[GET] The Traffic Launder V1.2 DOWNLOAD

[GET] The Traffic Launder v1.2 DOWNLOAD


Letter From Michael Kuss

June 3rd 2015

Dear Hustling Online Marketers,


I choose my words in this letter very carefully, take just 3 minutes of your time to read it.

In this industry, click is the most precious thing there is. The Internet revolves around clicks. And chances are if you are reading this, your business revolves around clicks as well.

Am I correct?

Whether you are just promoting info products from Warrior Forum, JVZoo or Clickbank, you need clicks.

If you are promoting CPA Offers from MaxBounty, Peerfly, Clickbooth or others, you need clicks.

I know that you know that already. So my point here… now that I have reminded you of that, I want to ask you some questions. And I demand YOUR answers.

• Would you like to have a tool that lets you control your clicks simpler & easier than ever before?

• Would you like to significantly increase your affiliate net-profit by 200% – 300% easily?

• Would you like to increase the conversion of your traffic from all around the world?

If you’d like all that, I have something very special for you today. This tool will greatly help you get all that. This is the tool that most marketers are missing. People has paid over $100 just to get this kind of tool, or even paid monthly subscription. Yes, It’s true. But luckily for you, today you have the opportunity to get the same value at a rock bottom low price.


Faster, Easier, And More Reliable

Introducing The Traffic Launder V1.2



Who Can Benefit From Traffic Launder:

Affiliate Marketers And CPA Marketers


Imagine you get unlimited – unrestricted traffic, your current traffic goes 200% – 300% UP! You can finally use Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, heck even adult websites, or underground dirt cheap traffic sources without ever worry about being CAUGHT because you have cloaked all your traffic sources.


  • Cloak Traffic Source With Single & Double Meta Refresh
  • Keep your traffic source hidden and untraceable from competitors
  • No more worry about traffic source restriction from Affiliate Networks
  • Drive more traffic = instantly get more profit
  • Protect and prevent anyone stealing your assets


Email Marketers /Solo Vendors /Ad Swappers

luxe-email-marketingOr you just simply use this to manage your email marketing clicks. If you even want to sell solo clicks, this is the perfect tool for you. You can decide which country you want to send your clicks from, you can set the limits of the click as well. Or you can just use Traffic Launder to make your Ad Swap simpler and easier


  • Rotate URL Based on Weight Percentage or Maximum Hits
  • You can simply kick back and relax, no longer babysit URLs for your AdSwap / SoloAd to your JV partner
  • Easily split one traffic source to many URLs for real time split testing
  • URL Shortener For Your Links
  • Get higher Click Through Rate  -without those long ugly URLs that signals SPAM
  • Simply manage your URLs with easy to remember & organized names


+BENEFIT: For Free Targetted Social Traffic


Imagine this, you can utilize unstoppable viral traffic from social media FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc segment the traffic based on countries, and redirect them to different offers or pages to boost your conversion rate, and squeeze all the profits you can get! Nothing goes to waste!


  • Accurately Rotate URL Based On Geo Location 
  • Divide your traffic to different personalized URL for every county to increase conversion rate
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT OF FREE VIRAL TRAFFIC! US clicks to US Offer, German clicks to German Offer, Italy Clicks to Italy Offer, etc. Nothing goes to waste.

Clean & Minimalist Interface Makes It



Take Action Before 9th June
And Get These Premium Bonuses

I have decided to add in a special bonus for Traffic Launder Unlimited Licence buyer. This is a very powerful software that only super affiliate utilize it’s potential. With this tool, you can utilize one of the most powerful strategy by affiliate marketers.





That’s All Great…But How Much Does it Cost?

 Grab This Plugin At a LOW INVESTMENT of $27!

As I said before, marketers has been paying over $147 just to get this kind of value. I would like to tell you the product names but of course you know I can’t say it here. So today, I have a special offer for my fellow internet marketers. You can get the Traffic Launder at a very low one time investment of $27. You can’t get anything like this anywhere else at a price this low.

[GET] The Traffic Launder v1.2 DOWNLOAD

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