T-Shirt Titan Testimonials Updated, NOVEMBER 20TH

I made $2459 selling t-shirts! BOOM!!

So, how did T-Shirt Titan work for me? $2459 collected in shirt sales on $212.91 in ad spend! BOOM!!!!

Kevin Vititoe

Finally a true software that helps us t-shirt guys make money

“Finally a true software that helps us t-shirt guys make money. … I wish I had this month’s ago.”

Daniel G

A Beginner’s Dream

Between the software and training this is a beginners dream …

I would recommend T-shirt Titan to anyone, beginner or experienced, who is wanting to either break into the t-shirt business or improve on what they are already doing.

George C, Texas

Titan will makes all the other tools obsolete

Tee Titan offers a massive shortcut with their tools.

I have used all of the previous t-shirt tools and Tee Titan makes them all obsolete.

Best investment. Haven’t even looked back.

Eric Sweredoski

SOFTWARE DEMO: The 4 T-Shirt Titan Tools

NEW TeeSpring “Titan” Sells $12,938 Of T-Shirts On FaceBook
Here’s My 100% Automated System For 20th, November 2014…

Thursday, November 20th, 2014: 
With 2,208,059 T-Shirts Sold On TeeSpring, Now Is The Time
To Launch Your T-Shirt Business (Here’s Why….)

Have you been watching the popular forums & Facebook groups?

Over the last few weeks, you might have heard how a few “insiders” are making a killing, selling “weird” t-shirts.

They think of an idea for a tshirt design, put it live on Teespring, then make $10 or $20 each time someone buys.

Just take a look at some of the top selling tshirts on TeeSpring (from the last few months of 2014):

Most of these “insiders” are promoting their t-shirts with Facebook Ads...

  • It’s why people are making as much as $30,000 from a single t-shirt idea.
  • It’s why TeeSpring has sold over 1 MILLION tshirts in the 2014 alone.
  • And it’s why I sold over $10,000 of tshirts in my first “breakout month”. ..

Here’s The 4 Step Formula I Follow…

STEP ONE – 100 Profitable Niches

First, I choose a secret niche market to sell t-shirts to.

The more proven the niche, the bigger the profits.

I have a list of 100 proven niches which I will give you as soon as you join.

These 100 niches are proven to generate t-shirt sales on TeeSpring, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, etc.

STEP TWO – 100 T-Shirt Designs

Next, I need to find a profitable t-shirt design. This is the most important step of all, which is why I use 2 NEW software tools:

1) I enter a keyword into my Tee Searcher software, this searches eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Zazzle, Redbubble & Wanelo for proven designs – a total of 100 t-shirts per search

Instantly I know which t-shirts sell – for any keyword in any niche.

Tee Searcher: Search Amazon, eBay, Facebook 
for 100 top selling t-shirts in 1 click

Secondly, I type a keyword into my Idea Maker tool. This is preloaded with over 100 ideas which have already been proven top sellers for t-shirts on TeeSpring.

These have all sold well in different niches – it’s just a case of taking the same template and “spinning” it to our chosen topic!

I simply enter a few “keywords” – and dozens of template ideas are generated in under 1 second for me to choose.

With Tee Searcher & Idea Maker, I now have a shortlist of great design ideas for my niche. Now onto stage three..

Idea Maker: Generate 100 proven designs 

STEP THREE – Start Selling TODAY

Now I need to create my design, which is the image I’m going to upload to TeeSpring.

Once again this step is 100% automated using my Auto Designer software.

I simply enter the design – as text or images. And hit go.

The software formats the images and text into a complete design image. You simply pick the one you like, download the image, and upload it to TeeSpring.

Creating a design and a live TeeSpring campaign literally now takes just a few minutes!

Now it’s time to move onto the fourth and final stage…

Create instant “ready-to-upload” designs

STEP FOUR – Get Facebook Traffic

We now launch our Facebook ad with a high degree of confidence that we will win.

There are several tricks I use here to perfect my targeting, create the perfect ad, and maximise my chances of profits. I’ll share them ALL in the members area. And I can’t wait.

But there’s one tip I’ll share with you right now.

It’s a way to get double digit click-throughs, 10 cents clicks and maximum returns…

I call this fourth software tool “Auto Image”.

Auto Image lets you create images of attractive models wearing your tees in eye-catching locations.

These model images are unique – which means they get more clicks, better engagement and higher conversions than the plain images everyone else is using.

This gives us another advantage over the competition.

With FOUR software tools, Titan changes EVERYTHING for t-shirt marketers in 2014…

Create images of models wearing your designs

And that’s all there is to it!

Titans only launch PROVEN tshirt designs, in the BEST niches, with the most ENGAGING Facebook images.

This allows us to spend a smaller amount of money and get larger returns – with lower risk.

No matter the exact design we settle on it… the niche we choose.. or the way we launch our ad… we are instantly “locked in” on the money.

We’re finally playing the tshirt game with the deck stacked firmly in our favor….

This is the exact system that took me from zero to selling over $10,000 of t-shirts with TeeSpring.

And this is the exact system you’ve been crying out for, since you first heard about people making money with tshirts.

Can you see how this is different to the other tshirt systems out there?

2 campaigns have tipped… it has worked for me!

I purchased T-Shirt Titan and all I can say is WOW! 

I have bought several products about selling t-shirts on teespring and have implemented what they have taught but have failed to sell a single shirt.

However, I followed what Chris teaches in the videos, and used the software and have just had 2 campaigns which have tipped! 

This is totally down to what I learned in the course so a big thank you to you Chris. 

I am now confident that I can make enough money from selling t-shirts to be able to give up my job in the near future.

This is a great course and if you can’t make money selling t-shirts after following this course and using the software then I strongly advise you to look for another way to make money on the Internet!

It has worked for me so TAKE ACTION and make it work for you!

Graham Hale

Titan saves me hundreds of dollars

When it comes to training, Titan is first-class knowledge. I buy almost every course on teespring and yours is the first that lets me detect bad campaigns -and save hundreds of dollars. The guidelines are clear and leave no doubt for me.

Also, with your Auto Model software, creating graphics for Facebook Ads now takes me a few moments. In ads that I tested the CTR, when I use graphic from Automodel is not only better than the default teespring image, but even better than artwork created in photoshop with a red border, fancy background and the words “buy now”!

The second software, which I love is Idea Maker. Simple thing, but it saves a lot of time and gives me a huge amount of material from which I can generate a unique T-shirt.

Kind Regards,

Maciej Dobruchowski
Teespring Marketer from Poland

So Are You Ready To Take Your
T-Shirt Business To The Next Level?

Are you in?

OK great.

The first step is to click on the order button below.

I’ll send you an instant access to ALL FOUR T Shirt Titan software tools…

  • The Tee Searcher that lets you find proven tshirt designs on eBay, Zazzle, Facebook & many others
  • The Idea Maker that auto generates over 100 proven design ideas in any niche in under 60 seconds
  • The Auto Designer that automatically generates ready-to-upload PNG design images in seconds
  • The Auto Model tool that lets you automatically create Facebook ad images that get dirt-cheap clicks

And that’s just the T Shirt Titan software – but there’s even more..

As well as the complete T Shirt Titan tool-suite, you’ll also get…

  • Over 8 hours of training videos, covering niche selection, finding designs, facebook ads management…
  • A quick start guide that shows you how to get started within minutes
  • Plus secret hidden videos where I explain all my secret tips and tricks..

So as well as the $3,000 worth of automated software, you’ll also get complete training…

Along with personal access to my email address in the members area.

And remember, I’m here to help you succeed.

But you must act now.

This is on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.

So Once the Discount Ends, I’ll Have To Start
Charging $147 Per Month For Each License I Sell.

If you order now, you’ll get T Shirt Titan at the discounted price of $25 ONE TIME FEE.
But that’s not all. There’s still even more value – if you join today and become a Titan member
When you buy T Shirt Titan right now, you’ll also get the high value, time-limited bonuses below…

Buy It Now, And You Will Also Receive These Time-Limited, Profit-Boosting Bonuses…

  • Step-by-step: get started instantly
  • Detailed screenshots for each step
  • Easy: start selling tees within hours, not days
  • Beginner’s guide to Facebook Ads included

  • All topics covered: niche selection, making designs, Facebook ads & much more
  • Over 8 hours of video all laid out in step-by-step detail, with real life examples and case studies
  • PDF transcriptions & slides included with all videos

  • Secret Facebook & TeeSpring tricks
  • Slash your Facebook costs by up to 90%
  • What Makes A Great TeeSpring Design
  • Find rapid buyers for ANY tshirt niche

  • What I learned from the top 330 TeeSpring sellers of ALL TIME! No-one else has this secret information.
  • Best-selling designs, styles, colors EXPOSED. Find out how these elite TeeSpring insiders sold over 400,000 t-shirts!
  • $4 million of tshirt sales can’t be wrong!

Examine my 4 automated softwares in your home for 30 days, read the quick start guide, apply my system, watch the videos…

Use all four of the automated software tools, download the training, copy my entire system…

Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to finally succeed with TeeSpring & Facebook.

But if for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied, just let me know and your fee will be fully refunded.

You can cancel at any time, and for ANY reason.

That’s how certain I am that you are going to love this.

So what are you waiting for? This is 100% risk-free!

Fair enough?

Ok, then all that’s left to do is buy this before this limited time offer CLOSES FOR GOOD!

Get T Shirt Titan and I guarantee it will change the way you look at TeeSpring & Facebook forever…

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started…

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