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“Here Is Exactly How You Rank Your Videos And Beat The Competition!“

It’s Simon Greenhalgh and Steve Benn here.

If you’re like us – then you’ve been really getting into video marketing over the past few months.

The quality of video marketing tools available has skyrocketed and it has finally become possible to create video without having to spend thousands of Dollars on expensive equipment and software.

It’s thanks to tools like this that video marketing has taken off.

The Majority Of People Don’t Know How To RankTheir Videos…

At one time, most people couldn’t even create videos – but that has all changed.

Now – marketers like us struggle to get the rankings they deserve.

About the only ‘secret’ weapon most of us have had is to use tools that distribute our video to multiple sites.

So – we get a ton of traffic by spreading our video content over multiple sites.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the same results from EACH of the sitesthat we upload our videos to?

The fact is – everyone would want in on that action – and with video becoming the dominant form of marketing online…

The Guru’s Don’t Want To Share Their Secret Strategies

We can’t blame them. The tools that they have received have made a huge difference to all our marketing efforts.

We’re all seeing more traffic because of them.

Some of you might be concerned that you haven’t got started with video marketing. Please don’t worry.

What we’re about to reveal will change your video marketing forever…

However, there is a catch.

We Don’t Want To Share Our Strategies With Anyone Except You


As insane as that sounds, we’d rather leave a lot of money on the table by only sharing these strategies with people that we know.

Here is why:

We’ve Been Driving Serious Traffic With Video – Thanks To Some Closely Guarded Secrets

We’ve worked long and hard testing a lot of methods.

Some we’ve heard hinted at and whispered about in secret members-only masterminds and groups with other gurus.

Some of our strategies began as crazy ideas – and to be honest, not all of them panned out.

As you can see..

These Secret Methods Were Earned And Learned The HARD WAY!

What that means is that we aren’t too keen on them being shared or turned into the latest WSO.

So – the best way to keep them valuable and working is to simply not let a lot of people have access to them.

That means we’ve had to make the hard decision to leave a lot of marketers running around doing a LOT wrong with video marketing.

(and we’ve also left a lot of cash on the table as a result of this)

The reason is simple:

Once You Understand What Really Powers Video Marketing It Becomes Easy


You don’t waste time on the typical things that most marketers do – and things become a lot easier.

Not only that but we’ve seen our results sky rocket.

So – getting back to all those video tools. If you don’t have them, does it matter? If you do – how does this all fit together?

If You Have Already Invested In Video Marketing Tools – This Is Going To Make Things A Lot Easier.


No doubt about it.

Each video you create is going to see better results.

For those of you that don’t have those tools – it’s up to you, our strategies don’t require them in any way shape or form.

The reason for this is simple. Almost all the latest video tools are VIDEO CREATION tools – not ranking tools.

If you do have a ranking tool such as TubeViperX – that’s going to save you time, but we show you how to manually achieve the same results in a little more time.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Who Else Wants To Rapidly Rank Videos With Ease…


It’s a bit of a trick question really – of course we all want to rank easily for video.

The key is – easily. None of us want to spend all our time on video. At the end of the day, video is a form of traffic getting.

And Drive Highly Targeted Traffic To Wherever You Want…

Where you send your new ton of traffic is completely up to you.

There is however, one key difference that really separates video traffic from Facebook penny clicks or forum signatures or blog comments.

Video traffic is high quality traffic precisely because video persuades.


Imagine That – Buyer Quality Traffic WITHOUT Advertising


Put another way – video traffic can deliver better quality traffic than poor quality advertising – with the cost.

I’m sure you know what I mean – the fad for penny clicks on Facebook might be over – but we all remember how quickly the quality of the traffic declined.

Good quality Facebook, Retargeting or Google Advertising can make getting sales easy but it costs and it costs a lot.

Regardless of your advertising situation – video MUST be a part of your traffic mix.

Video is free, and done the right way easy. Plus it delivers ‘buyer quality’ traffic.

Presenting Total Video TakeOver 2014


Total Video Takeover is our take on the video marketing boom. We cut straight through the outdated strategiesand the low quality tactics.


Total Video Takeover is a short, straight to the point, no fluff 18 minute video packed full of instantly actionable strategies that will get you seeing results. FAST.


In this powerful but ‘to the point’ mini course you will learn…

  • How to quickly and easily create high quality, expert standard videos and become an instant authority in any niche (Even if you have ZERO knowledge of the topic)
  • How to use Google Hangouts on Air to exploit little-known traffic loopholes and dominate Google and YouTube rankings
  • How to repurpose your videos to generate stable and ever increasing traffic from across the internet, ensuring your business is immune to ‘slaps’ by relying on a single traffic source
  • How to easily implement advanced, cutting-edge SEO techniques that will GUARANTEE you are always one step ahead of your competition

Total Video TakeOver Is ONLY Available to Our Subscribers


Not only that, but we are only making this program available for a short time. 72 hours to be precise! Once it’s gone it’s gone.

We Refuse To Dilute These Strategies By Holding A Public Launch


We’ve all seen this before – where a great new product comes out. Then thousands of marketers buy it and begin implementing.

Before long – the techniques don’t work as well – and lazy marketers don’t follow the system properly and begin ruining it for everyone else.

Loopholes get closed as some marketers get cocky and arrogant.

After a few months, the system has stopped working and is dead.

That is precisely what we don’t want to happen with Total Video Takeover.

All you need to do is sign up below.

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