[GET] TV Tee Cash Autistic Genius Tipping Teespring DOWNLOAD

[GET] TV Tee Cash autistic genius tipping teespring DOWNLOAD

Autistic Genius Tipping Teespring Using FREE Traffic!! Great Reviews Newbie Friendly!!

MEET MY SON MARK – AKA MARKY – AKA A BIT OF A TOOL (his words not mine)

Mark is the guy who sticks his finger(s) up to the world (not the guy in the white shirt bottom right pic)

Mark will be 23 years old on sunday and he is on the Autistic Spectrum, where on the spectrum we just don’t know because the doctors have been trying to figure it out ever since his diagnosis aged 9. Not only has life been hard for him it hasn’t been a walk in the park for us either! Regardless of everything he has put us through we are super proud of him!

He Lives Independently – With A Little Help From Us And His Friends!

He Just Wants To Be Normal – He Loves To Party Like Any Young Guy His Age!

Some People Just Don’t Understand Him – Mark Has No Problem Telling People What He Thinks Regardless Of What It Is. His Lack Of Empathy Has Landed Him Some Pretty Nasty Beatings Over The Last Few Years!

He Has An IQ Of 155 – Unfortunately He Has The Attention Span Of A Gnat!

He Started Making Money Buying And Selling Pokemon Cards To His Friends When He Was 10 – He Would Arrive Home From School With £5 – £10 In His Pocket Every day! 

He Has Been Making Money On Ebay For 3 Years – He Goes To Car Boot Sales, Auctions, Thrift Stores – His Favourite Things To Sell On Ebay – Converse Shoes And Bras!! It’s Very Funny Watching Him Negotiating The Price Of A Bra While Holding It Up To His Chest – He Says The Bigger The Better 

I Have Sat Him Down Numerous Times To Show Him How To Make Himself Extra Cash Online – He Goes Off On A Tangent Within Minutes So Showing Him Anything Is Almost Impossible!

I Could Go On And On But I Won’t!

OK To cut a long story short 2 months ago Mark disappeared for 4 days, part of the deal that allows him to live in his own apartment is that he checks in with me by phone at least once a day and his phone must be switched on so that we can check in on him if we need to! Those 4 days were the longest ever, we couldn’t get a hold of him, he hadn’t been home, the police didn’t seem to want to know because of his age, friends didn’t seem to know anything, then good old Facebook came through for me! The little bugger (he is 6ft 4) had gone to London to party after talking to some people on Facebook – not a bother in the world!

He arrived at our house nursing a massive hangover, he doesn’t do “Sorry” “Hugs” or “Sympathy” so it’s a complete waste of time shouting at him! Straight to the fridge as normal he went, made himself some food and started to tell me about the fantastic few days he’d had and how much money he’d spent – almost BEEP!!! (sorry about the bad language 

My concern when I heard this was “Where The Bloody Hell Did He Get BEEP From That He Could Just P*** Up The Wall” so I asked him!

His Answer – ” I sold a few t-shirts on Teespring”


It took me 3 days to get him to show me what he had been doing on Teespring so without further ado:-


Inside you will learn the simple method Mark uses to siphon FREE traffic from YouTube to his Teespring Campaigns.

This method won’t make you a millionaire but it is FREE traffic and a lot of it!! Mark is tipping 85% of his campaigns and currently has 19 campaigns running in one niche. I have 4 campaigns set up in one niche plus the example I use in this WSO.

You don’t have to make videos.

You don’t have to beg channel owners to place your link.

Almost 100% automated once your campaign is set up.

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