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Powerful New Technology, Let’s You Legally Spy On Your Competition & Delivers The Exact Strategies You Need To Dominate Your Niche On YouTubeWith Just A Few Clicks …

With ZERO Effort And Absolutely
No Need For Manual Work!

Ultra-Fast. Instantly Track and Analyze Videos Across Multiple Search Engines (Google,Bing,Yahoo) In Just A Few Minutes!

Easy Of Use! Monitor Any Video (Personal,Client or Your Competitors) From A Single Interface

Saves Time and Effort No Need To Ever Waste Time With Research Ever Again With On Click Instantly Uncover The Keywords Of Top Ranking VIdeos To OutRank Them.

Slick & Sexy User Interface. Easily Navigate, The Data Inside A Super-Responsive User Interface That You’ll Actually Enjoy Using!

How Does It Work?

Picture Your Very Own Team Of EXPERTS Working Around The Clock To:

1. Find highly profitable, easy to rank, money making keywords.

2. Analyze your competition strategies and uncover all their ranking secrets.

3. Works 24/7 to get your videos ranked on the first page of Google/Youtube with intelligient HUMAN-LIKE precision…

4. Get an unlimited supply of unique ideas for your own videos title, desciption & keyword from other people videos

5. Get high volumes of traffic as you catapult pass other videos in your niche effortlessly.

This Technology Is 100% Fully Automated!


Tube Avenger

The Complete All In One Youtube Marketing Software For:

  • State Of The Art Video Reasearch Analytics
  • Smart & Intellient Video Tracking
  • Precise Video Monitering
  • Unstoppable & Unbeatable Video Ranking


With Tube Avenger You Will Be Able To:

  • Track Your Video ranking live across multiple search engines (Google,Bing,Yahoo), view charts & history for your video rankings.
  • Monitor any video (personal,client or your competitors) at a click of a button.
  • Easily filer out specific videos with your keywords so that you can leave a comment and get additional traffic.
  • Instantly uncover the keywords other videos are using to rank for high volumes of traffic.
  • Get an unlimited supply of unique ideas for your own videos title, desciption & keyword from other people videos.
  • Analyze any channel (personal,client or your competitors) at a click of a button so you can see what gets the most views, who has the most subscribers, you can also analyze user profile, uploads and playlist.
Let’s Take A Deeper Look Inside Tube Avenger!


You’ll INSTANTLY know that you’re getting a QUALITY software…

1. State Of The Art Video Research Analytics

The keyword research analytic technology inside of this piece of software is second to none.With this, you’ll be hitting WINNERS every time 24/7.. this is my Tube Avenger is such a game changing youtube software.

2. Smart & Intelligent Human Like Video Rank Tracking

This makes rank tracking more effective & safe with search protection so that your’re NEVER blocked by Google or Youtube when pulling data.
– Global monitering made easy with over 250 different regional/countries for Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.
– You will also know which SEO effort brings in maximum result.
– Easy to use chart can be filtered based on individual search engine for comparison.
– Detailed history for each keyword No Other Software Has This Feature!

3. Precise Video Monitoring Made Easy.

With this you’ll be able to effortlessly monitor the progress of your videos with complete & detailed statistics such as views, comments, engagement etc.You will be able to view historical data as well based on the time you started the campaign.

4. Video Analyzer Technology

With this you’ll be able to legally Spy Your Competitors and Discover the EXACT secrets they are using to get Rankings & Traffic.You’ll have all these SECRETS delivered to you on a silver platter, so you can start implementing right way for rapid results.

5. Channel Analyzer

Analyze any channel (personal,client or your competitors) at a click of a button so you can see what gets the most views, who has the most subscribers, you can also analyze user profile, uploads and playlist.

6. Meta Optimizer

Get an unlimited supply of unique ideas for your own videos title, desciption & keyword from other people videos.

That’s Cool… But What Else Can Tube Avenger Do?

Search Protection

Stay hidden from the search engines, while you operate in stealth mode, which makes you 100% unstoppable to any Google blockage.


Unlike other software on the market, which most times only allw you to export in only one format. You will be able to export your data as PDF,excel,CSV & web page format.


Supports both public and private proxies. No need to worry about scraping proxies manually anymore because there is built-in proxies scrapper.


All data generated is saved to a local database automatically. You can backup, restore, compress, and reset it with just a few clicks.

So Who is Tube Avenger For?

Local Business Entrepreneurs

Can use it to get your videos ranked at the top, which generates additional exposure for your business, puts ahead of the competition and directly in front of potential clients that are ready to buy from you.

Video Marketers

You will be able to track the progress of your personal, client or competitors videos simultaneously. Steal their exact strategies and get ahead of them, real-time tracking So you can monitor their every move.

Local Marketers

Make your local marketing consultant business stand out with Tube Avenger you will be able to rank your client progress, generate reports which I can export as PDF,excel & csv.

Affiliate Marketers

You will be able to track all your review videos, that way you’ll be able to monitor comments, views and ranking positions of your videos. This will allow you to know where your traffic and sales are coming from.

Tube Avenger – Starter


So Stop Wishing & Hoping For Your Video Marketing To Be Profitable!

We Urge You To Take Our Software For A Spin & Watch Your Business Leap To New Bounds Of Success
Okay OJ I’m Interested But, Do I Need To Take Out A Second Mortgage To Buy This Tool?

Tube Avenger is currently on a special discounted launch price, but this is only for a limited time. After that, it will be sold for atleast double or triple the price so now is the best time to lock in for massive savings.
I’m sure by now after watching the demo and seeing a enormous amounts of benefits the software has you are thinking the price will be higher, DON’T WORRY!It will be much less than you think, plus just thinking about the amount of time and energy you will start saving once you behind to put the software to use.But, we’re not done yet…


  • Additional License Normally sold for a separately, during the special launch period, you will get an additional license of the Tube Avenger software so you can use it on another computer or give it to your virtual assistant 100% free.
  • Video Marketing Expert Powerful traning that teachings you how to become a top video mareting expert in the next 30 days
  • Lifetime UpdatesThis allows is worth 100 times the cost of the software, when you buy our software you are guarantted to have a fully functional tool

I’m sure we can all agree that Tube Avenger is a $197 software all day so during this special launch period, you can get it for a finger nail fraction of the price.When you compare us to the other under valued but over priced software you will discovers that the other software lack the features and functionality that’s packed inside of Tube Avenger & you’d definitely spend way more since most of these types of features are sold on a monthly subscription basis.

Our motto is providing the highest quality in customer value as a result we are literally giving away this software for free at this low price. Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner or your a seasoned video marketer , once you take Tube Avenger for a test drive you will immediately see the immense valued that packed into this product.

This is a tool for all smart marketer, so if you are smart then this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this limited low priced offer and it’s not going to cost you $197. You won’t even have to pay the retail price of $97 Not even half of that!


Tube Avenger – Starter


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