[GET] Super Affiliate Machine DOWNLOAD

[GET] Super Affiliate Machine DOWNLOAD

Sick & tired of wasting your time building websites
that don’t make any money & kind of just… Sit there?

How You Can Start Creating SimpleAffiliate Super Sites That Profit $500-$1,000 Per Month EACH With Our New & Simple, Proven 4-Step Software..

… Even if you’re completely new to SEO

(Watch the video below and I’ll prove it to you)

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Price Triples On january 28th)

  • Hey there, Austin E. Anthony here in partnership with…

  • SEO genius & expert Developer, Taqi Askari

I’ve been an internet marketer since the year 2008. I’m not a huge product launcher but my APC Reloaded course has over 10,000 fans many of which made their first dollar online using it. I’m here to help you stay ahead of the SEO curve  and to get you the results you deserve

“So Let Me Ask You This”

  • Are you tired of buying product after product and getting no results?
  • Are you tired of checking your website stats and seeing only trickles of traffic coming in?
  • Are you tired of logging into your affiliate accounts and seeing ZERO commissions?
  • Are you tired of the pie-in-the-sky promises that don’t deliver?

If so, then I want to welcome you to this page. If you’re here right now then you’re in search of something better. You’re in search of something that will actually work for you.

Something that will FINALLY pay off after putting in SO much time into this whole “online marketing thing” right? Something that is proven – something which you can plug-n-play and GET RESULTS!

Trust me, you’re in the right place…

I’d like to share with you how I’m able to profit over $500 PER DAY from simple affiliate sites – and how I’ve been getting results like these for the past 3 years.

(Click on the images to enlarge.)

$46,000 From A Single Site

$3500 commissions

$673 commission

$400 commissions

$2120 Payout

$560 commission

$92 commissions from one site per day

$1k Payout this month

$256.47 from a single sale

$28,700 commission

speed Even More Proof… speed

$21,0000 Commissions from Markethealth

$4k from one site

You want to know the best part though? You’re also going to see how ordinary people, justlike YOU, have been able to do the same exact thing by following my proven techniques.

That’s right, I’ve been able to not only get results myself, but I’ve been able to show brand new marketers how to absolutely CRUSH it with affiliate marketing as well.

Real World Results From The Super Affiliate Machine

(I’m happy to put you in touch with any of these people.)

“Been online for years now and I have seen many marketers with many “make money online” products with no real value come and go. When it comes to making money online, Austin’s system is a very simple but very effective system that works.

I must be honest with you, I having been making money consistently online before I came across Austin’s system but I must also give credit to whom credit is due because his system opened me up to more opportunities in the health niche.


With Austin’s  system I have been able to amp up my earnings online particularly from the health niche. Here is one of my affiliate accounts, And  I do have a couple of them …

If you want results like the above, give the system a try, it is more than worth the investment.”

“Hey Austin,

I just wanted to give you a short thank you!

I created and ranked a new site during last weeks exactly like you taught in your system and this site is scratching now the $100 per day mark – just alone this one site!

Here are some screenshots I made today for this site.


Looking to break the $100 today as its just in the morning now!”

~ Lia Cavle

“I was so lucky that I found your system.

I’m a full time Internet marketer for almost 5 years now I have to say that your system is the most practical program I have seen.

The material is very detailed and complete yet thankfully it is concise and quick to get through.

This has made the system very simple for me to implement. Here is an overview in one of my affiliate account accounts:”
~ Kitmane

But it gets even better…

I’m not only going to share with you my proven blueprint, I’m going to share with you how I’ve been able to automate the ENTIRE process that has allowed me AND my students to get these kind of results:

Even More Real World Results…

(Click on the images to enlarge.)

$900 Last Month!

One Product!

One Month Report

Sale notification again

£6, 600 Almost 10k In Commissions

Over $6,500 In Commissions

over $800 In Sales

Sale notification

Another Sale Notification

I could keep on posting results, but that’s not the point. The point is to show you that my techniques work, but not only work for me, they work for ordinary, every-day people just like YOU! Just put your trust in my proven techniques and get RESULTS!

However, I do have a confession to make…

“If I said It Was Always This Easy, I’d Be Lying To You”

I do have to be 100% honest with you. It was not always this easy. In fact, just a few short years ago, I was just like you. I was searching for an opportunity. I was searching for a way out. I was searching for something better.

I was working as a shop assistant and I absolutely HATED it. I was working 12 hours a day at a job that was going to get me NO WHERE in life except making my boss rich.

Deep down inside I knew there was something better out there for me. I didn’t deserve to be stuck in a dead-end job getting paid minimum wage.

Life is meant to be more than that, right? More than just making ends meet, more than just working for the rest of our lives, more than worrying about money and bills all the time!

I decided to take things into my own hands and create a better life for myself. This set me on a path down the ‘rabbit hole’. I started doing some research and I kept coming across a bunch of people talking about how they were making all this money online.

This got me extremely excited, but extremely discouraged at the same time. Why you may be asking?

Because I knew absolutely NOTHING about internet marketing, and when I say nothing, I mean it! If there was a picture to describe the word “newbie” in the dictionary, my face would be all over it!

I didn’t know what WordPress was, what a domain was, what hosting was… let alone know the FIRST thing about affiliate marketing!

This feeling of the “unknown” led me to I abandon the idea all together. These guys making money online had to know some secret trick they would never share with me, right?

“EVERYTHING Changed. Reality Slapped me in the FACE!”

Not only did reality slap me in the face, it gave me a HUGE kick in the ASS! I LOST MY JOB! My biggest fear had become reality. I was SCARED!

I was left broke, tired and had to figure out how I was going to make my next months rent.

That’s when I decided to go back and revisit this whole “internet marketing” thing. It was NOT easy by any means.

For starters, when some of my family and friends saw that I was learning “internet marketing”, they thought I was crazy! Some of them told me, “Austin, go look for a real job and stop wasting your time in front of the computer.”

Do you have some of these people in your life?

Have you had someone tell you that before?

I almost let them get to me. I almost quit! And I couldn’t really blame them, most of them don’t understand what we do online.

So, I decided to ignore them and keep pushing forward…

“A Few Months Later, I Proved Them Wrong”

I started getting results. I started making money online. That same year I went on to profit over $30,000 in affiliate commissions! I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY at my results.

How could a broke, 22-year old, former shop assistant get these kind of results?  

It took a lot of failure… a lot of testing and a lot tweaking until FINALLY I developed a duplicatable system for building an army of mini affiliate sites.

Sites that pump out passive income EVERY single day. Sites that profit $500-$1,000 per month, EACH!

Whenever I need a new income stream, I just pop out a new site.

Imagine if you were handed that kind of power?

The power to take control of your income. The power to take control of your life… The power to quit your job and live life on your terms and your time frame without a boss telling you what to do…

How many of these sites would you create? 2? 3? 10? 50?

Personally I went on to put up as many sites as I could and because of that – today, I make a VERY healthy six-figure income working from home as an affiliate…

…but my biggest accomplishment has been teaching thousands of people my proven techniques. To date I’ve taught my techniques to well over 10,000 marketers…

The results of my students have been nothing short of amazing!

Just Take A Look At Some Of My Students Results…

“But That’s Not Enough For Me, I Want To Be Remembered For Something”

Even though I personally make a healthy six-figure income and even though the people who follow my techniques get results as well. I knew I can do better. I knew I can perfect my techniques even MORE!

So I went back to the drawing board and created something absolutely AMAZING! 
Something that removes ALL guess work and streamlines the road to profit when following my techniques.

fade-leftfade-rightImagine if it was as simple as logging into ONE online-based dashboard and:

  • Finding Golden Keywords At The Click Of a Button That Follows Our Proven Selection Techniques

  • Finding winning products from our recommended affiliate networks that pay BIG and pay on time!

  • Finding and buying High-Quality Aged (or new) Domains That Allow You to Rank FAST Based On Our Ninja Domain Techniques!

  • Automatically Build Your Entire WordPress Site with Our Proven Site-Setup Techniques

  • Automatically Install all the top plugins we recommend to rank, FAST!

  • Post Content Onto Your New Site Right From Inside Our Software!

      “It Wasn’t All There Yet Though.. 
A Vital Part Of The Equation Was Missing”

Although I had this vision of being able to streamline my niche site system to an easy duplicable system, it was only that – A VISION!

I’m no expert coder, who can wake up and make my vision a reality. I couldn’t code my way out of a brown paper bag – let alone a software like the one I had in my head!

However, I was NOT going to let that stop me. I was determined and I was on a mission, but not just any mission…

..you see, I’d heard of the horror stories of people hiring developers on Odesk, Elance and sites like it.

Stories of programmers leaving projects half way done, or taking the money and not starting at all – and my worst nightmare, finding a programmer to complete the software and disappearing on me after the launch and not being able to support it.

I searched and searched for months on end with VERY little success. I did interview after interview only to be disappointed when I would give them a test project…

“A Match So Perfect, It Was Like The First Time I Met My Puppy”

Just when I was ready to give up, there was an ANIMAL of a programmer delivered to me from the SEO heavens! or at least that’s how it felt!

I got to talking to this gentlemen Taqi Askari, and within a few short minutes I knew this was different to all the other conversations I’ve had with other programmers…

He was highly intelligent, he understand internet marketing as a business, he was an SEO expert (HUGE plus) AND he understood the power of automation :)

After about an hour I knew this was my guy! I felt it in my gut. I shared my vision with him and as they say, The rest is history!

Just a few short months later we literally turned my ENTIRE Blueprint for creating sites that profit up to $500 a day into a step-by-step software that ANYONE, including YOU, can follow to start building an army of profit-producing affiliate sites.

The best part is, you can create your first site in under 5 minutes!

“I know It Sounds Too Good To Be True & I’d Be Skeptical As Well. But Watch Me Build A Profitable Website In Just 5 Minutes”

(Special Launch Week Pricing – Price TRIPLES On January 28th)



Super Affiliate Machine

Super Affiliate Machine Is The Premier Tool – That’s Based On Proven Techniques – For Building Sites that Profit $500-$1,000 Per Month Per Site!

…And the best part is that my software walks you through each and every step as if I was personally doing it for you.

fade-leftfade-rightYou see, I’ve broken my process down to 4 simple steps:

  • ”1″

    ”Research Your Product and Keywords”

  • ”2″

    ”Purchasing Your Domain”

  • ”3″

    ”Building Your Site”

  • ”4″

    ”Promoting Your Site”

…And now for the first time ever, you can do each of these steps

“Hold On There, What If I Can’t 
Even Program My VCR’s Clock?”

Don’t you worry, SAM is the simplest SEO tool on the market today

No more software to download, no more license keys to deal with, no more having to buy 3-4 different softwares to get the job done!

No more having to worry whether you’re on a Mac or PC.. NONE of that stuff!

Just access Super Affiliate Machine from your preferred web browser and you get it ALL in one place!

“Okay, Okay Enough Already! 
What Can This “Super Affiliate Machine” Do For Me?”

So.. You’ve heard the story, now let me tell you EXACTLY what SAM can do and how it’s going to make your life not only easier, but more profitable…

  • ”1″

    ”When you first login to SAM you’ll be greeted by our central dashboard.. ″

    Here you’ll find all of the top CPA network, affiliate networks & basically every website you’ll need to visit to monetize your sites. All accessible from directly within the software

  • ”2″

    ”After you’re done checking those out you’ll be taken to a bar where you can enter a niche.. ″

    Any niche it doesn’t matter. Don’t have one? Pick from our list of the top 100 profitable SEO Niches. After you enter your niche the software will automatically find all the relevant keywords in your niche.. Keywords you couldn’t possibly come up with on your own unless you worked 72 hours straight… I don’t want to do that & I doubt you do

  • ”3″

    ”Then you get to pick your keywords, here’s when things start to get cool.. ″

    When you click on a keyword SAM will automatically tell you if the keyword is worth targeting on a 0%-100% scale.. You see we didn’t want you to waste ANY time targeting keywords that weren’t going to rank or make you money.. This way you’ll only target keywords that are worth your time

  • ”4″

    ”After you pick your keywords SAM then finds you relevant expired domains…”

    Have you ever seen another software do that? I haven’t. As you know NOTHING is more powerful than building your websites on an already expired domain. That’s your “unfair advantage” when it comes to ranking in Google that’s going to allow you to rank that much easier. Remember we wan’t this to be as simple and easy as possible for you

  • ”5″

    ”After you’ve got your domain SAM will then…”

    build WordPress out on it and get your website all setup. No more hassle it’s that simple you literally purchase your domain and set it up ALL FROM within the software

  • ”6″

    ”After it’s all said and done SAM will then allow you to post…”

    articles and give your website an SEO audit score.. Perfect this score (the software will teach you how) and you’ll be charging up the SERPs like a crazed gorilla who sees a banana down the road.. Yeah that powerful

Did I mention SAM does all of the above in a few minutes? Yeah this is the real deal… Oh, and you can repeat the process as much as you want & build as many of theseprofitable websites as you desire!

But we want to sweeten the deal for you, just so you know you’re really making out like a bandit on this one

*IMPORTANT* Special Launch Week Only Bonuses

When The Timer Hits Zero These Disappear Forever


This is the EXACT same system that we us to create huge ranking and build highly targeted keywords for very specific campaigns… It doesn’t matter if your goal is new find and uncover secret keywords, rank in the top 3, out rank your competitiors, you’ll have access to a PROVEN and tested template you can deploy in your business!


  • Access to the original A.P.C. Course: his software is based on my best selling course APC Reloaded.. When you purchase the software you’ll also get free access to this course. Which means not only wil you have the software but you’ll see the exact methods I used to make these websites that earn $1,000/month each.
  • Free access to our live SAM Webinar: In this live webinar, we’ll going to be showing you exactly how you can take SAM to the next level and make unstoppable Authority Sites. In addition, I’ll be revealing multiple 5-figure websites on the live call, and we’re even going to break them down into great detail.
  • The Ultimate Guide To Tiered Link Building: Tiered link building has been around since the beginning of SEO & there’s a reason for that… It works and still works to this day. Proper SEO is key to ranking your websites & keeping them ranking
  • Social Shock: It’s common knowledge that “Social” links are powerful.. But anywhere you look on SEO blogs right now you’ll see Social links are going to be the BIGGEST factor in 2015. See how to build them right and see the correct ratios that’ll allow you to shoot up the SERPs like an angry rhino
  • PLUS… List Of Top 100 Most Profitable SEO Niches:Within SAM at one point you’ll have to enter some niches to generate keywords.. We understand that sometime it can be hard to think of niches.. Maybe it’s writers block or you’re just not very creative! (Trust me we’re not creative we pay people to find niches) Anyways we put together a list of the top 100 niches for you to make life, well that much simpler!

(Special Launch Week Pricing


Price Triples On january 28th)

You May Think SAM is Expensive and I Get That, But Get This:

  • SAM is unlike any other SEO tool out there
  • Sure there are other website builders
  • There are other keyword discovery tools
  • There are even other competition analyzers

But here’s the thing, not only do we have all of this in ONE CENTRAL LOCATION you can use from your Mac, your PC, your linux… Hell you can even use it from your cell phone or IPad

BUT we also do it better than they do, we developed our own algorithms over the course of a year & ran beta tests for months to create the ultimate SEO machine

Let’s just check how much 
these tools would cost you elsewhere

Website Builder

$47.00/Month OR $560.00/Year

Keyword Research Tool

$17.00/Month OR $204.00/Year

Keyword Discovery Tool

$27.00/Month OR $324.00/Year

Competition Analyzer

$69.95/Month OR $839.40/Year

Those are REAL prices from our competitors… So according to them we should be charging you the price of $1927.00/YEAR

Yeah, not on my watch.. The funny part is that doesn’t even include our other features or the free bonusesyou’ll be getting

BUT, I Want To Make This Deal Even Better For You

So here’s the deal… If for any reason at all and I mean ANY REASON you don’t like SAM we have a 10 day no questions asked refund guarantee

That means if within the first 10 days after your purchase any of the following happen:

  • Maybe your dog bites you
  • Your mom forgot to pay your allowance
  • Your grandma left her keys in the car

It doesn’t matter what the reason is… If you don’t like SAM within the first 10 days after your purchase we will refund you no questions asked!

Now I’ll Make Purchasing SAM An Absolute No Brainer…

So don’t miss out, we’ve worked extremely hard on this software making SAM a great tool we can be proud of. Remember if the software doesn’t work for you within 60 days we’re going to double your money back!

But that doesn’t matter because we believe in our software and our support will be there 24/7 to heed your call and help you out

So don’t regret missing out on SAM, especially during launch week pricing
Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose & so much to gain…

  • Austin E. Anthony

  • Taqi Askari

PS…. Still here? Haha that means you really want to buy Super Affiliate Machine! Are you waiting for my approval Okay here’s what you need to do… Click the buy button below and I’ll see you in the members area ☺

[GET] Super Affiliate Machine DOWNLOAD



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