[GET] Video Hotsites 1 Click Video Affiliate Hotsite System

Earn $100+ Per Day in Auto-Affiliate Commissions with each Niche Affiliate Video Hotsite

Video Hotsites Features:

  • Deploy the “Hotsite Affiliate Commission System” & Have Hotsite Content-Loving Fans Buying $100s of Affiliate Products
  • CTA Video System Engages Traffic & Builds Targeted Lists of 100s of Customers
  • FB App & Mobi Integration for a Hotsite “Viral Effect” & Increased Mobile Traffic…
  • Social Media Suite including Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube & Twitter
  • “1-Click CSV Upload” fills Hotsite w/ 100s of Commission-Generating Videos

100s of “Marketers” Profit $100,000s/year in Affiliate Sales with NO Product or Service!

“Video Hotsites” are 10-Min Video Affiliate Sites Generating Passive Income from
Affiliate Commissions…Each Weight Loss, Dating, Amazon & Kindle Hotsite Pays
$100+ Per Day, in Automated Commissions!

  • Online Biz Model

    Build Passive Income Video Content Affiliate Hotsites

  • CTA Video System

    Leverage special list-building & client-closing “Lead Gen Videos”

  • Fully-Automated

    “CSV Mass Upload” functionality deploys 100+ listings with 1-click

  • Local Biz Model

    Bonus: Build Local Niche Video Hotsites Selling $100/mo Listings

INTRODUCING Video Hotsites

The Ultimate, SaaS Platform to Quickly and Easily create STUNNING,
Video Affiliate Sites to Dominate virtually ANY Online Niche

  • Video CTA Functionality
  • Aweber, GetResponse & MailChimp Integration
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • “Next Level” Design and Graphics…
  • Saas System – No Installation Needed
  • FULL Social Media Integration
  • Google Maps & Tap-2-Call Enabled
  • 1-Click CSV Mass Upload
  • Facebook App Integration

Affiliate Marketers Make $1,000+ Per Day

Viral Traffic can be worth potentially $100+ if correctly monetized via your Hotsite.
Online Hotsites in different niches pay affiliate commissions of $100+ per day in the Dating, Forex, Golf, Amazon Physical Products & Kindle Niches.
Translation: Viral Traffic will turn into passive income via your Hotsite Affiliate System.

Affiliates Make $1 Million+

Hot Online Niches such as Dating, Kindle, Weight Loss and others make affiliate marketers who sell NO Product or Service $1 Million+ per year of Passive Income.







Create a Video Hotsite EMPIRE

Affiliate Marketers make $100,000+ but have NO assets and NO passive income.
Plus they have no idea how to use video to increase their conversions
and their income to the 7-figure level…

Laser Targeted Affiliate Video Hotsites turn unstable affiliate commissions into a
Passive Income Asset & create super high engagement delivering
top quality content with revolutionary Video features.

( oh, and there’s ZERO Coding, ZERO Design Skills and ZERO Headaches..Video Hotsites does ALL the hard work for you… Cool, Huh?)

What is The ONE Thing You NEED To Build a

You NEED a Hungry Market and Right NOW there are literally THOUSANDS of Mega-Hungry Customers Ready to devour your Video Hotsite Content & buy products generating youPassive Affiliate Commissions!


SaaS – No Installation

No Added/Extra

To Use

Top Class

Online Potential


Passive Income

1-Click CSV
Mass Upload


App System



Affiliate Sites

Dating, Kindle,
Weight Loss Sites

The Video Hotsite System Creates Highly Valuable Passive Income Hotsites

Once you auto-fill these Hotsites with content videos from YouTube via our “CSV Mass Upload,” you drop in your affiliate links under the video & generate $50, $100 or even $1,749 per affiliate sale.

Video Hotsites is also an Affiliate System FILLED with Online Affiliate Products that Pay $100+ per Sale

#1 – Select a $100,000+/Year Niche

There are 10s of six-figure niches to choose from.

Selecting a profitable niche is as easy as selecting a classic viral niche such as weight loss, dating or anything that makes money such as forex, local marketing, Facebook or video softwares that generate commissions of $50, $100 or even $1,498 per Sale.

With Unlimited Niche Opportunities, the System is Highly Scalable to Multiply the Income Potential.

#2 – Click & Deploy…

Filling out the basics let’s you deploy your Hotsite Affiliate Sites in under 5 minutes.

Our Cutting Edge CSV functionality means you import your filled-out excel with one click you to populate your Hotsite in less than 30 seconds with 100+ affiliate products & content videos.

There is Zero Coding or Design Skills required and now this Affiliate Site of 100+ high-quality content videos also delivers value to customers before selling affiliate products.

Once it’s setup and linked to your GetResponse, Aweber or MailChimp autoresponder it auto-generates lists of 1,000s of hungry customers through the Video CTA System.

#3 – Create Passive Income System

Rabid customers pay top dollar if you recommend quality products worth upwards of $499 of commissions!

When viral traffic stumbles on your Affiliate Hotsite, sees all your content that took you little to no time to setup they have no choice but to buy your affiliate products.

The premium listing costs $50, $100 or more per month depending on the niche. The best part: Local Business sign up inside the Hotsite without ever having to talk to you.

Result: Pure Passive Income.

We Have Barely Scratched the Surface of the Marketing Potential Here…So, Here Are a Few More Features…

Full Facebook Integration

Add YOUR Hotsite to Facebook for Cheaper FB Ad Clicks to Drive Engagement and to Build a FB Hotsite Community.

Mobile Optimized Hotsites

Customers on-the-go can consume Video Content and Immediately Buy from their Mobile Phone.

Autoresponder Email Integration

Email integration lets you build a targeted list of 1,000s of emails to monetize with affiliate offers that generate $1,000 over & over again.

Whitelabel Multi-Hotsite Admin Panel

Manage your Hotsites from an Admin panel, use custom subdomains & even rebrand them if you want to sell Hotsites to clients.

Create Video Affiliate Sites For Any Niche:

Weight Loss, Dating, Real Estate

Amazon Physical Products, Kindle

Golf, Forex, Make Money Online

Affiliate, FB, Video, Local Marketing

Or any other viral affiliate commission niche!

Video CTA Lead & Sales System:

We integrated a revolutionary Video CTA System so that you can turn your videos into list-building lead machines that automatically send email leads to your Aweber, GetResponse or MailChimp list. Remember, a list of 1,000 emails, can generate $10,000+ per month.

Valuable Video Content Engages Traffic

Potential customers see your Video Hotsite with 100+ targeted high-quality content videos forcing them to get addicted to your Hotsite & become rabid fans that will generate you $100s in affiliate sales.

Unlimited Upsell Potential

Once a lead signs up to your email list you can upsell them on a regular basis week after week after week sending them targeted affiliate offers or even funnel them into a $97/month membership or $5,000 high-end coaching.

10x $500 Deals in 23 Days Totaling $5,000? “Local” Hotsite Results From Previous SqueezeMobi Customers

Les’ – 10 X $500 Deals in 23 DAYS!

Stephen – Show Me The Money!

Double Your Money Back Guarantee…

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconHow long is this offer available at the current price?

    Our very special discounted prices are only available during our limited time pre-lanch. This introductory offer of making a one-time-payment for lifetime access will come down on April 19th! All new users from this point will pay a monthly subscription – so you better hurry if you haven’t got in yet!

  • q-iconCan I use this for clients?

    Yes –You can deploy a hotsite for a client, if they have multiple locations for example and want a “directory” of their businesses. This facility is ONLY available with the ‘License Pack 500′ user license.

  • q-iconIs there any LIVE training?

    Yes – as part of your purchase, you get a LIVE bonus webinar training on selecting sources of traffic including Facebook and Mobile traffic to drive to your directory hotsite system – but it is restricted to those that purchase within the launch period.

  • q-iconWill this work on mobile devices and on Facebook?

    Yes – certainly. You can access these sites on mobile and even collect payments on the go! And moreover, these Hotsites are Facebook compatible too. They can be deployed directly to Facebook Fan Pages.

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