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Finally Studio Backgrounds AND Green Screen Goodies to Propel Your Authority
(That don’t cost an arm and a leg)!

What You Get


Click the thumbnail above to see the hight quality studios included in our Silver package (5 total)

Check out some audio clips included in our Silver Package (10 total)

Chilled Reggae Beats (83 sec.)

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Love will Open Your Heart (240 sec.)

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Reverie (41 sec.)

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Emerge In Love (180 sec.)

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Click the thumbnail above to see the additional high quality studios included in our Gold package (includes Silver studios for 10 total)

Check out some audio clips included in our Gold Package (20 total)

New Classic (34 sec.)

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Tfunky Loop (64 sec.)

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Mellow Synth Loop (31 sec.)

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Calm Flute Loop (20 sec.)

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Click the thumbnail above to see the additional high quality studios included in our Platinum package (includes Silver and Gold studios for 16 total)

Check out some audio clips included in our Platinum Package (32 total)

Piano Loop (36 sec.)

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Phone Sound Effect

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Guitar Loop (55 sec.)

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Mystical Loop (31 sec.)

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Becoming Superman!

.. Or Superwoman. Matt Houghton shows you the exact method that George Reeves used in the 1950s Superman TV series to turn yourself into a flying marvel. It’s Green Screen Magic at its finest, and the hardest part about it, is finding a good Superman suit to wear! This truly shows how versatile Green Screen (chromakey) can be, and how much attention you can gain from using it!

Katarina’s Shrinking Trick

Even beginners can do simple “Green Screen” tricks. Katarina Nicely is only 10 years old, but she demonstrates how she is able to “poof” make herself a whole lot smaller. She’d be great in Alice in Wonderland, or Gulliver’s Travels! Katrinas training is of course included in Virtual Studio Simulator.

BASIC GREEN SCREEN TRAINING and how to use your studios!

Matt and Todd take you through the basics on how to use green screen… and your brand new studio backgrounds. We cover… (have to watch them)

Green Grass Trick

There is almost nothing cooler than doing Green Screen Magic without even needing a Green Screen! Matt Houghton shows you in-depth the “Green Grass Trick” like you’ve never seen it before, so YOU can get started without purchasing a thing!


I was lucky enough to test Matthews Virtual Studio Simulator and all I can say is Awesome..I have purchased most of the video software that hit the market, and can honestly say nothing comes close to Virtual Studio Simulator..It has the cleanest and easiest members area on the Market..The videos are real easy to follow and help you produce some of the nicest videos I have ever made..Don’t hesitate on buying Virtual Studio Simulator,this will be a life changer if your into creating videos..Matt not only over delivers but at any price, it is well worth it and nothing on the Market compares..

– Charlie Giordano

Hey Gang, I just wanted to let you all know that Virtual Studio Simulator has opened my eyes to doing green screen videos.The training is Awesome, I saw something that opened my eyes to just how easy green screen is.There are so many Green Screen Nuggets in the training you are going to love it, With all the different studio packages they have and all the accessories you get with it, as well as motion backgrounds and audio clips and much much more, you can’t go wrong with Virtual Studio Simulator. So get ready for the Launch on June 2nd and pick yours up then.

– Jeff Eskow

Hey Matthew, just wanted to drop past and let you know that I have been using your studios and love them. Many of my subscribers have commented on my videos and I put this down to your studios from Virtual Studio Simulator – thank you 🙂

– Chris Cole

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