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Our Video Work Seamlessly with…


easy sketch pro



Premium Videos for All Your Marketing Needs…

  • Affiliate Marketing Promos
  • YouTube Marketing
  • CPA Marketing
  • Local Businesses
  • Facebook Marketing

  • Amazon Promotions
  • Information Products
  • Software Sales
  • Physical Products
  • The list goes on!
Simply Browse, Choose and Use!

Check out Just a Few Examples…

Dog Training


Video Marketing

Medical Practice

Hair Dresser

Weight Loss

Interior Decorator

Recruiting Agency

Plastic Surgeon

Video is the KEY to Your Success in 2015!


From the Desk of: James Okeke
Re: The Future of Video Marketing

Dear Fellow Marketer,

No matter what products or service you sell we all know that in this day and age you need to be using video in your marketing to stay competitive. Over the last couple years video has absolutely exploded across the web and that trend is going to continue.

We’ve all heard that video increases your conversions and sales because it’s a fact. Using a video on your sales page, landing page, social posting or any other type of marketing dramatically increases your conversions, leads and sales.

You only have to look at the massive growth of YouTube to see how much users LOVE video and more people are catching on every day! With over a billion users already the proof is in the pudding and if you aren’t using video in your marketing you’ll be left behind.

Not only does video increase your conversions but users tend to engage more with your brand because of it. They stay on your pages longer, listen to your marketing message more than they otherwise would and trust your brand on a deeper level because of these facts.

Statistics show that the average web surfer prefers video over regular text almost 2 to 1 and that number is only destined to grow. Many experts predict that video will become the dominant form of web media within the next few years. Because of that fact it’s obvious that the best way to market to those users online will be through video as well. The bottom line is…

Using Video to Market Your Products or Services is an Absolute MUST in today’s Online Climate…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you must be well aware that the secret is out when it comes to using video to generate sales online for you or your clients.

Over the last couple years we’ve seen countless video creation tools and software hit the market and take the internet marketing community by storm. Savvy marketers are already taking advantage of this new wave of marketing and have been for some time now.

In fact entire industries have evolved from this video marketing phenomenon including video SEO, Video Advertising (YouTube Ads) and online video production such as explainer videos or other animated videos.

Despite the fact that video brings massive benefits to any marketing you might do and the demand for video services has shot through the roof I’ve still that many marketers fail to take advantage of the amazing things video can do for them.

As somebody who’s used video in my business for years with great results I really put some time into figuring out why this was the case. What is stopping so many marketers like you from taking advantage of this powerful medium and your piece of the pie? That’s when I realized…

The Problem is Videos are Still a Pain to Create!

Many marketers struggle to produce videos consistently for a few key reasons…

  • High Cost of Production such as lighting, actors or stock footage
  • Lack of Technical Skills that you need to produce high quality
  • Not Creative Enough to generate ideas for video scripts
  • Lack of Proper Equipment or tools that are needed to make videos
  • Just Don’t Have the Time to spend hours editing at the computer

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You purchased one or several of the latest video creation tools to hit the market in the last year and got all pumped up about the cool videos you could make with them only to see that excitement fizzle out over time.

Once you go to create the videos you realize it’s more work than you thought right? Not only do you have to learn the ropes of every new tool that you use but even with the best technology out there creating videos is still very time consuming.

As an entrepreneur you know that time is money and the more time you spend editing is time your not selling. This means even with all the great tools in the world you most likely end up hiring somebody to create your videos because you just don’t have the time to deal with it.

Then you realize on top of that in order to create videos using the fancy new software you have that you still need to buy a camera, lights and actors or multiple pieces of stock footage. When you add up your time wasted, money spent on tools, equipment and video elements…

The Costs of Creating Videos can Add Up Quickly!



Just a Single Piece of Stock Footage can cost over $130! 
And that’s not even for a complete video!

So what are your other options?

If you are looking to keep your profit margins high and not waste tons of your time in the process your options are really pretty limited.

Either you bite the bullet and pay the 100’s of dollars for the footage you need or you end up spending tons of money on one of those video packages to get the couple elements you need.

The problem with that is you often end up buying this huge package loaded with filler and stuff that you just don’t need. Even once you spend money on a package like that you still need to put all the elements together to create your video which is more of your time wasted.

The other option is to go out and hire somebody to build your video for you but that comes with it’s own set of headaches too. Not only do you have to spend time interviewing, testing and dealing with outsourcers but once again it cuts into your profit margins.

What you really need is the ability to pick and choose the videos you need individually without having to pay hundreds of dollars for simple video clips.

That’s Why We Created a Solution that Gives you the Videos You Need to be Successful without Breaking the Bank or Wasting Countless Hours to Create them!

We knew that you needed a video marketing solution that would allow you to…

  • Save You Time by Cutting Down Hours of Editing
  • Save You Money by Drastically Lowering Your Production Costs
  • Let You Choose the Videos You Need When you Need Them
  • Leverage the Skills of Other Creators by Using Done for You Videos
  • Make More Money from Videos You’ve Already Created (Details Below)

We’ve been using video marketing in our business for years now and dealing with many of the same issues you have. We knew there had to be a better way and after countless hours of research we couldn’t find one that really achieved the goals we were looking for.

Finally we realized it was time to create a solution to this problem that makes creating videos such a hassle. A solution that would give you the flexibility you need to produce high quality videos like clockwork without spending hours to create them. 

We set out to create a platform that would allow you pick and choose the videos you need only when you need them and at a price that’s reasonable so it allows you to keep your profit margins high. 

In addition we wanted to give you a place to generate more profit from the videos you’ve already put your blood, sweat and tears into creating. Why put all that time into creating a video just to use it once and then let it collect dust on your hard drive? 

Now there is a better way…

Introducing VideoMarkett.com

vm intro

VideoMarkett.com is the first Video Marketplace designed specifically for internet marketers to provide done for you video solutions in virtually every niche online or offline. With today’s marketer in mind we’ve made it easy to find the videos you need for all your marketing needs. We offer affordable licensing solutions that give you the flexibility you need without wasting money on footage you don’t need or spending 100’s just to use a video more than once.

We also give you the opportunity to make more money from your existing videos by listing them in the marketplace and selling them to other marketers on autopilot. As a vendor you get paid directly and instantly along with being able to contact the buyer as needed. We are the first video marketplace to offer this kind of service that creates a whole new way of making money with your videos!

Here’s How it Works…

Step #1 – Sign Up Today Through this Exclusive Offer

Step #2 – Instantly Receive 1,000 Credits to Use

Step #3 – Access Your Exclusive Bonuses (see below) 

Step #4 – Choose Your Videos and Download them Instantly

Step #5 – Use Your Videos Immediately and Start to Profit 

It’s that simple!

In addition to a massive collection of premium videos to choose from you can also use your credits to purchase video marketing training on topics like scripting, YouTube Marketing, Video Ranking, Video Advertising, Sales Formulas, Software and more!

In Addition to Getting Access to Hundreds of Premium Videos for Pennies on the Dollar You Also get these Killer Bonuses…

Bonus #1 – Access to The Site Shaver HTML5 Drag n Drop Website Creator (3 Months Free)

  • Create Unlimited Responsive Websites
  • Tons of Ready Made Templates to Choose From
  • Drag n Drop Editor Makes it Easy to Customize
  • Host sites with us or on Your Own Server if you like
  • Easily Integrate with Video Anywhere on the Site
  • Works with Your Favorite Auto-Responder
  • Sites come with White Label and Reseller Rights
  • You can Easily Charge $1,000 or more to Local Businesses for the sites you create over and over



Bonus #2 – Access to VideoToolkits.com (3 Months Free)

VideoToolkits.com is a service that gives you access to a professional collection of live stock video clips designed to enhance your video productions and video marketing with real people camera footage, while saving you the high production costs of location shoots, crews and post production.

You can create unlimited videos using the stock footage from Videotoolkits.com and then use however you like. Easily sell videos to local clients or use them to sell affiliate products online. 

Bonus #3 – Access to the Graphic Shaver Marketing Graphics Creation Platform (3 Months Free)

  • Create unlimited flyers, business cards and more to promote your business or provide services to others
  •  Perfectly formatted with precise dimensions, bleed and text-safe area so that you don’t have to worry about anything
  •  Save all your designs and access from your PC, Mac or any mobile devices such as iPhone, Android phones and iPads
  •  Turn your designs into 2 different 3D views to showcase to clients or use on your site
  •  Download in high resolution JPGs for print or share your marketing material on social media websites

graphic shaver

Bonus #4 – Video Ads Fundamentals Training Course

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your videos these days is through the use of video advertising. Not only is video advertising extremely affordable, sometimes as cheap as 1-3 cents per view, but it’s also highly effective.

This training course gives you a breakdown of the best video advertising platform out there today (Adwords for Video) and shows you exactly how it works. You’ll learn how the different types of ads such as in stream or in display work and the best ways to use them for your business.

You’ll also learn a quick and easy way to get these ads setup so that you can start driving dirt cheap traffic to your videos immediately!

Bonus #5 – YouTube Marketing Case Study (Live Training)

We recognize that in order to make money with Video you not only need a rock solid video designed with a proven sales formula…

…but you also need targeted video traffic! Without traffic it doesn’t matter how awesome your video is you will not make sales.

That’s why we are including a live webinar training where Justin will pull back the curtain on a promotion that generated $66k in sales in one week all from YouTube Traffic.

Plus the First 200 Action Takers will Also Recieve…

This is Neil Macphersons complete system for selling almost anything you can think of online. After years of testing and tweaking, trial and error we’ve developed a highly flexible system that will help you convert at a higher rate while building good will along the way. With this proven system you’ll always be a step ahead of the competition. Check out what is included in this premium product…


Total Value of Everything You’re Getting Today…

  • 1,000 Credits to Videomarkett.com ($200 Value)
  • 3 Months Access to Site Shaver ($201 Value)
  • 3 Months Access to Videotoolkits.com ($231 Value)
  • 3 Months Access to Graphicshaver.com ($231 value)
  • Video Ads Fundamentals ($27 Value)
  • YouTube Case Study Webinar ($67 Value)
  • Stealth Video Sales ($97 Value)



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