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From the desk of Alex & Vanessa

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

 Dear Struggling Marketer,

Do you ever feel like you have tried everything in Internet Marketing, but you still haven’t seen any results?

Or do you want to start making profit online, but you don’t know how to begin?

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have enough traffic, money or time so that you could start making money online, I can relate because that’s what I have been dealing with for a long time in the past.

I always wanted to learn a method which would bring me lots of Targeted Traffic and sales, without having to pay thousands of dollars or spend much time to it, as I did a long time ago.

Well, you are lucky, because you don’t have to deal with those struggles, as we’re here to present you an easy, fast and time &money saving method.

What we’re talking about here is the well known YouTube that can bring you EASY $20-$100 PER DAY, if you know the right way to work with it.

Video Marketing Is The Future!

This is a Fact…

Let’s Face It…

If A Picture Says 1000 Words Then Video Is Priceless…

You know and I know it.

Video Marketing is the future and you probably have noticed all these courses around video/youtube marketing, video marketing softwares that are launching these days.

Dear friend you may have just joined the Internet Marketing thing or you are around for a while now.

You may have found this page because someone sent it to you or while you were surfing around the net and searching methods to make money online or drive high targeted traffic to your offers.

Let me tell you that you are lucky you are standing on this page because right now you are looking the future and NOTsome old crappy marketing strategies.

Just give me 1 minute to tell You why video marketing has changed Internet Marketing forever and why everyone is talking and saying that 2015 is the year of Video Marketing:

  • Over 90% of shoppers surveyed found video useful in making purchase decisions
  • Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video
  • Internet video traffic will be 74% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017.

These are just a few facts of the many that show Video Marketing is the FUTURE!

Youtube Is The 2nd Largest Search Engine

That’s Nice! But, Everything Looks Too Good To Be True…

Well… Here are some of the problems you have probably been facing until now…

  • You are newbie and you don’t know where to start
  • You are jumping from one method to another
  • You are missing important information
  • You don’t have enough traffic or targeted traffic
  • You don’t have enough money to get started
  • You are still using old methods that don’t work anymore
  • You are not using video for your business

Well I have named just a few of the many problems you are probably facing right now with Internet Marketing.

The sad truth is that you have been lied too many times like I did in the past. But it’s time to change your mindset, because if you don’t do it right now you will end up spending thousands of dollars on old methods that never worked or used to work on 1997.

 So after 2 years of trials and errors, I have finally found a solution to those problems.


  • My videos are on the First Page without getting banned
  • I get Free Targeted Traffic  
  • I have Increased Sales & Leads
  • I Follow my passion while making money on autopilot


But this is not about me. This time it’s about YOU!!

So today I’m proud to give you the solution you are looking for and the same method and information I personally use to achieve all the above…

My Secret Weapon that allowed me to rank any video on the first page of Youtube and make $20 – $100 per day with just a few simple videos.

Don’t Take My Word For It

I’ve already gave my formula to a selected group of people. 

And they’re loving it!

Here’s what some of them have to say:

Dr. Bo Mill

Jimmy James

Kash khullar

kenny martinez

 abby haukongo

Jeffry Alexander

“So this is why I always failed to do video marketing, wish I got access for Tube Ranking Formula years ago.. The methods are pure golds but it is very easy to follow, even a newbie can just copy paste them and Alex gave almost all resources you’ll need to work on.. Simple tweaks in keywords research and niche targeting are the key here.. Seems a lot to be done at first, but it will go easier as you’ll do it each and every time.. Alex teach you how to get your video creation done easily, with all details about pre-upload and uploading video techniques. Tube Ranking Formula can be the best assets for newbies or even advanced marketers to start making real money from Youtube..”

Mark loftis

“I can HONESTLY say that I haven’t seen anything this powerful in a very long time. TRF contains everything you need to rank YouTube videos (for literally anything) and start driving massive amounts of traffic and making sales in record time. if you have a blog, this is for you. If you’re an affiliate marketer struggling to make sales, this is for you. Have your own product? This is for YOU. I could go on and on and on. The truth is, before TRF…I had pretty much given up on ranking my own videos. The results just weren’t consistent enough. After going through Alex’s product, now I know WHY! If you’re just getting started online or are looking at the possibility of video for your business, grab this TODAY! You won’t be sorry”

kenneth thomas

“The First thing that hit me when I got my review copy of Tube Ranking Formula was the Sheer size of it.
There are many Ebooks or Courses out there that purport to teach how to rank a Video on the first page of Youtube or even Google. The majority of them are a few pages and contain just a few tips that you can get for free….the Million Dollar question here though do these tips or courses work?
A good majority of them do not. The simple reason being that the information contained in them is part of a process that can get your Video ranked on the first page but not the whole process.
However with Tube Ranking Formula you get the whole process from scratch. So that even if your are completely new to Internet Marketing you can use this guide to great benefit, simply because it works.
This is a detailed Step by Step guide written in simple easy to grasp language that shows you how to master the intricacies that go into optimizing videos so that they rank high , and does not leave anything to chance. It also goes the extra mile to show you how you can profit from a video that is ranked on the first page of Google and Youtube.
Without giving away too much, Alex Langidis and Vanessa Zac have a taken time to create a product that gives you value for your money being priced under $10.
My opinion is that the information contained in this guide is crucial for anybody who either is already using Youtube or somebody, newbie, anybody who wants to get into the world of Video Marketing.”


Introducing …

Here’s an overview of what you will find inside…

Tube Ranking Formula is an easy Step By Step High Quality Guide 69 pages with helpful screenshots and images in every step.

It is going to show you how you can rank any youtube video on the first page of Youtube & Google with just a few easy and simple steps and how you can profit $20-$100 per day using just short simple videos WITHOUT needing to show your face or use your voice.

Here is a closer look of what you will find inside:

  • Introduction

Here we will talk and analyze the following topics because we must be sure that you know everything you need to know before you get started. It is important to begin with the right mindset… So here is an overview of the introduction. 

Why Use Youtube?

Biggest Mistakes You Need To Avoid…

What To Promote!

  • Step 1 – Find & Select Your Niche

On this step we will show you how you can find profitable niches, how to do market research and what you need to check to make sure you have selected the right niche and if there is money on this niche. 

Also you will get our best Tips and what to Avoid!

  • Step #2 – Find And Select Quality Product

Here we will give you a list of affiliate networks where you can find Quality affiliate offers to promote.

What type of offers you can promote and what type of offers you must look on each network.

Example included!

  • Step #3 – Keywords

3 FREE different & easy ways to find profitable keywords!!! In this step we have covered everything you need to know about keywords. This is the step that most people do everything the wrong way and that’s why they fail to rank videos that convert.

We will show you how to do it the right way and benefit from the mistakes your competitors do! 

  • Step #4 – Spy Competition & Examples

The Only 1 FREE tool you need that will allow you to spy on your competitors and benefit from their mistakes. This awesome tool gives you everything you need to know about your competitors videos. And the best part is that it’s 100% FREE!

We will show a real example of what you need to look while you are spying on your competitors! 

  • Step #5 – Create & Optimize Channel

All Secrets, tips, settings and every single step is included! Step By Step With Screenshots and real Examples. Nothing left uncovered!

  • Step #6 – Creating Videos For YouTube

The 9 types of videos you can create! How you can create videos without showing your face or even using your voice. Also the exact same resources we use to create High Quality videos and how you can get started with just $5.

  • Step #7 – Uploading And Optimizing Your Videos

Again here we got you covered with every SECRET technique that noone wants you to know about. Real examples, tips and step by step screenshots and what you need to do in order to boost your videos even more!

  • Step #8 – Views, Likes, Social Signals, Backlinks & Tracking

You will learn the exact same place we get High quality and Retention views (never get banned again, never freeze at 301+ views) and boost your videos to the TOP!

Social signals and why they are so important these days! (insane boost)

The favourite YouTube and Google backlinks that will boost your video right to the First Page!

 Free tools to track your videos and see how they are performing!

  • Step #9 – Ways To Make Money From YouTube

9 + 1 ways to make profit from youtube!

For Customers ONLY!

  • Extra Tips & Secrets

You will also get extra Awesome Tips, Notes, Secrets, Do’s and Don’ts!

This was just a SHORT overview of what you will find inside! So you can understand the value I’m giving you today! 

Is This For You?

This is definitely a big YES if you are on at least one of the below:

  • You are newbie and don’t know where to start
  • You are experienced marketer who wants to learn how to rank video on the First Page
  • You struggle to make money online
  • You want to increase your already income
  • You need targeted traffic
  • You need free traffic
  • You need more traffic than you already get

This is For You Even If:

  • You NEVER Made A Single Dollar Online
  • You Are Not Technical Person!
  • You Don’t Have Money To Invest 

Why Tube Ranking Formula?

Well here are some reasons Why you need Tube Ranking Formula and how it can change your life:

  • Easiest Way To Page 1
  • FREE Targeted Traffic
  • Videos Are the Future
  • People Love Videos
  • Videos Convert Like Crazy
  • Save Tons Of Money
  • Make More Sales…
  • It’s Fun
  • It’s Fast
  • You Can Follow Your Passion
  • Works On Any Niche
  • Works With CPA, Affiliate, Services, Own Products etc…
  • It’s Newbie Friendly
  • It Actually Works

But if we really sum up and see why youtube is actually the best and fastest way to profits…

Then you will realize that people are searching on youtube for solutions to a problem, the well known “How To…” Videos and also Services or review videos for something that they are thinking to buy.

But this is not all…

There are many many ways you can profit from youtube.

And of course, there’s the best part as I have already mentioned. Videos convert!!!

In fact you can try it yourself. Create a Text Squeeze page Vs Squeeze page with Video and then you will see the difference in the conversion! 

And If That Wasn’t Enough, You Will Also Get These Awesome FREE Bonuses, If You Act Fast: 

Fast Action Bonus #1

Tube Ranking Formula – Checklist

Get The Tube Ranking Formula – Checklist so you can be sure that you have fulfilled every single step which gonnamake your work very very easy and nothing will be lost in the process.

(Value $27)

Fast Action Bonus #2

Tube Ranking Formula – MindMap

Whenever I plan anything out that will make a lot of money I mindmap it out for myself.. 
The mindmap will make everything so much clearer, and simpler for you as well as give you an easy way to implement this without missing anything.

(Value $27)

Fast Action Bonus #3 

Secret – Bonus Youtube Strategies

You will get Secret bonus Strategies that noone is talking about. I will show you alternative ways of how you can profit from youtube without even creating videos and how you can ethically steal other people’s traffic.

(Value $97)

Fast Action Bonus #4 

Vip Mastermind Facebook Group

THIS TIME YOU ARE NOT ALONE. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to making money online is trying to go at it all alone. It’s tough when you’ve got no one there to help, which is why I invite you to join me on a customer only private session. I’ll be there to answer any and all the questions you may have, so you can get started ASAP.

(Value $297)

The truth is that we should be charging this for much higher cost!

The reason is that we have spent so much time and money to test it and finally find the right way to make it work and make it bring us the results we have desired for a long long time…

So just imagine someone do all the hard work and then share his valuable information with you. How much time would that save for you?

But the thing is… we don’t want you to spend a lot of money cause we’ve been there. 

After all, the point is to help you.

That’s why we make this product so affordable, so that many people can buy it and begin to profit from their online business.

In fact, if you act fast today,
you can get instant access to

Tube Ranking Formula for just
$97  $67   $27

Plus You’re Covered By Our FULL

30-Day Money Back Guarantee…

 Take That Chance NOW!

You Won’t Regret ItEVER

Let’s face it:

You can continue jumping from one method to another and waste your time…


You can simply get everything I’m giving you today with the special launch discount!

Don’t hesitate… I’m sure you know that the only thing that holds you back and doesn’t let you succeed is the fear of failure!

But I can Guarantee that a simple video + everything we are giving today can make you back 10x or more the money you invested here…

We look forward to working with you,

Alex Langidis & Vanessa Zac

P.S. This course is on dime sale. That means the next time you visit this page the price will be probably increased. So hurry up and grab it now in the lowest possible price!

P.P.S. We understand that you are scared to invest any money, especially when there are so many scams out there. BUT that’s why we give you the chance to grab all this value at this low cost and a money back guarantee to totally remove your fear and finally start succeeding!!! 

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