[GET] Video Marketing Blaster Pro DOWNLOAD

[GET] Video Marketing Blaster Pro DOWNLOAD

The Only Video Marketing Software that is able toReverse Engineer YouTube rankings system!



Dominate YouTube Rankings


Get Top YouTube Rankings


Spy Your Competiton


Find Untapped Keywords


Track Your Rankings


Get Traffic From Related Videos

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

Step 1

Find Untapped Keywords

VMB will suggest you long tail keywords and related keywords to your main niche that you can easy exploit.

Step 2

Analyze Your Competition

We will find all the weak points of the competitor videos and we will automatically exploit them.

Step 3


VMB will generate with the click of one button your titles/desc/tags stuffed with phrases that contain the best keywords for your niche.

Follow this easy steps and you will get TOP RANKINGS in any niche!

VMB is taking analyze over 70 ranking signals and will show you exactly what you need to do in order to get top rankings!

Results that we got from the beta testers:


Top 10 Rankings


Top 3 Rankings


Google Rankings



Let me show you how powerful VMB PRO is…

I’m sure all of heared about game of thrones, one of the most popular TV shows in the history.

We knew that there are ton of searches for this keyword, so we decided totest our new ranking algorithm

We outranked videos with millions of views, we are getting THOUSANDS OF VIEWS EACH DAY

We ranked #3 on the hardest keyword “game of thrones season 5 trailer”!

Everything without any hard work, with the push of two buttons (research and generate button).


We knew that our algorithm is very good but didn’t expect to outrank official channels.

You can get this kind of results too!

You don’t need any experience!

You just need to click two buttons!

I will show you right now how to exploit the YouTube ranking algorithm!

The schema from the right shows you the most important ranking factorthat YouTube is taking in calculation when they rank a video.


The larger the circle is, the more important that factor is. Try to take all those factors in calculation and you will see that your video will get better rankings.


We spent months uploading and testing different strategies to be able to find the exact balance between those factors. After we found there is not a fixed balance…


You can exploit the schema by hand but it will take hours for one videos because for each niche the balance is a bit different, so you have to apply the schema for the top ranking videos in your niche and find the exact balance and after that you can exploit it!


If you think that is to much work for you, than I have good news…


VMB PRO will give you the exact numbers and ratios with the click of one button!

What makes VMB so special…

We are developing YouTube Software for more than 5 years, in all this time we noticed all the changes and updates to the YouTube ranking algorithm.

We’ve spent countless hours and uploaded thousands of videos to back engineer their ranking system.

We noticed that they changed their system from an “exact match system” to a “lexical semantic system”.   What this means…


YouTube know that “learn guitar” and “guitar lessons” are one and the same thing.

We spent countless hours creating our own lexical semantic matching engine.

When we finished our engine and tested our system we were blown away!

Our rankings got huge boosts, we were able to get top rankings in almost any niche that you can think of… we are using all the signals and keywords that YouTube searches for when their calculating the rank of a video.

Why People Say That VMB Is The All-In-One Video Marketing Software…

VMB contains 4 modules that will make sure that all your video marketing needs are being automated!


Module 1

Keyword Module

VMB PRO uses it’s own Lexical Semantic engine in order to find long tail keywords and related keywords. Compared to the other tools on the market VMB will give you 500% more keyword suggestions.

• Research from for different sources!

• Generate the largest, most diversified keyword list imaginable.

• Uncover keyword phrases I guarantee you had absolutely no idea people actually searched on!

• The single fastest way to find untapped niches not even the YouTube gurus know about!

Module 2

Generate Video Details

With the click on one button VMB PRO will generate you titles, description and tags that will out rank all the competiton. Your descriptions will not be stuffed with keywords,they will contain pharses that contain the targeted keywords.

• Generate perfect SEO optimized titles/descriptions/tags with the click of one button!

• Bulk Title/Description/tags generation from your buit-in templates.

• Rule the YouTube ranking!

• Export your titles/descriptions/tags to Mass Video Blaster

Module 3

Analyze Competitors

VMB Pro will analyze and spy on your competition, giving you detailed data about how hard is to rank in a specified niche. VMB will take in consideration over 70 ranking factors, check out the image on your right.

• Find out the weak spots of your competitor videos

• Find out how easy it is to rank for a specific keyword

• Find out exactly what signals you need to profit in order to get top rankings

• Get insight info about your competiton

Module 4

Rank Tracker

Any successful marketer knows that tracking your video rankings and progress is critical.  With this module you can:

• Track all your YouTube Videos Rankings

• Find if your YouTube videos are ranking in Google

• Track you video views,likes,comments across time

•  Find if other YouTube videos are ranking in Google for your keyword

VMB is delivering Results in any niche!

Check out some of the results achived with VMB:

Another great results with VMB

Video Marketing Blaster PRO is not only delivering results… delivers INSTANT results!

 Introducing The Holy Grail Of Video Marketing…


Keyword Suggestions

Get long tail keyword suggestions by analyzing related videos, first page videos, google results and more…

Generate Video Details

Auto generate SEO optimized Titles/Descriptions/Tags with our unique lexical semantic engine!

Partial/Exact Match

Get the partial match keywords and related long tail keywords that are helping your competitors to rank and start out-ranking them!

Track Video Rankings

Track your video ranks, views, likes etc. Without tracking your videos you would be working in the dark.

Analyze Competition

Analyze your competition and find their weak points and profit from them.

One Click All-In-One

One Click to Generate Video Details, Analyze competition and get Keyword Suggestions. VMB is so easy to use that even a 7 year old could make money from YouTube.

While it’s still available, You Can Get The Entire Video Marketing Blaster System For…

All  the beta testers and clients told us that we are crazy that we are not asking at least 497$ for such a complex software…  Under other circumstances we would ask well over 500$ for such a tool but for now we want to keep the price as low as possible so everybody can see the quality of the Blaster products.

No Other System Is Producing Anywhere Near As Many REAL RESULTS As VMB PRO!

But better hurry. Because while I’m not limiting this to any specific number (just in case we go over)…
I will have to take this page down at some point, and judging by the number of people visiting this page every few seconds right now… It won’t be long at all.

Click Play to see how easy it is to use VMB PRO!

Check out what experienced internet marketers say about VMB PRO…

VMB is hands down one of the best video marketing tools I have come across in a very long time.

It does so much that it may seem intimidating initially, but once you go through the PDF tutorial and play around with it you’ll master it in no time.

A definite Must Have for video marketers looking for a serious edge over their competition.

Cliff Carrigan

Internet Marketing

If you want to be reach your goals, achieve your targets and get the best out of your time, you should use tools that will help you get the best from it, market research and keyword research are the base of a good marketing campaign, now thanks to this new tool you can get things done in minutes, start saving time and money, get the keywords that convert and rank your videos like a master!’

Jimmy Mancini


I have been a YouTube content creator for over 6 years now.  Video Marketing Blaster Pro is one of the tools I wish I had when I first started.

I love being able to keep track of where my videos are ranking for certain keywords and seeing what I need to do in order to outrank my competition. If you are a content creator and want to stay ahead of your competitors you need Video Marketing Blaster Pro in your tool belt!

Brad Scott


Being one of the industry’s leading Social Media Providers, I have had the pleasure and displeasure of seeing and working with all YouTube Marketing Software in the industry.

The features have been mind-blowing and the power behind this amazing software speaks for itself. Many client videos have reaped the benefits of this amazing software (but shh, it’s been my little secret). Amazing stuff guys

Ruoall Chapman

Claim Social Authority

100% safe for YouTube Partners & Foreign language is not a problem!

Andrei tested VMB PRO in the romanian market of “weight loss” and now he is one of the biggest “players” in the romanian market.
Not only VMB PRO works perfectly with foreign languages but it is 100% safe for YouTube Partners!


Check Out Some Of The Features Of VMB PRO

See why VMB is better than the competitors and this is the only software that is able toback engineer YouTube.

Feature name
Reverse engineer YT so you can get on 1st page
View popular searches in the past week for a specific country
Suggest keywords
Get keywords using complex algorithm
Return partial match/exact keywords
Get views/subscribers/comments suggestions to rank on 1st page
Export keywords to CSV or HTML
Analyze related videos, first page and trending videos while returning keywords
View rank and YouTube search results of keywords
Analyze competition from first page of YouTube
Automatically save all data so you can later view/analyze it
View competition partial match/exact match keywords
Analyze number of views, comments and subscribers of competition
View estimated views per day of competitors
Generate SEO Optimized Video Details
Get over 10 title suggestions/keyword
Auto generate descriptions by scraping sentences from Google
Auto generate keywords (tags)
Generate video details from custom template
Export video details to Mass Video Blaster Pro
Export video details to CSV/HTML
Save report (video details, required views, subscribers) on the web and share it
Manually or Automatically select sentences that will be used in description
Trace your video rank in time
View current YT rank and previous YT rank of your videos based on a keyword
View current/previous Google rank based on a keyword
View current views and previous views of your Videos
Check if a YT video is on google based on a keyword
View statistics for your videos


I’m completely confident that Video Marketing Blaster PRO  is exactly what YOU need to finally get your video marketing at the next level.


In fact, I’m so confident it’ll work for you, I’m prepared to let you try it risk free for 30 full days. That way, you get peace of mind, and I do too.


You see, I don’t have to worry that you’re at all unhappy, because if you decide VMB PRO isn’t the right system for you, you canget a full refund at any time during those 30 days.


So you’re free to download the whole thing, and try it out.


And if you don’t see any increase of your video campaigns, or just don’t like the system, no problem at all!


You’ll get every last cent refunded to you. No questions asked.


I just wanted to make it clear to you that this is a completely risk-free purchase.

So What Are You Waiting For…

Are You Ready To Rule YouTube Rankings…


I must WARN YOU!

If you refresh this page probably you will see a higher price.(refresh or leave this page on your own risk) Therefor it’s in your own best interest to get it now because that’s the only way you can guarantee you will get it at this ridiculously low price!
All our friends and clients told us that we are crazy that we are not asking at least 497$ for such a complex software… We want to keep the price as low as possible so everybody can see the quality of the Blaster products.


A software developed by marketers for marketers!

More than that, we are professional programmers!

We are handling all the coding and updates for all our tools!


How many IM tools you’ve encountered that got more than 130 updates (on a single software) in 3 years? We are making sure that all our clients are satisfied with our products and all the feature requests are implemented in our tools! This way we were able to create a brand! (I know it sounds cheesy but that’s the reality)


What good is creating 100 videos if you don’tRank them?


If you are doing affiliate marketing


If you are promoting CPA offers…


If you are doing AmazonPromotions…


If you are promoting your own product…

If You Are Doing Any Kind Of Affiliate MarketingVideo Marketing Blaster PRO is FOR YOU!

Yes Vlad!

I’m ready to get to the next Video Marketing level.

I understand that: 


I will be able to rank videos on YouTube with 2 CLICK!


I want to reverse engineer YouTube Ranking algorithm


I will be able to spy on my competitors


I will get hundreds of keyword suggestions


I will be able to keep track my rankings over time


The unique methods of VMB Pro will dramatically increase my free time.

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