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From the desk of Alex & Vanessa

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Dear struggling marketer, 

I believe you already know that what you need most to succeed in IM and Affiliate Marketing is Traffic! Many people spend their time and money to make a super product, but they don’t know the most important thing:      

without traffic no one will see their product so they won’t get any sales. 

However there are some other people that may have worse products but they sell like crazies. What do these people have that the first ones don’t? TRAFFIC!!

So in this point I would like you to take a sec to think.

What would you do if your sale page was visited by thousands of targeted people daily without spending thousands or even hundreds of dollars? How would you like to live your life? Where would you spend all that money?

Well you should really start thinking of those things because your success is closer than you think…

Hi, my name is Alex Langidis and I’ve partnered up with Vasia Zac to bring you…

A Brand New Untapped Traffic Source that none of the most successful marketers want you to know about!

Well, finally the time to learn all about it has come for you!

But first of all I would like to tell you a little bit about our personal struggle in IM world.

Long time ago, we were dealing with a very big problem:

How to bring targeted traffic to our sales pages.We had everything ready except for that.

We’ve tried everything, but nothing worked. We bought many products of people promising to teach us how to generate traffic but they didn’t help us enough to succeed.

Among the things they advised us to do were to buy solo ads (really bad results), rank our page in Google (almost out of reach), go to forums and send our links like a thousand times (pretty spammy don’t you think?)                                

We didn’t have almost any money. We’ve spent everything in the products we bought and the strategies they recommended, hoping that this time it will actually work! But again… NOTHING!


Here’s a list of all the traffic sources we have tried, but their poor results have nothing to do with the results that we saw from the untapped traffic source we are about to show you.


  • Solo Ads (Over the years Quality has dropped and there are many scammers out there)
  • Google Adwords (Too Expensive for only a few clicks)
  • Article Marketing (Too much time, poor results)
  • Blogging (Too much time and I don’t like spend my whole day blogging, do you?)
  • Forum Traffic Methods (Spammy methods and hope someone click on your link)
  • SEO (Too much time, effort, money and prays)
  • Youtube Ranking ( Too much time, video creation, backlinks, views , social signals etc…)
  • Facebook Ads (Great source of traffic if someone teaches you how to use it and how to avoid                                      bans on competitive niches like Make Money Online, Internet Marketing,                                            Dating , Weight Loss etc…)
  • No more Free or Paid complicated traffic sources

We were really desperate and so disappointed.

Until the time we realize that we haven’t actually tried everything…

We finally discovered an amazing traffic source that really works! We use it every single day and it never fails!

 So here we are to share it with you in a step-by-step guide we made for you so you can finally start seeing targeted quality traffic in your pages which will be more than willing to buy your products!

 You can now build your own list of customers!

 No more spending time, money and effort on fail traffic strategies!

 This untapped traffic source is all you need to start seeing the results you desire in your online business!

You can keep on searching for products and methods that promise you 100,000 visitors in just 1-2 days without spending a dime.

But just be realistic for a moment:

1) No one gets 10k – 100k visitors except for websites on the #1 page of Google 
(it may take you years and thousands of dollars to get in #1 page for high volume search keywords) or except for those who have the big budget to spend on advertising.

2) The 10k or 100k visitors they promise you most of the time are just a poor quality traffic that doesn’t convert.

3) You may have already bought fake traffic.

4) I have personally got scammed and spent 100’s of $ on this type of offers and fake traffic.

5) I could keep going on and on but I believe you got the point.

Let me ask you 2 simple questions and just think about it:

1) Would you like to keep searching for traffic sources and methods that promise you 10k ++ visitors which are low quality clicks that don’t convert


would you like to start getting 200+ High Quality Targeted Clicks that Convert Like Crazy?


2) Would you like to build a list of people who don’t care about your offers or what you’re saying and simply don’t convert?


would you like to build a high responding targeted list of people who are looking exactly for the offers you will send them and simply convert like crazy?

The answer is simple and it’s here:


Here’s an overview of what you get…

  • Learn How You Can Get Massive Super Targeted Clicks On Any Niche.
  • How To Kickstart With Only $5 Investment.
  • How To Target The Right Countried For Your Niche.
  • Working With Affiliate Offers, CPA, Your Own Offers, Your Squeeze Page..
  • Step By Step How To Set Up Everything Properly A-Z. (Very Easy, Trust Me!)
  • Listbuilders – Say Goodbye To Shitty Solo Ad.
  • Save Tons Of Money & Time.
  • Much More…

And if that wasn’t enough, you also get these awesome FREE bonuses:

Fast Action Bonus #1

Targeted Traffic Blueprint

Mind – Map!

Whenever I plan anything out that will make a lot of money I mindmap it out for myself.. 
The mindmap will make everything so much clearer, and simpler for you as well as give you an easy way to implement this without missing anything. 

Fast Action Bonus #2

Targeted Traffic Blueprint


Get The Targeted Traffic Blueprint Checklist so you can be sure that you have fulfilled every single step which gonna make your work very very easy and nothing will be lost in the process.

Fast Action Bonus #3

Targeted Traffic Blueprint

VIP Facebook Group MasterMind!

THIS TIME YOU ARE NOT ALONE. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to making money online is trying to go at it all alone. It’s tough when you’ve got no one there to help, which is why I invite you to join me on a customer only private session. I’ll be there to answer any and all the questions you may have, so you can get started ASAP.

What People Say About 

Targeted Traffic Blueprint

Francesco Iantorno

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Jimmy James 

M Jen Sen

Kenny Martinez

This Untapped Traffic Source can bring you lots of buyers and help you beat your competition!

These are the reasons why you have to learn about this source, how it works and why it could actually change your life!

  • You only need $5 to start getting  massive targeted clicks,optins and sales!
  • Anyone can do this, even my grandma who has no idea about traffic generation.
  • No Need of technical skills (just follow my steps and, trust me, you’ll be fine!)
  • Super targeted traffic (converts like crazy!) 
  • You can EASILY scale up for even better results!
  • No One will show you how this stuff works because they want to keep it for themselves…

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Well, fairly speaking, the stuff you are going to learn in “Targeted Traffic Blueprint” will bring you lots of targeted people who will be your future customers and you will finally start making lots of sales!

We have been testing this method for some time and we are happy to say that we found a way that really works!

So just think.

How much would you be willing to pay for a proven working system that will change your life? A system that will make you hundreds of sales per month?

Well the cost to learn all about this amazing traffic source that will save you lots of money, time and effort and it will generate you thousands of buyers is much lower than you think…

Why are you making this SUPER AFFORDABLE?

The truth is that we should be charging this for much higher cost!

The reason is that we have spent so much time and money to test it and finally find the right way to make it work and make it bring us the results we have desired for a long long time…

So just imagine someone do all the hard work and then share his valuable information with you. How much time would that save for you?

But the thing is… we don’t want you to spend a lot of money cause we’ve been there. 

After all, the point is to help you.

That’s why we make this product so affordable, so that many people can buy it and begin to profit from their online business.

In fact, if you ACT FAST today, you can get Instant Access to

“Targeted Traffic Blueprint” 

for ONLY…

Zero Risk!

If For Any Crazy Reason You Are Not Satisfied With What You Are Going To Get Today Then We Don’t Want Your Money!

There is no way you won’t see results with all the stuff I am offering here…

Unless, of course, you aren’t serious about it.

You need to take action if you want these results!

We have set everything in simple steps so that we can be sure that it will be easy for you to follow and repeat the process as many times as you want without any effort (depends on how big your goals are).

Then nothing stops you from succeeding!


Don’t hesitate… I’m sure you know that the only thing that holds you back and doesn’t let you succeed is the lack of targeted traffic! That’s exactly the reason why we are here… to help you with that!

We look forward to working with you,

P.S. This product is on dime sale. That means the next time you visit this page the price will be probably increased. So hurry up and grab it now in the lowest possible price!

P.P.S. Just think for a sec how your online business is doing right now and how you want it to perform in months from now. Do you wish to stop putting effort and money without seeing the results you want and instead do something that will really bring you these results? Then now it’s the time to do it! Because we made this product to help you do that!

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