section on Amazon dedicated to wearable technology like these…

Activity Trackers
Wearable Cameras
Healthcare Devices
Smart Watches
Smart Tracking
For Kids and Babies
For Pets
Smart Sports Accessories

So I went into each category and chose five of the top items that affiliates could promote – and I wrote a review for each one. 

All of the PLR reviews are over 400 words each and they’re ready for you to use. I’ve included a document with links to each of the items, so you can quickly grab your affiliate link and put the articles to work for you. 

Let’s go over what’s in each one:


Activity Trackers

Activity trackers used to mean clunky pedometers that attached to your shoelaces and clicked with every step you took. Not anymore! You can invest in a piece of wearable technology that delivers a whole host of fitness details to you, helping you develop the best fitness regimen possible.  

1. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband – 414 words

2. Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor – 427 words

3. UP 24 by Jawbone – 410 words

4. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – 444 words

5. Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor  417 words

Wearable Cameras

Sports enthusiasts have loved the idea of wearing cameras while pursuing their favorite past times. You’ll find videos of people going down water rapids, surfing big waves, skydiving, biking down steep mountains, and more!

1. GoPro HERO3+ – 411 words

2. Sony HDRAS100V/W Video Camera – 409 words

3. Contour+2 Video Camera – 407 words

4. Garmin Virb Elite Camera – 414 words

5. Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera – 433 words

Healthcare Devices

For some people, health concerns are a 24/7 issue. They need blood pressure monitored or sleep improvements made so they can function better. These tools assist them in bettering their quality of living. 

1. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android – 430 words

2. BodyMedia LINK Armband Weight Management System – 409 words

3. Lark Pro Sleep Monitor Silent Alarm Clock and Personal Sleep Coach – 418 words

4. PEAR Pro Training Intelligence System – 419 words

5. QuardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor – 414 words

Smart Watches

Smart phones are awesome – but they aren’t as cool as smart watches, which free up the use of your hands and allow you more flexibility in pairing your access to the Internet with fashionable attire. 

1. Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch – 428 words

2. Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android – 424 words

3. Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch – 427 words

4. Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch – 422 words

5. Qualcomm Toq – Smartwatch for Android Smartphone – 419 words

Smart Tracking

Tracking devices aren’t just for spies. It’s to protect personal property, ensure the safety of your loved ones, and make sure you’re not being wronged in some way, shape or form. 

1. Spy Spot TT8850 Real Time Mini Portable GPS Tracker GPS Tracking Device Gl 200 Micro Tracker – 429 words

2. Trackimo trk12m Universal Personal GPS Tracker – 429 words

3. Lively Activity Sensors for Living Independently – 438 words

4. LassoTag iBeacon – 413 words

5. V.ALRT VSN400 Personal Emergency Response Device – 418 words

Wearable Technology for Kids and Babies

Technology for kids is going to keep them healthy and safe, and that’s just what you need for peace of mind as a parent. 

1. LeapFrog LeapBand – 423 words

2. Levana Oma Clip-On Portable Baby Movement Monitor with Audible Alarm – 413 words

3. Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Starter Kit – 427 words

4. iSwimband Personal Drowning Detection System for iOS – 442 words

5. Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor with LEVANA Powered by Snuza Oma Portable Baby Movement Monitor System – 412 words

Wearable Technology for Pets

The heartache of losing a four legged friend is overwhelming. There’s no need to when you have wearable tech for pets – and it can be used for training purposes, too!

1. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker – Dog and Cat Collar Attachment – 427 words

2. Garmin Delta Dog Training Collar – 430 words

3. Marco Polo Pet Monitoring/Tracking and Locating System – 437 words

4. Whistle Activity Monitor For Dogs – 411 words

5. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker – 425 words

Smart Sports Accessories

When you can’t afford to keep a professional trainer with you at all times, digital coaching gadgets help you continue improving your game whenever you put in time practicing!

1. Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer – 423 words

2. GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System – 416 words

3. 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball – 424 words

4. GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer for iPhone, iPad and Android – 408 words

5. SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System – 423 words

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