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[GET] Tube List pro DOWNLOAD

You’ll Simply LOVE This… Did You Know That Google has a weakness!?

We’re here to show you how to exploit it to turn your sites into a:
“Traffic Syphoning, Lead Grabbing, Money Making Machine!”

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REVEALS: One Unfair Trick That Sucks Up All The FREE Traffic And Subscribers You Can Handle, Without Slaving Over SEO Or Spending A Single Red Cent On Advertising…
Exposure To Any Niche Within 3 Simple Steps To Increase Your Revenue!

Fast Action Takers Mega Bonus INCLUDED: Developer Rights
Also Included: Seat To Attend Training Webinar On How To Monetize Video – Value: $97.00

Hey there,

What if I told you there’s a way to force your website to the top of Google and rapidly build your list…

  • without Slaving over SEO
  • without Advertising
  • without Press releases
  • without Blackhat tricks
  • without Creating content from scratch, hiring writers or buying junk PLR?

I Know It Sounds Crazy…

But the truth is…

… we’ve been using this sneaky trick to get crazy amounts of free traffic and subscribers, over and over again…

See, here’s the thing… There’s been a massive shift online… and in 2015…

The game is rigged, and you’re in danger of getting left behind!

The writing is on the wall for many marketers. Getting traffic and building a list is harder than ever. Blogging is now a full time job. The cost of advertising is crippling. And with thousands of new businesses getting online each day, your competition is growing… frighteningly fast.

I hate to sound bleak… but whether you’re an affiliate, a product owner or a local business owner, it’s getting tough out there. And if you want to survive in 2015 and beyond, you’re going to need a powerful advantage over the herd. And you deserve to know…

How Big Companies Are Cheating The Traffic Game

(And How You Can Too)

Ever Heard Of…

It’s no secret… these websites are raking in millions of daily visitors. But here’s the kicker…

They’re getting all this traffic without creating a single piece of content!

While you’re hunched over your keyboard, cranking out blog posts and chasing down backlinks, praying for Google to rank your new post…

…your biggest competitors are “cheating” their way to daily content that attracts serious amounts of free Google traffic.

What’s Their Big Secret?

It’s all about content curation

…a hot new method where you legally share other people’s content on your website, adding a few lines of text to make it “unique” and give credit to the creator.

It sounds crazy… but Google loves curated content and often ranks it higher than the original content, when done right.

By putting other people’s YouTube videos on your blog, then adding a couple of lines of text to describe the video… you can enjoy fast, free traffic from Google… and quickly create a website that rises up the ranks of Google, bringing a flood of traffic and subscribers, for free… (just like Mashable, Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook and Lifehacker have quietly been doing for years!)

Yep, you heard that right…

Google actually rewards you for curating YouTube videos!

Here’s the thing…

Google wants as many YouTube video views as possible, because more views means more money from their advertisers.

And it doesn’t matter whether those views come directly from YouTube or from embedded YouTube videos…

… the more views their YouTube videos get, the more money their advertisers and investors throw at them.

So don’t feel guilty…

Even though you’re legally “stealing” people’s YouTube videos for your blog, you’re doing Google and the video owners a massive favor by getting more views on their YouTube videos!

(This is the whole reason they have the “embed video” feature on YouTube!)

This is Google’s big weakness that you can legally, ethically exploit starting right now!

But you’re probably wondering…

Why would anyone visit your curated video website,
when they could just go straight to YouTube?

Because people are lazy…

… and when they search for a solution in Google, they only pay attention to the first few search results.

So, unless someone’s video is already at the top of Google, you can swoop in and embed their YouTube videos on your own website…

… and easily get to the top of Google!

And don’t just take our word for it…

Some of the smartest marketers in the world agree,
content curation is the new frontier for easy Google traffic…

We all want it: that top spot on the search rankings. The sites that are getting those top spots are the sites that publish fresh, relevant content frequently.

That may sound like a fairly easy thing to do – just hire a bunch of writers and start publishing. That was the content marketing strategy that Mint.com and American Express used to drive traffic to their sites.

As you can imagine, the competition is tough. Plus, creating all of that content is time consuming and can get very expensive. You need a simpler solution.

This is where content curation comes in. With the right strategy and the right tools, you can deliver the right kind of content that your audience wants and search engines love…in half the time.

Neil Patel

Neil PatelCo-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics

And the best part is…

You don’t have to break your back researching, writing,
shooting, editing and licensing video content yourself!

Now you can exploit this legal, ethical loophole and create killer authority blogs using other people’s videos… and turn your blog into a traffic getting, lead generating magnet literally overnight!

But there’s a problem…

A couple of videos won’t cut it. Google won’t rank your website if you just slap a couple of curated videos on your blog and forget about it for a few days.

To get ranked and get traffic, you need to copy the big players, and postdaily curated videos to your blog!

Until now, that was a lot of hard work… but not anymore, thanks to…


Instantly turn your traffic-starved blog into an SEO friendly, lead generating,
content packed video blog that automatically builds your list for you!

Tube List Pro allows you to gobble up fast, free Google traffic with
push-button video curation and  list building technology built right in.

And it all happens in just 3 simple steps…

Step 1

Drop some keywords into the
control panel

Step 2

Choose how many videos you want
to show up

Step 3

Add extra text to instantly add more SEO power in seconds

Boom! You now have a fully curated video page that brings
FREE traffic and can’t get shut down by Google…

But there’s more…

You can also lock any video behind an optin form, and turn your new video blog posts into an unstoppable list building machine… without creating any of the content yourself!

Watch How Easy This Is

Here’s everything Tube List Pro will do for you

Create video based blog posts or pages at the push of a button

Create posts/pages using keywords or YouTube channel names

Pull titles of video as juicy SEO text content for the post/pages

Add call to action/optins/banner ads between videos or after the videos to send your response rate through the roof

Lock the video with leadlocker, collect user email (and name optional) to build your list like lightening

Works with all popular autoresponders to collect leads automatically, including aweber, GR, madmimi, infusionsoft are available for integration

Collect and export your leads via CSV export

Track lead conversions and easily identify the best performing video pages going forwards

The bottom line is…

Now you can tap into the undying demand for video,
without researching, writing, shooting, editing and
licensing video content yourself.

And remember… Google wants you to curate and embed other people’s YouTube videos on your blog, because they own YouTube… and more video views on YouTube means more money from their advertisers and investors.

So, they reward you for putting their YouTube videos on your blog, with higher rankings in the search results… even if you didn’t create the video!

And it’s simple too.

Just drop in your keywords, choose how many videos you want to appear on your blog, add a little optional text for a nice SEO boost, and boom, you’re set to dominate any niche you desire.

Just Imagine The Possibilities

Crush it with affiliate launches

Create multiple affiliate income streams

Drive free, targeted traffic to your sales page for years

Attract local customers and dominate your local town

And ultimately, scoop up more free traffic, subscribers and leads than you could ever possibly need.

And if you’re tired of seeing less deserving, lazier, dumb affiliates getting to the top of Google and other search engines, while you struggle to pay the bills and get anything going online, then it’s time to take revenge.

And yes…

It may feel like “cheating” at first

hey, I guess it is cheating… but as long as you’re promoting ethical, useful products and services…

… you should be proud of the fact that you’re helping these people solve their biggest problems in life right now.

So how much does this system cost?

Well, consider this…

The average SEO product costs $47, and you still have to slave over it for weeks or even months before you HOPEFULLY see results.

Nobody is really exploiting YouTube video curation like this… and with Tube List Pro, it’s now even easier to curate hundreds of videos per day, and build a list from other people’s hard work!

So, would it be fair to charge $47 for this revolutionary new tool that saves you weeks of backbreaking SEO grunt work… and bypass the steep traffic learning curve?

And let’s be real here…

Why waste more time and money on the same old
traffic methods that keep failing you?

  • Why spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads, AdWords PPC, and other advertising platforms… when you can get FREE traffic from search engines instead?
  • Why waste hours creating content each day, when other people have already done all the hard work for you… ready for you to legally curate… and rank in Google, even if you’re not an expert?
  • And why spend thousands of dollars hiring SEO experts… when you can just push a few buttons and have all the Google-friendly content you need in seconds?
  • Why waste all this time and money, when you can pick up a copy of Tube List Pro for just $17 instead?

Fast Action Takers Mega Bonus INCLUDED: Developer Rights
Also Included: Seat To Attend Training Webinar On How To Monetize Video – Value: $97.00

And just so you know, you’re protected by my…


Although I can’t possibly predict the future (yet) I can promise you this…

Give Tube List Pro a risk-free trial today, and if don’t get onto the first page of Google with your curated YouTube videos…

… and if you don’t agree that this is the easiest way to build a list of potential buyers using other people’s video content… all within 30 days from now… then you pay absolutey nothing.

It’s that simple.

We’ve seen the power of YouTube video curation, and we know what’s possible, especially when you use Tube List Pro to curate videos at the speed of light.

Just think, for one small investment…

No more slow SEO methods

No more creating content from scratch

No more hiring freelancers to create your content

No more blowing your bank balance on ads


Finally enjoy hands-free, highly targeted traffic

Finally build your list and take control of your income

Finally create a traffic-magnet blog that you can keep or sell

Finally dominate local, offline marketing

But You must Act Fast

We’re already considering a sharp price increase, and this low price is not set in stone. In fact, once this launch is over, we’re to re-launching Tube List Pro to the general public for at least double the price you’re paying today.

And besides, why wait another day?

Every day that you struggle with SEO…

… sweat over content creation…

… bleed your wallet dry on advertising…

… and struggle to build your list…

… is another day wasted, while hundreds of people are taking a much easier, affordable path to free traffic and list building.

And remember, you’re totally protected by a 100%, 30 day guarantee, which means you get free traffic and build your list off other people’s YouTube videos and this cutting-edge tool, or you pay nothing.

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