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In an economy like this, can you really afford to waste money on paid traffic that does nothing but empty your bank account?

Dear Fellow Warriors,

Here you are again, reading yet one more sales page! 

Have you ever asked yourself , “Why doesn’t anything work?” 


are you just addicted to buying them whether you actually do what they show you or not?

You would not believe how many people this happens too. We all want more, we all want something better, but we just get trapped in this endless cycle of buying and not applying!

I get it! I have been there, but let me tell you a quick story
(Grandmothers will do that from time to time)

In 2011 was my very first WSO and I was pumped! Here it is:

I was super excited and the results were not shabby right? 

But guess what happened after it was over? 

Absolutely nothing………zilch…………why?

Well nothing happened because like many of you, I kept buying looking for that one life changing solution! Sound familiar?

Then one day a friend said to me…

“Cyndi, start thinking like a Marketer, Not a Prospect! Your life changing solution is already in you!.”

Ouch! He was right!

So I put together this simple report called, “The Super Simple Profit Machine” that shows “anyone” how to create a simple WSO.

Look What Happened In Just 4 Days!

I know what you must be thinking…

“I can’t do that, I don’t have the slightest clue what I am talking about.”

That is exactly what I thought. Remember, I am a grandmother! What could I possibly do that would make any money?

Yet I managed to make over 444 sales and over $2,000 and this one $705.00 in 4 days!!

All because I put that fear and doubt behind me and decided that I wanted to succeed more than I want to keep coming back to these sales pages and buying more junk I don’t need.

Kind of like you are feeling right now.

Don’t you think it’s time for you to finally break the cycle of failure and start making your own way?

Don’t you finally want more than you currently have?

Are you willing to put in a tiny bit of work up front like I did so you can get paid over and over again?

Of course you are!!!

Your life was meant to be more than struggle and heartache. 

With that in mind I went ahead and put together a simple guide that will show even the newest newbie how theyfinally succeed!

This is an easy step by step guide.


Even with absolutely NO experience you can do this!

This 18 page PDF with NO fluff contains:

The Ultimate Analyzer (getting your mindset right for creating!)
The Niche Switch (how to pick out a niche the easy way)
The Manifestation Outline (how to write your rough draft)
The Powerful Platform (best ways to present your WSO)
The Energetic Transformation (sales copy tricks!)
The Payment Explosion (best payment processors to use)
The Transforming Funnel (how anyone can set up a profitable funnel)
The Ignition Button (setting up your launch!)
The Outrageous Trouble-Shooter (all about your customer service!)

I have laid this out step by step for you in a simple format anyone can understand, plus I am always here for support at any time!

This Simple Process Is Really All About You:

a) How YOU will have new subscribers to your “buyers list”.
b) How YOU will start saving money by not buying-buying-buying!
c) How YOU will have more money to do things you want.
d) How YOU will build a name for yourself which will attract more affiliates!
e) How YOU can create products easier then you ever thought!

The bottom line is, you can keep paying everyone else, or you can start your own simple report and YOU get paid….Once you apply what I teach you.

So here is my offer. I am only going to charge a measly few bucks.

Yep, you heard it right.

I have left nothing uncovered. 

I am here to answer any questions you have, as customer support is one of my top priorities in product creation.

Is There a Refund Policy Cyndi? 

Yes…. If after 30 days you showed me that you have applied the techniques laid out in this product and have not made a profit, I will refund you every cent of your investment.

So what are you waiting for? 

Go ahead and click the button below and let’s do this!

To your success,

Cyndi Parker-Hester

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