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[GET] Super Simple Short Reports DOWNLOAD Watch Me Quickly and Easily Create a WSO in Less Than 1 Hour [Super Simple Short Reports]

FROM: Michael Harris

To: Clients of Michael Harris

Hi Michael Harris here…

Are you frustrated because you want to create your own product for sale – but don’t know how?

Is it irritating to you that others are able to create their own products quickly while you’re still trying to figure it all out?

Or, are you struggling to find the right way to organize your report, but you’re not sure how?

If so, you’re not alone. 

I understand how you feel.

When I first got started, I had no clue how to create a report that would be interesting enough for people to buy, written well enough for someone to read, or even organized so that it made sense to the reader.

I remember going through a bunch of trial and error, copying what I saw others doing, and working hard for very little results. 

Does this sound familiar?

It used to take me hours to figure out what to say, how to say it, and organize my report into a product that I could sell.

But one day I discovered a unique system that would allow me to instantly know how to organize my thoughts, write quickly, and create a high-value short report for my buyers.

So I thought I would create a video of my discovery that has helped me create several short reports quickly and make some nice profits along the way.

Would that be helpful to you?

Here’s the thing, perhaps you’ve heard that it’s important to build a “buyer’s list.” And it’s true that creating a WSO and other products can be a great way to do that. 


Because once people purchase they can automatically be added to your email list for future offers. 

But for most people, the process of creating products can be difficult.
It can be hard to know what to write about, how to organize your thoughts, and how to put something out there that people will want to buy.

Some people claim that you can just throw a report together, and it’ll eventually get sales. Most “gurus” tell you to “take action” and see what happens. And while I agree that taking action is better than just sitting around doing nothing, it’s only part of the story.

You see, here’s the truth:

Unless you have a system in place, it can be difficult to create even a short report that people will want to buy.

And, quite frankly, it takes more than one report to build a buyer’s list big enough to make a good income online. So it’s important to create good reports quickly and easily that people will want to buy.

You see, no matter how many subscribers you have, no matter how much traffic you have, no matter how cool your products or sales pages are….you are only as big as the number of products you have to sell.

If you only have one product – your subscribers can only buy one product from you.

But if you have 12 products…they can buy…12.

Let me ask you…how would it FEEL to you if you could create a new product NEXT WEEK?

And you could launch it on the Warrior Forum the following week?

So let me ask you this:

If I showed you in a short video how I create a simple report that you could sell on internet, could you copy what I do?

If so, you are going to LOVE this report.

Because that’s EXACTLY what I do.

I structure my reports by using a simple formula so that people will WANT to take action, get results, and then buy more reports. 

[GET] Super Simple Short Reports DOWNLOAD Watch Me Quickly and Easily Create a WSO in Less Than 1 Hour [Super Simple Short Reports]

Here’s what you’ll see me do in “Super Simple Short Reports”:

1.) Show you how to create powerful reports quickly and easily. 

2.) Demonstrate a proven way to outline your report so that you can create it FAST.

3.) Structure your report so that you know exactly what to say and when.

4.) Implement a proven, step-by-step system for creating reports quickly and easily – allowing you to make money faster. 

5.) Learn how to convert your reports into a PDF format for free!

6.) Set up several of these short report cash machines each week. 

7.) How to write the words in a certain way so that people will want to taking action, get results, and buy more reports from you!

8.) Discover the simple 8 step system that I use to create reports fast that lead to multiple sales.

[GET] Super Simple Short Reports DOWNLOAD Watch Me Quickly and Easily Create a WSO in Less Than 1 Hour [Super Simple Short Reports]


You’ll see me:

9.) Create a short report in less than 1 hour with solid, no fluff instructions!

10.) Show you how to create a great report, even if you’ve never created one before. You’ll see how easy it with these simple directions.

11.) I’ll even teach you how to use short reports to take your business to the next level.


12.) I’ll show you the 2 best ways to organize and format your report from the beginning.

13.) I’ll tell you exactly what to say at the end of your report so that people will take action on your advice, get results, and buy more reports from you!

14.) You’ll see me create a real-life report from scratch including researching it, organizing it, writing it, and publishing it.

15.) Use my example to follow and copy your own reports after. You’ll KNOW by the time you finish this course how to do this and there’ll be nothing left to chance.

16.) I’ll show you the exact places to put your buy buttons into your sales letter so that people will click on them and you can get paid!

17.) You’ll get my email for personal support whenever you need it.

Basically, everything you need to create super simple short reports that people enjoy and puts money into your bank account.

Now, who is this for?

It is for you if you have never created your own report and want to create one today. 

t is also for people who have created reports in the past, but have been hesitating because it took too long.

But imagine if you could create a sales letter in a certain way where people WANTED to look at your offer, click on your links, and make plenty of sales?

How many of these quick sales letters could you create in a week or month?

How many sales could you make this week, or this month?

Could this possibly transform your business?

If so, frankly speaking, you should just take action now and get this training.

You see, this training will likely change someone’s life. And it could be you. And in fact, if you create several sales letters as a result of this training, it might change the course of your internet career.

Frankly, I think that’s priceless. I know some people will tell you their WSO is worth $500 or $1000.

Well I think this one is priceless.

But to make it fair to all my subscribers and coaching clients, I am going to ask for a payment.

Now, I might re-release this to my list in the future at $97 or more, once I have testimonials.

But I want to make this a no-brainer for you today, so I am WSO – special pricing this today:

Buy the way, if you use these methods in this report for a full 30 days and you don’t get results as taught, just let me know, and I’ll refund your purchase price – no questions asked. 

If you are unhappy – I simply don’t want your money. 

So you have nothing to lose, and your first sales from your new report to gain:

[GET] Super Simple Short Reports DOWNLOAD Watch Me Quickly and Easily Create a WSO in Less Than 1 Hour [Super Simple Short Reports]

I hope you enjoy how easy it is to create these short reports and the advantages that brings to your business.

Michael Harris

P.S. – Because this is a dime sale, the faster you get in the less it’s going to cost you. 

You will save money and get more bang for your buck and there is a guarantee this really works.

And since it’s easier to do it this way, why not give it a shot? 

If you think you want this it only makes sense to get in now. 

Click Buy Now and get going in less than 2 minutes. 

P.P.S. – If you do not buy this today, will things stay the same for you? Will you wish that you had taken advantage of this offer to actually make more money? Or will you still be working your day job and not progressing toward your goal of making money online? 

The way I see it, you have two choices right now:

You pick this up today and finally start making some real cash by creating super simple short reports…


You could still be chasing the next bright shiny object that comes along. 

Don’t let that happen to you. Get this now so you won’t regret it later when it is more expensive or even off the market completely.

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