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Over the past 5 years I’ve had multiple proposals from marketers, both experienced and just starting off, asking me for interviews covering a wide variety of topics and each and every time I REFUSED!

For a few reasons, in fact.

There always seemed to be a pitch, something to buy or something would be promoted at the end. There was always this catch for the “other” person to BANK.

Personally I would rather listen to the feedback of my subscribers, send out a survey and then do a personal video reply.

If you do a little research, you’ll see me on a few marketing shows, mostly pitches for my products and I love doing these shows… Don’t get me wrong, but they are not interviews.

An interview is where a person spills the beans without pitching. It’s like journalism. When’s the last time you’ve seen a front page of newspaper pitching a product? Never I would guess!

Here’s a dirty little secret which I’ll lose some friends for telling you

secretI’m sure you’ve seen many marketers pitch “our original plan was to release this for $97 but we’ve decided to do the unbelievable and give you access for $17” or free or whatever..blablabla.

It’s a marketing pitch!

I’ll be honest as it’s what I’m becoming known for.

A Direct and Honest Approach!

Our original plan was to release this for free – a quick interview, quick record and off we go.

Delivering some amazing value and letting everyone make some comments.

As I said before I’ve never done interviews but “Dr. Bo” was different.

Who the heck is “Dr. Bo” you might ask!

Dr. Bo introduced himself in a unique way which caught my attention. He actually had no pitch and was there to help, without asking for help. I mention this on the inside and how important it can be.

After spending 2 weeks with him consulting on the perfect interview we came up with 14 issues thatmany marketers who want to launch their own products face.

  • What mistakes can destroy your launch and cost you thousands in lost profits?

  • Product creation seems difficult – is it really difficult or this is a BIG fat MYTH?

  • The SECRET revealed – how to find GOLD ideas for product creation?

  • The SECRET behind 1,000 plus sales with your own product.

  • Upsells and downsells – common, but important question.

  • From $0 to $20,000 with your buyer’s list even if your launch wasn’t a big success.

  • What to do and what not to do if you want to build successful list building business?

  • SIX FIGURE KNOWLEDGE – Your first profitable launch.

  • What was the story of my success from 0 to 60 000 subscribers in 90 days?

  • How to build an army of affiliates – easy and proven ways.

  • Why product creation is a game changer and how to motivate yourself.

  • And much more, but I will leave some surprise for you…

From there we recorded the interview with screenshot showing LIVE EXAMPLES of the answers. All those little buggy things that really open your eyes to a six figure business revealed right in front of you.

After checking over the interview, Dr. Bo was excited…

But not as much as me. I had one of those moments and ideas which I knew I could deliver to a mass audience and deliver something which people could instantly make money from.

Back to consulting, discussions and ideas we decided to deliver what most interviews are actually missing.

Video Interview

PowerPoint Presentation

MP3 Download

Interview Transcript

PDF Download

Massive Bonuses

Here’s What Others Have To Say About My Training

 Najja Banks,

“more responsive system creator, mentor and teacher”

I am literally blown away with your commitment and service Kevin has to this system. I have never seen a more responsive system creator, mentor and teacher. If you want to be a part of something where you will not be left alone after you purchase from Kevin Fahey. I did not expect this quite honestly as most system owners don’t communicate with their customers.

 Sebastian Damm,

“always there to chat and adjust your wishes”

Kevin’s (and his team’s) responsiveness and efforts in helping you out. He’s almost always there to chat and adjust your wishes. Incredible support! Unfortunately very rare at these times. Thanks! You guys ROCK!”


 Geoffrey Urch,

“genuine guy who really wants to help people to make money online”

After spending years trying to make money online with different programs this is the only system that has worked for me. Kevin Fahey is a genuine guy who really wants to help people to make money online and does the job full stop. Training is fantastic with video help and a great support team who are “Live Online” to help You with on going help and any trouble shooting, I would recommend Kevin’s System to Anyone as it just works.

 Karen Bailey,

“provides the highest level of support”

Kevin Fahey also provides the highest level of support I have ever experienced in all the programs I have joined.


 Tony Grant,

“copy whatever Kevin did cause he is pretty damned good at it”

I’ve seen Kevin around for pretty much most of my time online, and that is several years now. Kevin has always been involved in down to earth tools, strategies and ideas that help other IMers to succeed. There is usually no unnecessary gloss, just honest good value and great information.Whenever I have had any questions, Kevin has always replied very fast, very thoroughly and it is easy to tell he genuinely wants to please. There’s a lot of bull out there in the IM space and those guys get found out and disappear. Kevin in not a fly-by-night by any sense, he is here for the long haul and genuinely makes a difference to those who work with him or buy from him.I guess the one thing I could say to summarize what I see is that if I could do one thing different in my own IM career, it would have been just to copy whatever Kevin did cause he is pretty damned good at it.

 Robert K,

“you have come to the right place”

If you are new to Internet Marketing or have been struggling for a while and do not know where to go, what to do or who trust – You have come to the right place. Kevin is one of the few good guys out in cyberland that actually care about helping others succeed. He gives clear intructions, is up front ethical and honest when describing a product and what is needed for it to work. Kevin over delivers in everything thing he does and His VIP Members sight is a one stop place with all you need to learn and earn.”

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Remember the  over 7 years of online marketing expedience has gone into this interview. Many of my students have paid thousands to get this type of information and this offer is available for a limited time only. If you leave this page I cannot guarantee you’ll see this offer again.

I wish you the best in your business and look forward to helping you achieve YOUR goals.

To Your Success

Kevin Fahey & Dr. Bo.

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