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Offline Video Training

“3 Of The Best  Recorded Trainings From Offline Resurrection!!!”

Dear Successful Business Owner,

These 3 recorded Training sessions will reveal to you what most gurus don’t want you to know.  Step by Step detail and guidance on what you need to know prior to starting your own offline business.  We show you step 1, step 2 and so on.  We also show you how you can build a sales force no matter where you are located.  We go into detail for every topic that is on the 3 training sessions.  The type of training that you get are usually only seen with high dollar one on one coaching.  

  • Learn everything you need to know before even starting your new business
  • Build a sales force that will stay with you and work hard everyday!
  • Optimize your YouTube channels and videos that will beat your competition every time!
Training Session 1
  • What Niche
  • Do I rank video First
  • Do I need a website
  • Do you know what you’re going to say
  • Do you have YOUR service already set up
  • What services to offer
  • And MORE!


Training Session 2
  • Sales Role Play
  • How To Build A Sales Force
  • Pay Structure
  • How to Track Your Sales Force
  • Set Up Hands Off Technical
  • And MORE!


Training Session 3
  • Setting Up And Verifying Gmail
  • How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel
  • How To Optimize Your YouTube Video
  • How To Maximize Your YouTube Tags
  • And MORE!


You Probably Think The Training videos would cost you some money!

When you look at all the value we provide you probably expect a price of $197. This is a complete system that also shows you Everything you need to start your business the right way!  Things like What services to offer, how to collect payment and more!

We take you by the hand and show you everything you need to build a 6 figure buisness using our strategies.  

 Here’s the break down of the value for each component:

  • Video 1 – $97
  • Video 2 – $197
  • Video 3 – $97

A Total of $391 in Real World Value!

We won’t charge you this much for our new product. We will let you in for the price of $27.00.

We do reserve the right to raise the price or pull this offer so don’t wait purchase today!!!

Thank You,

Joe Justin

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