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Discover How You Can Grab Attention, Move Your Customers To Act & Drive Sales In Just Minutes

… Take just a few minutes out of your today, and Power UP your Videos (don’t worry, no experience is necessary)

Inside The Video Tree System you’ll…

  • Unlock The Number 1 Thing That’s Been Holding You Back And Empower Yourself To Succeed Online
  • Increase Your Google Ranking Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible!
  • Overcome Your Fear Of Video And See How Video Tree System Is The Best Investment You’ve Ever Made!

Instructions: Click the link above “Take A Test Drive“. You will see the first video presented as a pop-up (although this can also be shown on a regular webpage, if you don’t like using pop-ups). Fill in your details and press “Send”. You will be directed to the next step in the sequence. Click the download button and you will arrive at the next presenter video asking you to click one of the social media buttons.

Step-by-step Video Sequence

Kim Skills

While others are struggling to get attention from viewers, obtaining likes, subscribers and actual paying customers

…and getting low or no results using big banner, bold headlines and motivating text 

We use online presenter call-to-action videos and video sequencing to GRAB attention, personalize interaction, and guide the viewers’ action, RESULTING in higher click throughs, more likes, more subscribers, and more buyers!

…And today, right now, for an extremely limited time I want to invite you behind the scenes, and reveal to you the VIDEO TREE SYSTEM

Video Tree System allows you to CUT and PASTE and GENERATE HUGE success starting just minutes from now. When you invest in Our Video Tree System today you’ll receive:

  • 45 PRE-MADE Call-To-Action Presenter Videos, to Grab Attention And Instantly Get You More Views, Likes and Opt-ins…driving you to success, faster!
  • 7 video sequences that can instantly be applied to your business!
  • Proven, Reliable Video Tree Software that enables you to add your own Call-To-Action buttons, Opt-in Forms and a PayPal Button for instant buys, and much more!
  • My report “7 STEPS TO ATTRACT YOUR BEST ONLINE PRESENTER” which will help you make your own DIY high converting videos.
  • BONUS #1: Free Webinar Participation
  • BONUS #2: Video Sales Training by Sam Robinson
  • BONUS #3: Ultimate Motion Resources

All these Videos Are Included.

The Video Tree System Includes The Following Video Sequences:

Sequence #1:Join Our Newsletter Sequence

Join Our Newsletter Sequence

Sequence #2: 
Download Our Free Report Sequence

Download Our Free Report Sequence

Sequence #3: 
E-Commerce Exit Sequence

e-commerce Exit sequence

Sequence #4: 
Welcome to Our Website Sequence

Landing On Website Sequence

Sequence #5:Book An Appointment Sequence

Book An Appointment Sequence

Sequence #6:Join Our Webinar Sequence

Join Our Webinar Sequence

Sequence #7:Leaving Our Website Sequence

Leaving Website Sequence

VIDEO TREE SYSTEM will enable you to Guide More Traffic, Convert More Customers & Drive More Sales.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying:

Kim has a magnificent voice and magnetic presence. This is the real deal for an authentic and natural presentation. Outstanding experience! Thank you Kim!

ScottMemory Works

WOW!! I imagined it being good, but this exceeded my expectations far beyond my imagination…Thanks Kim for a great production in a timely manner and great communication to ensure I got exactly what I wanted from you

Reginald PoplusFulton County Sherriff Candidate 2015

Here is our PROOF…

60,000 Views In Just ONE Month On YouTube !

Example Feroese

140,000 views on FacebookUsing A Professional Presenter!

Example TonyPoptames


  • 700 Videos shared on Twitter / Min
  • 300 Hrs Video uploaded to YouTube / Min
  • YouTube alone has more than 1 Billion users
  • Every day 4 billion videos viewed on Facebook


Anyone selling a product or service online, can create a video and upload it to YouTube.

To truly succeed as an Online Marketeer you need to …

  • Build Trust and Online Credibility
  • Leverage Human Laziness And Get Instant Rapport
  • Grab Visitor Attention Within The First 8 Seconds.
  • Keep Your Viewers Engaged
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website
  • Direct Your Viewers To Act On Your Call-To-Action
  • Build A Memorable Brand
These are the EXACT benefits we are REVEALING to you NOW in our Video Tree System. There is no other System like this!  It’s the fastest way for you to succeed in today’s market!

BUT there is a catch……

This system is only available for an EXTREMELY limited time.  We don’t want EVERYONE to have access to our secrets.

Do You Really Want To Lose The One Opportunity You Have To Succeed Today?

Want To Know Why We Succeed in Video SEO
While You Are Still Failing?

Well, If you’ve tried to get more traffic, convert more customers and drive more sales with video

OR if you’ve gotten tripped up in all of the steps, and haven’t managed to even get a true start …

OR if you don’t have the skills to present in front of a camera …

…then you are not alone…

In fact if you’ve:

  • Tried To Rank On The 1st Page of Google And Never Really Got There
  • Run Advertising Campaigns That Are Not Getting Noticed
  • Written Pages Upon Pages Of Text To Drive More Conversion And Failed
  • Wanted To Use Video, But You Just Lack The Skill, Experience Or Don’t Have the Expensive Equipment To Produce A Good Video
  • Struggled To Find A Good Video Presenter To Produce Your Videos
Then you already know the answer:

Grabbing Attention With Video is an ART.

We don’t waste our time and money on useless tools & strategies that get no results

We use a simple video tree system that keeps us laser-focused on what we do and guarantees the success of all our presenter videos

….Did you see that?… “GUARANTEED SUCCESS” 

…You just can’t beat that!

Here’s Why Video Tree System Is So Amazing:

A red button with the words


Video Tree System Uses Personal And Precise Call-To-Action Video Presentations With Only The Best Video Presenters!

  • A combination of Online Presenter promptings and call-to-action buttons
  • Uses sophisticated call-to-action persuasion
  • Built with years of of experience and hundreds of client productions
  • Effectively Generates More Traffic and Sales
  • 7 Pre-Built Video Sequence Structures, ready to be applied


Video Tree System Does All The Hard Work For You, 24/7 and 365 Days A Year, So You Can Spend Time On Your Business!

  • Grab Attention & Keep It Personal With Professional Pre-Made Presenter Videos
  • No Need To Buy Your Own Equipment, Do Your Setup, or Write Your Scripts
  • No Need Spend Hours In Front Of A Camera With The Right Angle And Lighting
  • No Need To Train Yourself In Sales And Presentation Skills




The Video Tree Application Allows You To Implement All Required Call To Action Features

  • No Need For Expensive Subscription Based Video Hosting
  • Powerful Interface To Brand The Look And Feel Of Your Videos
  • Add Opt-In PopOver Forms To Any Video Within Seconds
  • Create Pop-Over Call-To-Action Buttons For Any Of Your Videos
  • Add Clickable Images On Top Of Your Videos
  • Add Countdown Timers Inside Your Videos To Increase Urgency
  • Add Social Media Buttons To Encourage Your Viewers To ‘Like’, ‘Share’ or ‘Tweet’
  • And Much More…

Video Tree Software Works With:

Video Skin

Button PopOver

Pay Buttons


Social Buttons

In just minutes YOU could be using THESE 4 PILLARS for GUARANTEED Success … 

…The ENTIRE VIDEO TREE SYSTEM that we’ve created for you is based on these 4 inclusions.

When You Invest In VIDEO TREE Today You’ll Receive:


Inclusion #1: 45 PRE-MADE Call-To-Action Presenter Videos

The number one reason why I have included this in my Video Tree System is that you can Copy / Paste our Amazing High Converting Videos in the Video Tree Software to create your custom made Call-To-Action Videos, resulting in higher conversions than you ever thought possible.

By using our Pre-Made Videos in the right sequence, you literally drive your viewers behavior, leading them through your offer, and closing the sale.

All videos are exclusively presented by Kimberly Hash de Vries

This Set of Pre-Made Videos is valued at: $1,657


Screenshot VideoTreeSoftware

Inclusion #2: Video Tree Software

This is one of the most important pieces of my Video Tree System as it allows you to customize our Pre-Made Call-To-Action Videos into Real Call-To-Actions, with the click of a button, resulting in highly converting videos for your Website in Minutes.

This Application enables you to carefully setup your Video Funnel to lead your viewer to purchasing your product or service.

You can even play your own videos on our platform, make them actionable, and escape HIGH COSTS for hosting sites like Wistia.com.

The Video Tree Software is valued at: $497


Inclusion #3: My Report 7 Steps To Attract Your BEST Online Presenter

The reason I’ve included this in The Video Tree System is to help you attract the best Video Spokesperson for your business. This report will get you started on your way to produce your own amazing custom made videos to host with our VideoTree Software.

Custom Made Videos convert even better than Pre-Made Videos. Kimberly is ready to produce Your Custom Made Call-To-Action Video.

This Report is valued at: $47

For The First 50 People That Sign Up For Our Pre-Launch Offer We Provide Extra Early Bird Bonuses :


Bonus #1: Free Webinar Participation

Learn from Kimberly how to best implement the Video Tree System and the features of Video Tree Software. 

How to grow your business with Call-To-Action Videos. How to build a strong brand. How to get instant authority and trust using video. How to use Social Media in combination with video and get more traffic, likes, subscribers and paying customers.


Bonus #2: Video Sales Training

The Most Complete Video Sales Blueprint To Enable You To Create THE MOST UNIQUE Sales Videos And Marketing Material. 

This Training Course will walk you through how to use graphics to create high converting videos for your sales presentation, and much more! 

Learn from Sam Robinson how to Produce your own Promotional Videos.



Bonus #3: Ultimate Motion Pro

If you are looking to create captivating and unique videos or advertisements, or you are updating your website for better conversion, this package will show you how to engage your visitors, and turn them into leads and sales. 

The Most Comprehensive Video Asset Pack You Can Start Using Today! 

With Ultimate Motion Pro, Including Over 3,500 Images, You Will Be Equipped With All Of The Graphics, Stock Images, Motion Backgrounds, but that’s not all…

Sam Robinson will also show you how to use them!

Ultimate Motion Package

The Video Tree System 

A Professional Online Presenter Grabs Attention & Instills Trust

VTS Fact #2 RANK 
Videos That Keep Viewers Attention Get Ranked!

Call-To-Action Videos Convert Best and Achieve More Sales!

So, Just to recap:

Inclusion #1:

45 PRE-MADE Call-To-Action Presenter Videos


Inclusion #2:

Video Tree Call-To-Action Software


Inclusion #3:

7 Steps Report To Attract Your BEST Online Presenter


Bonus #1:

Video Tree System Webinar


Bonus #2:

Video Sales Training by Sam Robinson


Bonus #3:

Ultimate Motion Pro – Images, Cartoons, Photo’s & Moving Backgrounds




I want you to understand that I didn’t come to pricing this product easily. 

I wanted to ensure that I gave you the BEST PRICE I could possibly give you, without breaking the bank. 

You see, to create VIDEO TREE SYSTEM I have invested over a year of my time to prepare for this Product Launch and I need to ensure that I have priced the product to regain my investment. 

With that said, although I am sure you are going to be pleasantly surprised with how EASY I have made this for you. 

Today you won’t invest $2,228 like you would on other similar products. Today your price, and only if you act now

VTS Brings Your Message Faster

A single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. In seconds, a video can use sound, images, and text to convey a message that would take pages to get across in writing.

VTS Attention Grabber & Retainer

Your average person has an attention span of 8.25 seconds (statisticbrain.com). The average attention of a goldfish is 9 seconds. VTS optimizes these first 8 seconds to the Maximum to keep viewer watching.

VTS Drives Your Viewers to Action

Under the direction of the spokesperson, carefully sequenced pop-up videos, forms and buttons lead your visitors to take action.

VTS Integrates With All Social Media Platforms

VTS Delivers videos for use all social media platforms and drives traffic to your website, where you can engage with your viewer without distractions of advertisement.

VTS Never Sleeps

VTS is your doorman, receptionist, guide and sales representative all-in-one! VTS never sleeps and will work for you 24/7 and 365 days a year.

VTS Accelerates Your Growth

The Video Tree System entertains your viewers until they take action, growing your visibility, increasing your sales conversion and maximizing your return on investment.

VTS Makes Your Message Personal Again

By choosing the most carefully selected video spokesmodels, based on our inhouse developed recruitment criteria and years of video experience, VTS guarantees a personal touch.

VTS Loves to Work with Search Engines (SEO)

Website content that is rich in video tends to keep visitors on the page much longer. Google and other search giants, love and give preference to websites with video .

VTS Strengthens Your Brand

A brand is identified and recognized by the face which represents it. Choose the right face, or the right spokesperson for your company and you can catapult your business forward. .


Try Video Tree System 30-Days Risk FreeWe are so confident that you will absolutely love the Video Tree System that we are offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…


We are confident you’re going to love this!

Kim Blue Outfit_000001


The recommended retail price of the Video Tree System is $2,228.

This is what I am going to price the product at when I have completed this launch. 

But for now, just for this limited time only I will discount the price by 98%.

Today you won’t invest $2,228 like you would on other similar products. 

Today your price, and only if you act now, is

Pre-Launch Special:Just $47, One Time

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