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Yes, this is:

  • WITHOUT Blogging
  • WITHOUT Crossdressing
  • WITHOUT Facebook
  • WITHOUT Youtube
  • WITHOUT Amazon
  • WITHOUT Selling your Body
  • WITHOUT Social Media
  • WITHOUT Backlinking
  • WITHOUT Being an “expert”
  • WITHOUT Writing Articles
  • WITHOUT Expensive software
  • WITHOUT Begging your mom
  • WITHOUT Outsourcing
  • WITHOUT “Going viral”
  • WITHOUT trendy gimmicks
  • WITHOUT losing your mind (if still in tact. this may disqualify you)

Did you know:That if you are reading this page you already know more than 99% of the people on this forum? That’s right. This site gets massive traffic but most have no clue what you are about to learn

FACT: Most people KNOW that is is possible to make 4 and 5 figures online in less than 2 weeks, however, one thing always seems to be missing, keeping those paydays just out of reach for them… until now

Did you know: You cannot find this hands-free wealth formula anywhere else? This is something Sebastian and I have perfeced and it’s only found right here, on this VERY PAGE… so keep reading

FACT: You have been lied to if you think you have to build a huge email list (or build a list at all), be a well known respected member or have connections with big names in order to see success like this?

You are about to uncover the best kept secret shortcut to online wealth… EVER

Today’s Products focus on distractions… things that keep you busy just long enough to make you feel like you are doing something.

Truth is, what really works is simple. No need to overcomplicate things.

But if everyone did the simple and became a success… you would put most product creators out of business!

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….they hate when I share this stuff

Endless hours and SEO crap NOT required

Why would you want to base your entire business on something you have ZERO control over?

Something that is 100% guesswork!

Because, let’s be honest… that is what SEO IS! Nobody REALLY knows whether or not some stupid ranking strategy will really work.

Let alone if it will last. Or when the next update will be. Or what that update will include. And how devastated you will be. Or if you will lose everything.

Seems dumb when you look at it like that right?

Yet, that is what 99% of the methods you will buy will teach you: Methods that rely 100% on things out of your control.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular and let’s see if it passes the “control” test shall we?

SEO: Unreliable. Not posted anywhere for a fact that states.. Ok.. Exactly 47 backlinks will make your rank for“stupid long-tail keyword with zero buyer intent and 5 searches a year”X:FAIL!

Affiliate marketing: Send all your hard earned traffic (the hardest part… they fail to mention) to someone else to build THEIR list! Make a few bucks up front, sure. Build your whole campaign around a product and the next day they shut it down. X:FAIL!

Adsense (or any other ad network): Again, you get paid pennies for all the traffic you work so hard to get… to IMMEDIATELY HOPE they leave your site to go get the information they were REALLY looking for in the first place, forcing you to butcher your site with ads in the sidebar, header, footer, widgets area, popup, pop under, pop over, pop inside, pop outside, in the content, and have your site look like this


The Answer is Found Within the Snafooey Shuffle

The key is to simplify, and only rely on a process that you are 100% in control of the entire way!

That is why I practically FORCED Sebastian to spill the beans on this method he has been quietly using under the radar to bring in 4 figure paydays in less than 2 weeks with maybe a few hours worth of work total.

Truth be told…


“SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! You can’t be serious?!?!?!”


He has never ranked a site for this method, nor did he even have a single squeeze page or collect an email address from anyone… and STILL generated $2300 in 9 days flat!

And so can you!

My Case Studies Are Based On PROVEN Results!

Did you know that most products you will buy today are based on methods the creator heard about… but never actually done it themselves?

This is true!

LISTEN:Sure it is great if you can gather good information… and MAYBE it will help you get closer to your goal.

However, it just makes sense that you will supercharge your results if you ask someone who actually did it, right?

Make sense?

This Works For Anyone, Brand New Or Experienced, regardless of age, location or budget!

None of this requires any technical skills at all.

So I know you want to ask the normal questions:

Can this be done outside the US? YES

Do I need experience? NO

Do I need a list? NO

Do I need to spend more money after? NO

Do I need anything else to make this work? NO

What if English isn’t my primary language? Doesn’t Matter

What if I have 12 kids, full time job, a wife and 2 girlfriends… will I still have time? Well… the kids and the job… YES! Wife any 2 girlfriends… NO ONE HAS THAT MUCH TIME!

The reason this works so well is because we do what no one else teaches you to do… the “secret sauce”…

This one little trick alone can be applied to this method … and almost any other method you will add to your business when you buy today and in the future.

It works FAST. It Works EVERY TIME.

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you sit back and think..

YES! I finally have this “work from home dream” thing figured out!

YES! I found something that finally works!

YES!I think I may have a secret online crush for Coach Comeback!

I can 100% guarantee within 30 minutes of you enjoying just the WELCOME module when you join today, you will physically say all 3 of the above or your money back!

I’m not talking when you text lol and you really have this face…

I’m talking about an uncontrollable yearning for me! 

You’ve been warned. If this is something you are not prepared to handle… you may want to take precautions. 

Everything you need is right here!

INTRODUCING: TSRW 10.03a – The Snafooey Shuffle

A step by step case study of how one brand new, unknown marketer created $2300 out of thin air in less than 9 days.. And how can do the same… over and over and over again

I have done all the hard work for you!

No guesswork needed. Everything that went into this entire process will be revealed when you join today and you get instant access to the members area!

Ok, I cannot take all the credit. 

Or ANY of it actually. This is another one of my adorned case-studies of real people getting amazing results!

So to rephrase…

SEBASTIAN has done all the work for you! And is will to go the extra mile to help you get even greater results than he did in an even shorter time!

If you try to figure this out alone you will fail

I can’t tell you how much time and money I wasted banging my head on the wall trying to figure this out on my own because I was pinching pennies and thought I could figure everything out on my own for free. Boy was I wrong.

Not only is that just asking to drive yourself nuts… it’s just flat out wrong!

No one who has ever done anything life altering (like this course) has done it alone. And neither should you.


Ok, here is where I just might lose you, but I am willing to take that risk

If you are the type that thinks simply buying a product is the same as taking action


If are stuck in forever consumption mode – meaning you seem to always be reading, buying, searching or otherwise feeling like you always need to learn more before you are confident enough to do anything


If you have Chronic SOS (shiny object syndrome)(actually, this one is ok  


If you wan’t push button riches – You want a software or machine that you can click your mouse 3 times and money magically pours out without any effort on your part (if you ever find this one… send me an email at [email protected])


If the idea of cpa marketing sounds like the DREAM business model, because it sooooo easy  because all you have to do is send THOUSANDS of visitors to some spammy hideous squeeze page and build a massive list and asset for SOMEONE ELSE (read that again)and you are happy to get a nickel a piece

Then this is likely not for you. Hit the back button and good luck searching. Remember my email above when you find one of these that actually brings you lasting/consistent wealth and happiness.

Remember what I said: True online wealth comes when you find effective ways to have people pay YOU directly like this will teach you when you buy now, not you being a middle man and hoping someone else pays you.


With the Snafooey method you are 100% in control. No other tools, software, tricks or people are needed for you to be successful

Why are we giving this away at such a low bargain price?

Great question! Well, obviously by the name you can imagine we offer personal one-on-one coaching where we teach these business building assets hands-on. As you can also imagine, it can get expensive. 

Well, only buy your interpretation. When you think about how much you are going to make, most have told us even our top tier coaching is way to cheap.

So, we realized there are people at every level who don’t need personal hands-on attention! Bravo to you!

So we recorded this audio training to walk you through it so you can go at your own pace and take action without the expensive price tag.

You still get the full training and you get it at a rock-bottom bargain.

Here’s where we get really crazy

Sebastian and I are so confident that The Snafooey Shuffle will be the best quick cash method you have ever purchased, that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is by offering this TRIPLE money-back guarantee.

Guarantee #1: Use our System for 30 days ON US. If you do not get the fastes results you’ve ever seen… no matter what your goals are (make $2300, quit your job, cure SOS or find a sneaky way to add James on skype so you can ask questions and basically get free coaching) … we will give you 100% of your money back… OR

Guarantee #2: If you don’t like the SERVICE you receive and the EASE of purchase, sme guarantee: 100% of your money back! OR

GUARANTEE #3: As Mentioned above: If after 30 minutes when you join and get inside the members are and watching the welcome module you are not saying:

YES! I finally have this “work from home dream” thing figured out!

YES! I found something that finally works!

YES! I think I may have a secret online crush for Coach Comeback!

100% Of Your Money Back! We stand behind not only our product, but our commitment to YOU and your success.


We can only handle so many people at once because we also have an interactive community and members area!

As this grows we will get to a point where we must take this down in order to fully give our attention to helping those fast action takers succeed.

Will it be you?

Oh… Did I mention…

AS A FAST ACTION BONUS, I am throwing in my best selling product – THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS 1.0 ABSOLUTELY FREE!

This was the original case study that started it all!

This has made so many people sooo much money, it has literally transformed lives.


Here are just a few of the results from the FREE bonus that you may see for yourself as well

Originally Posted by southpaw View Post
My feedback…

… I built up a small list list and simply pulled the trigger… resulting in just shy of $8k in sales (real estate investing niche). Not bad for the first go of it, IMO.

The model that James shares flat-out works extremely well… IF you’ll take action and follow the plan. After that, you can add your own flavor and tweaks.

James is a straight shooter and I highly recommend this WSO!


Originally Posted by DevEdge View Post
This Stuff Works!

I set my first project up but FAILED to do one crucial thing – test my setup. Which meant I had a big technical problem

But I still made $465 (3 sales) within one hour. My EPC was $5.96

Now going to automate this and plug in some paid traffic and hopefully next time I won’t have the technical problem which will mean better conversions.

You’ve gotta be borderline crazy not to take this offer at this price!

It is 2 methods that has the potential to make you 1258x’s your money back within 2 WEEKS! Yes, that is accurate math!

If You Don’t Take Advantage Of This Offer, We have a Parting “GIFT” For you…

Going to take another risk here and continue to be 100% honest with you.

The parting “gift” we have for you is a dose of reality.

You can keep doing exactly what you’re doing now. This will have you frustrated and continuing to look for answers that are right here in front of you, causing more frustration to the point where you eventually give up and resolve to keeping the day day job

I want you to remember a quote I have plastered everywhere I can…

“Start building your dreams, or someone will hire you to help build theirs”

You can make a better choice

Hit the BUY NOW button and imagine yourself 2 weeks from now, looking back of the past 14 days with that feeling of satisfaction. That sigh of relieve that you can create money on demand, any time you need it, just by following a simple, PROVEN process. The feeling of overwhelm completely gone. A memory of how things use to be. 

Not anymore. 

Not for you. Because you made the right choice, to join today, with me taking all the risk. Because I believe in you. I believe in your right for an amazing future.


P. James Holland and Sebastian Cielenski
Coach Comeaback

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