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Just bought Jeremy’s WSO … and I can highly recommend it. 

This is the exact business model I use… and have great success with. Jeremy’s report highlighted a couple of great new tweaks… that I will be adding to my sales funnel later today.

Having a list of subscribers is the best way to succeed online. List building with Solo ads needs some start up money, so making profit as you build your list is what you NEED to know.

As a list builder I buy 1,000 solo ad clicks daily using several solo sellers. The secret to being able to afford this is to recover my solo buying costs as quickly as possible. 

Most marketers make the mistake of sending their new subscribers to some “High Ticket” program immediately in the hope of making a BIG sale. Instead…. you should look to recover your solo advertising costs first…. and work your list later.

Don’t burn up your advertising budget…. make no sales and become disappointed…. lose confidence in your program… and fail miserably.

Buy Jeremy’s WSO and learn how to make some easy money immediately … or at worst break even on your solo buying within a few days.

You must recover your advertising costs… and keep reinvesting again and again. 

Don’t hesitate to buy this WSO…. and be sure to implement his strategy… it WORKS

Good luck

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For someone like me who’s new to affiliate marketing, CPA offers, etc. this report rocks. It gives a brief but informative review of the different ways to get the best return on your marketing investment from the get-go.

But then I’ve been a fan of Jeremy’s for a while  He’s extremely helpful and his training never leaves me hanging like some of the other products out there. Thanks for this.

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I have worked with Jeremy and all I can say is that his commit to his customers success is second to none! Grab a copy now!

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Iv’e Known Jeremy for quite some time and he really knows his stuff when it comes to email marketing and making the most money possible when it comes to email marketing. Thanks for putting this out there man.

7 Ways To Immediately Make Your Money Back From Solo Ads

Would you spend $1 to make 2?
If so, this one’s for you!

[GET] The Solo Flip 7 Ways To Immediately Make Your Money Back From Solo Ads DOWNLOAD

Just as the title implies… I want to share with you 7 simple ways you can double, triple, even quadruple your return on investment from solo ads.

There’s no doubt that using solo ads is one of the fastest ways to build an email list. The big problem? They can be quite expensive… IF you don’t make a return quickly.

But what if you could buy a solo and not just break even but actually make a profit almost immediately? That’s what this WSO is all about. I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

But before we dive in…
Let me briefly explain what a solo ad is.
 (just in case you don’t know)

A solo ad is when you pay somebody who owns an email list to send an email to their subscribers that contains your advertisement. And only your advertisement (hence a solo ad)

Solos are most commonly sold by the click. Meaning every time someone clicks on the link in that email and goes to your page, you pay for that click.

Solo ads are typically sold in quantities anywhere from 100-1,000 clicks or more.

Let’s have a quick example:

You go to John and buy 100 clicks to his list. John sends out emails to his list until 100 people have clicked on your link in the email.

You can buy a solo ad for as little as .30 cents per click and up. So in our example above, if you bought 100 clicks from John at .30 cents per click then you would pay John $30 for the solo ad.

It can add up…
Unless you use the methods in this WSO

Here’s where the beauty of this WSO comes in. If you bought a $30 solo ad, you could potentially make $60 (or more) back. That covers your cost of the solo and gives you $30 in pure profit. Not too shabby aye?

But some of these simple methods can make you even more…
what if you could spend $30 and make $90? even $120?

It’s very possible… IF you utilize the methods only a click away from your arsenal.

But the profit doesn’t stop there. Remember, we are building our list at the same time.
With that email list you can continue to sell more stuff to your subscribers. For the life of that subscriber!

This results in big profits over the longer term. This is a one way ticket on the money train and you are about to grab a boarding pass for less than a ten dollar bill.

FAQs… You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

How much money do I need to have up front?
While this isn’t free to do, remember, we are talking about turning $1 into $2. I recommend starting with at least $30 to buy a 100 click solo ad. Obviously the bigger your budget the more you can make.

Also think of it with as a snowball effect. If you reinvest your profits (instead of spending that cash on non-profit building stuff) then you can start building a nice profit cushion that can turn into a full-time income very quickly.

Are there any other investments I need to make?
There are a few basic tools you’ll need to make stuff happen. Here’s a breakdown…

  • Web Hosting – You’re going to need a web hosting account to put your squeeze page on. This is where all the solo ad traffic goes. You can get reliable web hosting for as little as $4 a month, but I’ll also show you where to get it for free if your budget is really tight.
  • Autoresponder – This is the platform that allows you to build and store your email list as well as send that list emails for more profit. You can get a GetResponse account (the best autoresponder out there) with a free 30-day trial, no credit card required. You need an autoresponder regardless of what online business you go into.
  • That’s it… That’s all you need to get started.

Is this for newbies or experienced folk?
Anyone can do this stuff, regardless of experience.

Highly experienced people should be aware of most of these tactics though maybe not all of them. If you are buying solo ads and not making back your money, regardless of your experience, I recommend you pick this up.

That being said, it’s hard to put a blanket on who knows what so I wrote this report mostly directed toward newcomers to the internet marketing scene who are looking for a way to generate some money rather quickly online.

Are there any OTOs?
Yes. There is one OTO. It is NOT needed to do this stuff but it can show you a way to make even more money with solo ads. Oh so much more 🙂

How fast can I make money with this?
That’s entirely up to you. It depends on how much action you put into it. Some of the methods in this report can bring an instant return.. meaning you can see profits coming into your paypal account within hours of the solo ad being sent.

Why are you selling this so cheap?
Yea, it’s pretty crazy. I’ve WAY undervalued the cost here but for me this report is about helping the hundreds of desperate people who come to me for advice. I get emails every day from people truly struggling.

I want you to be able to get started with as little barrier to entry as possible. 

You may not believe that is my goal, but if you were on my subscriber list then you would already know this is true. The need for these people (and probably you) to bring in money to feed your family is very real. I get that, I’ve been there myself.

I’ll eventually make my money down the road, when you are hungry to make more than you ever thought possible, so don’t feel too bad about taking advantage of me 🙂

Do you offer support?
If you have trouble with something, my subscribers & customers already know that I am right here to help. I personally answer every email I receive (within reason) I don’t want you to feel like you are going to be thrown in the water without a rope.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
You’re damn right I do. This stuff works. Period. If you find that it doesn’t.. or even if you read the report and find you just hate my guts.. it doesn’t matter the reason. Just shoot me a message and I’ll buy it right back from you, no questions asked.

Ok, enough chit-chat. Let’s get this party started.

Click the buy button below right now to get instant access and start making money TODAY!
[GET] The Solo Flip 7 Ways To Immediately Make Your Money Back From Solo Ads DOWNLOAD

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