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VSB Pro 2-Fast And Easy Video Creator-Create Pro Videos With Auto Human Voice-Combine Images/Videos

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Video Spin Blaster Pro
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (WE DO NOT SUPPORT MAC OS)
HDD: 80 MB of free space
Softwares: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 . Go here to download: Download details: Download details: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)
We also recommend installing VLC Video Player, it’s the best video player (free) and supports all video file types:
Download details: VLC Video Player (Web Installer)

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Default Re: VSB Pro 2 – Fast And Easy Video Creator – Create Pro Videos With Human Voice – Combine Images/Vi

Q: I have Video Spin Blaster Pro 1.0, do I need to purchase version 2.0?
We decided to give all our existing customers version 2.0 for free. Simply open your old VSB Pro and it will tell you an update is out. Download it and install it

Q: Do I get free updates from now on?
You will get updates for all 2x versions . For Video Spin Blaster Pro 1.0 we released 11 updates in the past months that made it better and better

Q: How do I know when an update is out?
Whenever you open the software, you will get notified if an update is out and you can download the new update directly.

Q: If I run in to any problems or find bugs, can you fix them? 
The best part is that me and my partner Stoica area the marketers but also the developers of ALL our products. So we can fix any problems that appear very fast.

Q: The voice from the videos sounds to good to be true, how is that??
We implemented a new Text To Speak voice in VSB Pro 2.0, and it sounds better than ever before. You will get the same voice when you will create your videos

Q: Does the software run on Mac OS?
I am sorry but VSB Pro only runs on Windows OS. If you have Mac OS you can run a VMWare image with Windows Installed and install VSB pro there.

Q: Do you have any OTO for Video Spin Blaster Pro?
We don’t usually do OTOs (if you look at our previous products) but with Video Spin Blaster Pro we really thought it’s perfect to have a complementary software that will help you split your existing videos in to multiple videos and also download creative commons videos from YouTube. So you have Split Blaster OTO. Since VSB Pro now supports video slides (besides image slides), Split Blaster is perfect.

GET Video Spin Blaster Fast And Easy Video Creator – Create Pro Videos With Human Voice – Combine Images/Videos DOWNLOAD

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