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From the Desk of: Mark Tandan

Dear Fellow Warrior,

Imagine spending 2 months and HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS of dollars building a list, just like you were taught, only to find after sending only 8 emails that NO ONE WAS opening and you weren’t making a SINGLE sale… How would that make you feel?

Because for my close friend Jason that’s JUST what happened. He put together a great squeeze page, started driving insane traffic and built a list of over 1000 subscribers pretty fast.

He spent all his money on traffic, all his time on building a list, but forgot one thing…


Jason came to me, frustrated and furious, begging for help. How was it possible after building a list of over 1000 people that he couldn’t make a SINGLE sale?

So I shared some SIMPLE techniques and EASY STEPS, and he made $227.46 with ONE email, all to a list he thought was ‘dead’. He couldn’t believe it…

When Jason first started mailing his list, he did what he thought he was supposed to do – promote and hard sell from day one. That’s what happened to him every time he joined a list, so it must be the way, right?

He never figured that by building a relationship and trust with his subscribers, he’d have a much easier time of it (and make great commissions with each promotion)…

He didn’t know how important it was to establish himself as an authority…

And he didn’t see that one simple tweak to his squeeze page could crank up his conversions and boost his email open rates at the same time!


Today you get a chance to add your name to the list of ‘super affiliates’ that 
crush leaderboards and make hundreds or more whenever they promote.

Today you can practically steal my system that pours cash into your account every time you mail.

Do You Know What it Takes to Make Great Sales Whenever you Promote?

BUILD an amazing relationship with your list! Period.

I’m willing to bet you’ve spent good money building your list. But are you seeing the results you want yet? Specifically, are you:

MAKING solid profits with each promotion?
* seeing consistent if not GROWING open and click rates when you mail?
* getting a bunch of replies asking for more info and even THANKING YOU?

Cause News Flash – IF NOT, you’re not getting the most out of your list. Which is NOT YOUR FAULT. But know this: If you’re not earning when you mail, your list ain’t an asset, it’s an expense!

It IS possible to do SO much better. It IS possible to have your subscribers get EXCITED to read your messages, and take your recommendations. 

Bottom Line — It IS POSSIBLE to Become Insanely Profitable 
from Email Marketing!

This product is THE ONE that can change things for you, because more than just another list of power words and tricky subject lines that MIGHT boost your open rates temporarily, it’s going to show you how to CONNECT WITH YOUR LIST for a long term, profitable relationship.

Who Am I to Make These Claims?

Well, I’m Mark and honestly when I started in email marketing I was terrible! Which is weird, because I’d actually had some great success offline before I ever tried doing this stuff online…

Consulting for a local college, I was in charge of emailing any prospects to a certain program. And within 3 months had increased enrolment by 30%…

Hired by a local sporting goods company to fire up their online sales, and manage their own list of subscribers. DOUBLED their online sales inside of 4 months.

Great Mark, but what the heck do you know about email marketing in the IM game?
Awesome question. At first, I didn’t know squat. For example…

* after creating a WSO of the Day and building a huge list of buyers, I’d effectively burned it out inside of 2 months
* I couldn’t PAY my list to open my emails, let alone click my links
* I HATED heading to my computer to write an email to my list…

So I went back to the old drawing board. You know the saying ‘The Money’s In the List?’ I say BS on that!

The Money’s in What You Do with Your List!

So… I studied every email marketing course I could get my hands on. Online, offline, sales tactics, the whole 9 yards. Psychological tricks, engagement techniques, subject lines, calls to action … all until my mind was spinning.

And in this mess of study I came to some SIMPLE conclusions that changed the way I would email forever. Conclusions that COMPLETELY CHANGED the results I started getting, and can COMPLETELY improve the results you’re getting.

By putting what I’d learned to action, my conversions and results became so stellar that I caught the eye of a real life IM legend and was recruited to manage HIS campaigns…

Do My Email Marketing Techniques Work? Well don’t just take my word for it.



From Bryan Harkins, WSO of the Day creator on July 4th AND July 26 2014

“I purchase just about every product that comes out on email marketing because even though I consider myself to be knowledgeable in this subject, I believe we should never stop learning. I VERY rarely leave reviews for people because quite frankly, most of the products on email marketing are just rehashed material that I have heard over and over. 
HOWEVER, Mark Tandan has put together a serious winner here. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learned from his guide. I picked up a BIG TIME golden nugget on page 13 which will have a drastic impact on your open rates (no other marketer talks about this and it takes 2 seconds to set up).
The more I kept reading this guide the better it got. This course seriously covers EVERYTHING you can think of in regards to email marketing and the best part is he gives proof of his results within the guide. It’s not just theory, it’s actionable steps that he has put to use, and anyone at any skill level can take action on these steps as well.
I can go on and on about how much I loved this product, but I will spare you the time. Once you pick up a copy you will notice why this is THE guide for email marketing and why I am now a huge fan of Mark’s”
 – Bryan Harkins

From Eric Lovelace, multiple WSO creator and offline business guru:

“For the short time I have seen Mark Tandan on the scene – he releases not only high-quality, value-filled products, but also delivers actionable steps that you can take and profit from many times over. He even CARES about his customer’s success which is more than I can say about most marketers these days.”– Eric 

Or this, From Brian Popovich, creator of FB Profit Playbook, WSO of the Day May 8 2014:

Mark is a consummate craftsman who takes great pride in composing his email messages. No detail is unimportant. What’s more, he has made it a kind of personal mission to figure out what works and what doesn’t. In both style and content, his emails are always engaging and effective. I genuinely look forward to reading them! – Brian

And this excerpt from Luke Blower’s WSO, The Cash Squeeze Blueprint:

Someone who who has absolutely mastered building a relationship 
with his list is Mark Tandan. This is an example of one of his masterpieces…
Sure, this email is selling a product, but it has bonuses and tells the 
reader exactly how the offer can benefit them. That shows that 
Mark knows the product. 
– Luke


* the most important thing to do for new subscribers – so that they ACT on your suggestions and buy thru your links

* 2 simple emails that can EXPLODE your open and click rates – so when you mail, your message gets SEEN

* 3 complete ‘email sequences’ WITH templates so you’ll never guess what to do when you need to engage, promote or even revive a sluggish list 

* video walk thrus so you’ll be able to apply these email sequences at will for MAXIMUM BENEFIT

* thorough main guide shows how to get your emails opened, read and actioned, reduce your bounce rate and make your subscribers LOOK FORWARD to your suggestions –meaning your commissions can go through the roof

* controversial, WAY against the grain methods (that no one is teaching) that will keep your subscribers EAGER to open and read your emails — completely ethically!

* and Much Much More…

This isn’t just the place where I toss out a warranty, just for the sake of writing it…

I mean it!

Let me take the risk with my 30 day, 100% money back ‘action takers’ guarantee. Test drive my system AND PUT IT TO USE for 30 days. If after that time you aren’t getting higher open rates, engagement and better results when you promote, just show me proof of how you’ve been applying this system with no real results and I’ll refund your purchase.
Of course in that highly unlikely case I’d prefer to give you PERSONAL CONSULTATION to get you the results you’re after, because let’s face it you want results and I want you getting them. But either way, if it’s not working after 30 days of application you either get your money back OR my personal time until you’re getting those results!

So You Can Either:

A.) make a bunch more money using this system and send along your praise … or …

B.) you’re not out a dime

So what do you have to lose by saying yes and hitting that buy button?

Nothing! So go ahead and do it…

Not only are you getting the entire ‘Goofball’s Guide to Email Marketing’ including a 54 page main pdf, second pdf with email swipes, sequences and videos with absolutely no risk .. but I want to sweeten the pot so you’ll also be getting the following bonuses:

 Tube Traffic by James Knight – Explode Your Profits with YouTube

 Emergency New Year’s Click Cash By Kristie Chiles – Insane Commissions with Clickbank

As always, offered at at INSANELY low price only here on the Warrior Forum.

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