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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

We All Know That Video Is The Most 
Powerful And Profitable Marketing 
Medium Available To Man.

That’s that a no-brainer fact.

But just incase you’re not 100% sure…

Then check out these stats:

Now we’ve got that sorted…

We Also Know That We All Want To 
Make Videos Fast, With Easy And 
With Minimal Expense. Right.


That’s where video making software comes into it’s own –

Allowing you to make videos faster and with less effort than you ever thought possible –

That’s awesome. 

But I Guarantee You Have 
Never Seen A Piece Of 
Video Making Software 
Like THIS.

What if I said this particular piece of video making genius can not only:

All In Less Than 2 Minutes!






Check out just how awesome Video Alchemy’s videos look and sound…

…and every single one of these videos took less than 2 minutes to make!


Video Alchemy’s 7 Easy Steps to Global Video Success:

Step 1 – Choose Your Niche and Template 
From Our Extensive Collection


Step 2 – Add Your Keyword


Step 3 – Choose Your Article or Add Your Own 
and Spin Up To 3 Times


Step 4 – Add Your Background Music


Step 5 – Add In Your Images


Step 6 – Choose Your Language And Accent 
(From over 100!!!!)


Step 7 – Press That Big Red Button 
(Go On You Know You Want To!!)



Your Own Unique Video 

Below is an example of just some of the diverse languages and markets video alchemy will empower you to tap into…

With it’s real sound voices that will direct those throngs of profit making traffic straight to your promotions…

Through the most powerful marketing medium known to man…

In a language that they understand!

Why not give some of them a try and hear how realistic they sound?!

And Many Many More…

Why not give some of them a try and hear how realistic they sound?

Every Single One Of These Languages Has 
At Least 2-3 Different Male And Female Voices 
In A Wide Range Of Accents!

So if you’re a male with a primarily female focused product you can 
promote your product with an authentic female voice –

And vice versa.

The English speaking range includes 14 authentic real sound voices –
Including a number of USA State specific accents, Australian and Indian British.

Now You’ve Had A Play With Our Real Sound Voices And Are Convinced At How Awesome And Realistic They Are…

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Just How Much 
Extra Traffic and Profitability Video Alchemy 
Will Open Up For You When You Use It To 
Get Your Products And Services Out There 
To The World

In A Whole Host Of Languages 
Other Than Your Own…

If You Only Promote Your Products And Services In English –
You’re Leaving Money On The Table.

Now stop imagining…
And simply.click.here.

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Now You Know Your Potential Reach And How Video Alchemy Is Going To Blow Your Traffic Wide Open Globally…

Let’s Take A Closer Look At How Video Alchemy Is Going To Save You Time, Money and Effort By Making You Ready To Profit Videos In ANY Language IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!

No longer any need to spend hours searching for an expensive video template to suit your niche!

Step 1

No need to spend hours writing brand new content – or pay a copywriter to write it for you – when you can simply search thousands of articles related to your keyword and choose your favourite ready to bring alive in mins! Or of course, you can simply import one of your own.

Step 2

Multiple videos will multiply your traffic. It’s a fact. But in order to create multiple videos – you would NORMALLY have to rewrite and rewrite again your existing content…

Not anymore! Once you’ve chosen your article – you can spin it up to 3 times with just one click for 3 different videos and 3x the traffic!

Step 3

No need to spend hours searching for royalty free music 
and paying out up to $59.99 for expensive tracks.

Step 4

No need to spend hours searching for royalty free images and paying out for multiple expensive graphics – especially not at $40 per one!!

Step 5

Step 6

Save HOURS editing all of your text, images, music and audio together – or paying someone for the privilege and simply press one button – and let Video Alchemy do all the hard work for you!

Step 7



Less than 2 minutes



GET Video Alchemy DOWNLOAD


You’re Going To Profit BIG With Video Alchemy.

And Here’s Exactly How:

  • Make INCREDIBLE Animated Talking Videos To Sell Your Products And Services!
  • Promote Affiliate Offers And Easily Stand Out From The Rest!
  • Make Easy Product Reviews, Amazon Reviews and Guides!
  • Sell Videos To Other Businesses Willing to Pay Hundreds For Just A Single Video!
  • Set yourself up on Fiver and charge other people by $5 per step to make their animated, talking, translated videos for them!
  • Charge Local Offline Businesses To Make Video Alchemy Videos To Promote Their Products And Services
  • Surge Your Traffic FAST By Getting Your Videos Out There Onto All Video Platforms
  • Create Lead-Bait Videos To Capture Leads, Engage Your Audience and Grow Your List

And don’t forget

You Will Be Able To Blow Your Profitability Wide Open And Explode Your Reach With Every Video That You Make – By Choosing The Language Of Your Text and Audio and Even Your Sex and Accent Of Your Voice!

Here’s A Quick Reminder Of Everything You’re Getting With Video Alchemy:

So How Much Is This Awesome Piece Of Video Innovation Going To Cost?

Well, I’m sure by now you can see that this is a truly unique piece of ingenious fast video making software –

And you’ve already seen how much time, effort and most importantly money using Video Alchemy is going to save you –

So how much are we asking for this piece of global traffic driving power?

Nowhere near as much as you think –

But ONLY for this exclusive time-limited launch period only!

The second this launch period is over –

Video Alchemy will become a software as a service and will revert to it’s monthly fee –

And it’s pay per video points system.

Meaning you’ll have to pay $47 per month – every month –

Or top up for credits every time you wish to make a video.

BUT if you click here now:

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You can grab Video Alchemy for this one time tiny investment –

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And that’s for unlimited videos –


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There’s some offers you REALLY don’t want to miss out on.

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Miss out on this offer now –

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A tiny-one off investment to make global profit pulling videos in less than 2 minutes?

In any language of your choice…

Without having to generate any of the content yourself….

Or step foot in front of the camera…

I think we’ve just revolutionised the term ‘no brainer’.

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