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Thank you for purchasing Teleprompter PRO. We have had a great response and received a lot of greatly appreciated positive feedback from people all over the world who picked up this very unique, highly flexible and extremely powerful web based teleprompter.

If you are watching this video after purchasing Teleprompter PRO, you know that some of the most portable and flexible benefits of this software are best appreciated by uploading the software to a web host. What we have done, to help Teleprompter PRO users, is to provide some video tutorials and written guides to help users get setup and use Teleprompter PRO on the Internet. We were optimistic that people would be able to watch the videos and read through the provided help documents; so they could be up and running with Teleprompter PRO; and be able to access it from all over the world, via the Internet, in no time at all.

However, what we discovered is that even though most users we have spoken with, have been able to get it setup with the tutorials and written documentation provided, there are several who have taken advantage of our support system to help them figure out how to get Teleprompter PRO setup. We also discovered there are still a smaller group of users who believed they were not capable of setting it up; or they were outside of their comfort zone, attempting to try doing something they were unfamiliar with. For some of those who did not believe they could set it up, or who were not in their comfort zone, attempting to do something they do not do on a daily basis, they would much rather have opted for someone else to do it for them, as opposed to taking the time to watch the videos and read the supporting documentation, or trying to figure out how to do this on their own, or making an effort to implement the setup instructions provided.

So, because of the commitment to making sure Teleprompter PRO can be used and be a tremendous asset to everyone who buys it, we processed this feedback in the same way we would respond to, or process any other feature request, which we heard you asking for. We have already added some strongly desired and greatly appreciated features; and continuing with the Teleprompter PRO commitment … ON THIS PAGE, there is now a solution available to help those who purchased Teleprompter PRO because they wanted to use it; but, for whatever reason, have not started to use Teleprompter PRO, because they still have not set it up. Today, without you having to learn any new techie stuff, nor having to watch a setup-video or read some how-to documentation and then implement it, YOU Now Have a No fuss, no muss, no headaches WAY to … just get it done.

What you said, or what they said, was heard loud and clear … ALL They Wanted to DO is USE Teleprompter PRO … and NOT to have to follow any instructions to set it up online first. SO, even though I believe a lot of people in this same situation would have paid $97 or more for a teleprompter that does what Teleprompter PRO does; UNTIL TODAY, assisted self-installs WERE the only OPTION. As of TODAY, the great news is that NOW, you can eliminate having to set up Teleprompter PRO yourself. The NEW Service Available to you today, is a cPanel INSTALL performed by us. It’s super simple. You click the buy button and you will be redirected to a page where you will be provided with a short setup form. You submit a few short responses, so we have the necessary information to get started; and we will begin the cPanel setup for you; and let you know the URL where you can access Teleprompter PRO.

Even if you don’t mind doing some techie tasks, but are pressed for time, this probably sounds like the quickest and easiest way to be able to start using Teleprompter PRO. LOOK, we know it probably sounds like a great service to you; and for us, we want you to get started using Teleprompter PRO as soon as you can. So, we aren’t going to charge you $97, or even $67 for this service. For a limited time we will do all this for you and get you setup for only $39.95. If you already have a web host, great! Don’t have a web host? No problem. We’ve got the options you need; and we’ve got you covered there. If you have a domain name already … That’s Awesome. Don’t have a domain? That’s No problem, either. We’ve got the options you need and we’ve go you covered again. For $39.95 we will get you setup and ready to roll, so you can start making videos. We will show you where you can buy a domain for less than $1; and where you can get low cost and even FREE web hosting. Don’t want to get a domain and web hosting. No problem. We will set you up and will host Teleprompter PRO for you, for three months for no additional charge. Want us to keep hosting it after three months, and we will continue to host it for you for $37/year.

So, if you picked up Teleprompter PRO and for whatever reason, you don’t have the time nor inclination to set it up online, then what are you waiting for? Use the button below and we will get you up and running, usually within 1 business day of receiving your information.

Are you ready to start using Teleprompter PRO? Then Let’s Just Do It … and Get it Done!

[GET] Teleprompter PRO Online Setup Service DOWNLOAD

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