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Hey Warriors,

First off I’m not a copywriter or some ‘professional’ product launcher so if you need crazy arrows or pictures of cars in order to read something, this probably isn’t for you.

Second, what I’m about to share with you will NOT make you millions of dollars in 2 days. What it will do though is show you a very simple method that I use to make anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per month in passive income.

See, the internet marketing industry is filled with crazy promises and over-hyped products that promise the world and usually deliver nothing! I’m sure you know this just as well as I do.

After buying literally hundreds of WSOs and some big name products as well, I started to get sick of the garbage and I just started doing stuff.

Even though I had bought all those products, I had no idea what I was doing. But I made the decision to start – and I wasn’t going back.

I Tried Everything You Could Imagine…And None Of It Worked

I bought a course on Webinars, gave it my best, had 1 person show up and didn’t have a 100% conversion ratio.

Then it was on to Facebook PPC. Mark and friends have an extra $500 courtesy of me. ROI = 0

Then I thought I’d found my way. It was offline marketing. I just knew that I could provide online marketing services to small business…Even Though I Couldn’t Provide Online Marketing Services To Myself! Sounds crazy, I know, but the sales letter got me again.

I sent email after email (hundreds) using the exact template I was given – Nothing Happened!

Then in a moment of pure “Holy Crap-Ness”, I had an idea. This idea wasn’t taught to me by anyone – it was just something I came up with, spur of the moment.

I was making a big ticket purchase online (around $3,000) on one of the most popular websites on the internet. While I was going through the process, I just knew I could present the offer in a better way.

Beating The Hell Out Of One Of The Biggest Websites On The Internet Isn’t Easy…

But neither was anything else…

So I figured if I’m going to go for it I might as well go big!

The process of making this purchase of mine was so painful I almost stopped half way through. I wasn’t just jumping through hoops – I was jumping through flaming hoops, on a balance beam, over a swamp filled with alligators. 

It was crazy…and very painful…and I knew I could do it better.

So I took my idea of making it better and started to map out the process.

At first my mindmap looked like a battle plan for invading another country.

There was boxes, circles, and arrows all over the place. I estimated that it would cost me around $1,500 to complete the entire thing – but I knew it would work!

So I did it.

I hired a developer, a graphics guy, and a VA to complete the project. 3 weeks later I was rocking and rolling.

The site was up, traffic was coming in, and I was checking my stats by the minute for the entire first day…

And Nothing Happened!

Weeks went by – No sales at all! And the traffic was flying in!

When it was all said and done, the project cost me over $2,100 and I didn’t see a dime in return!

$2,100 Dollars SPENT – Zero Dollars Seen In Return

I was a tad bit annoyed – as you could imagine.

But all wasn’t lost, because I still had faith that my idea would work.

So I got with a mentor/friend of mine and had him look everything over. This guy has made quite a bit of money in business and has been self employed for over 10 years.

He loved the idea but thought that I was over-complicating it.

He asked me a very simple question that I completely overlooked my first time out.

This question, answered correctly, could have saved me quite a bit of money and a whole lot of heartache.

See, I thought that if I was going to compete with the “big boys” I had to get all fancy and technical.

I guess I was wrong.

The ONE Question That Turned It All Around…

My mentor asked me…

“Why do you have these 7 things here when you could just make it a one step process and be done with it?”

I didn’t know how to answer him.

He was 100% correct – and I was 100% dumbfounded.

I could have done the entire thing with a simple website that anyone could create in a matter of minutes – but I didn’t do that.

No $2,100 investment…

No 3 weeks of waiting…

No VA’s…

Nothing but a simple website anyone could create in a matter of minutes!

So I figured I’d give it a shot…

And like usual I just knew it would work!

I Followed My Mentors Advice – FREE Website + FREE Traffic = Results!

I’m going to be straight with you – It didn’t happen instantly!

The first day or so I was a bit disappointed.

But on day 2, the sales started to trickle in.

In fact, it was at 10:38 AM on my second day – the first sale came in!

I was ecstatic and knew that I’d be able to scale it up.

So I pumped in some more FREE TRAFFIC and more sales started to flow in through my website!

By the third week I had set up a simple little system that would generate anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per month on complete autopilot!

And what’s even cooler is that I can set up as many of these sites as I want…

Remember – Free Website + Free Traffic = Results.

Now I know what you might be thinking – Free Websites Suck!

And I guess in this “internet marketing” industry you might be right.

But this has nothing to do with making money online. This is in a niche that is completely untouched, evergreen, and grows like a weed on a monthly basis!

You’ll never run out of traffic and it’s all FREE!
GET The Simple Success System And FREE Website I Use To Create A Passive Income For 5 Figures Per Month DOWNLOAD

Now I’m Going To Pass On My Websites And Traffic Sources To YOU!

Yup, I’m going to give you my exact website…

The one that makes me $500 to $1,000 per month for every one that I build!

I’ll also give you my exact traffic sources that bring in all the sales!

Now you’re probably thinking two things…

“Why would he ever give this away if it’s as great as he says it is?”

And the answer to that question is simple. If I created 100 of these sites per day for the next year I wouldn’t even be close to getting 1% of the audience that’s out there. The market for what I do is MASSIVE! It’s one of the largest markets in the world! So honestly, if a few hundred people pick this up and do it, it will have zero effect on my business!

“This will become saturated in a matter of days…”

This is a 300 BILLION dollar industry – and that’s just in the United States. If you add up the worldwide numbers, it’s enough to pay off the national debt. Saturation is an excuse to not do something – and I used it too. The only way this could ever get saturated is if you spilled a bottle of water on your computer!

Now listen, like I said earlier, this is NOT something that will make you rich overnight.

You will have to do some work in order to see results.

But if you just put up a few of these free websites, you could have a nice “Hands Off” side income for the rest of your life!

If you went crazy with it and built 20 of them, you could turn it into a full time gig bringing in 6 figures + per year!

Here’s What You’re Going To Get…

My 24 Page Action Guide

  • No BS Filler Needed
  • We’ll Get Right To The Point And Have Your Website Up And Running In A Matter Of Hours
  • The ‘Insiders Guide’ To One Of The Biggest Industries On The Planet
  • How I Scaled This Up To A Full Time Business In Under 6 Months
  • The Complete Step-By-Step FREE Traffic Guide
  • And Much More!

My Exact Profit Pulling Website

  • Just Copy And Paste Exactly What I do
  • I’ll Show You How To Build My Exact Site For FREE!
  • Resources On Templates That I Use
  • And Much More!

All Of My Traffic Sources

  • All Of The FREE Traffic Sources I Use To Build My Business
  • An Insight On How I Started Using Paid Traffic Sources
  • The Exact Ads I Use
  • And Much More!

The best way to put it is that you’re getting my entire business! It’s just that simple!

You’ll also get a 30 day money back guarantee – so there’s no risk to you what-so-ever!

So really what do you have to lose?

When I first started using this method the situation I was in was pretty similar to most things I see around here.

I knew that what I was doing wasn’t working – I needed a change!

It wasn’t a “Should” anymore – It was a MUST! If I didn’t change I would have to give up on my dream of being a full time internet marketer!

I had the courage to make that change and now I’m living my dream…

But if I didn’t make the change, who knows where I’d be!

What you are doing now isn’t working!

If it was, you wouldn’t be reading this! 

So the decision is yours, and only you can make it…

But I’ll ask you this – Give my system a try for a full 60 days! I don’t expect you to believe in it 100% just after reading this letter – but I do expect you to give it a chance.

I am 100% confident that once you get in there and give it a shot you’ll be glad you did!

You Know What You Are Doing Now
Isn’t Working!
Do You Have The Courage To Make A Change?

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