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FROM THE DESK OF: Matthew Neer & Travis Stephenson

DATE: May 2nd, 2016 

Hi, my name is Matthew Neer. 

My partner Travis Stephenson and I would like to reveal to you a top secret method we have discovered that generates an UNLIMITED amount of free traffic, leads, and sales! 

Look, if you know that it’s possible to make millions of dollars online, but you just cannot seem to figure out how to do it for yourself, then you need to read every single word on this page. 

It’s not your fault. You’ve been lied to, taken advantage of, and down right swindled. But today, we are going to CHANGE that forever!

Making money online is incredibly simple when you have all the right pieces in place, but let me guess, you’ve been missing ONE critical puzzle piece…




Truth is, if you cannot get traffic, YOU CANNOT MAKE MONEY!

You have probably tried every single traffic generation method in the book, right? How is that working out for you?

Let me guess, you have…

• Got scammed on solo ads?

• Burnt hundreds of dollars on ppc ads?

• Spent hours trying to ‘master the google’?

• Tried to be a social media guru?

• Got suckered into a pyramid scheme?

• Lost money with cpa campaigns?

But have you RANKED for “buyer keyword”?

A 1st Page Ranking In Google

Gets Unlimited FREE Traffic

There are TWO (2) reasons why Organic Traffic is the most powerful form of traffic that exists on the Internet today. 

REASON #1: Work Once, Get FREE Traffic Forever

Yes, its true. Once you achieve a 1st page ranking for a buyer keyword, your website will continue to get pummeled with unlimited free traffic until you decide to take your website down. But why would you ever do that? 😉 

Do you understand how powerful that is? 

REASON #2: Passive Income On Demand

Once you dominate the SERPs in your niche, you will have massive free traffic flowing to your site, at which point, all you need to do for commissions, is simply place “an ad” on your site, and you will make money. 

Heck, you could even throw up a squeeze page and build a free email list!

It’s The Most Powerful Form Of Traffic Online!

Did You Get PAID When People

Went Shopping Online Today?

Why Not?

Because Google, Amazon, and Facebook got PAID! Not YOU!


And we are changing that STARTING NOW!

With our “Profit Pockets” Technique, YOU will be the one getting PAID! 

Millions of people every day are going to BUY online, only question left is, will they be buying THROUGH YOU LINK?

The Secret Is Our “Profit Pockets”


The secret is RIGHT under your nose!

Huge companies spend millions of dollars to go after impossible keywords, but what they do not realize is that some of the biggest profits exist in tiny little “pockets” around the web. 

We call these “Profit Pockets”, because they are INCREDIBLY easy to rank for, with virtually no effort, and yet, they spit out massive profits unlike anything you would ever believe. 

We will teach you how to RANK with ease, and display YOUR ADS on these “Profit Pocket” sites, pulling free traffic and easy commissions your way!


Here’s What You Get Today!

• Profit Pockets Method

This will get you popping up on Page 1 for keywords 10x more valuable than the ones you’ve been wasting time and energy on. This is a 50+ Page BOOK!

• The Magic Template

This will get you popping up on Page 1 for keywords 10x more valuable than the ones you’ve been wasting time and energy on. This is a 50+ Page BOOK!

• DFY Niche Power Pack

This will get you popping up on Page 1 for keywords 10x more valuable than the ones you’ve been wasting time and energy on. This is a 50+ Page BOOK!

• Professional Video Training

you will get access to your very first niche, everything already mapped out for you, 100% complete. Just copy our recommendation and plug it in.



Yes Matthew! I am excited to join Niche Moolah today and understand that I am getting a ridiculously low discount if I act now and join immediately. 

Here’s What You Get Today!

• The Profit Pockets Method

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• And So Much More…


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(the price will increase in…)

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