[GET] SubscriberBlaze Squeeze Page WP Plugin DOWNLOAD

GET SubscriberBlaze Squeeze Page WP Plugin DOWNLOAD



It Only Takes me 
a Short 60 Seconds to Set up a 
Simple to Deploy Squeeze Page, 
Ready to Suck in Subscribers Like a 
Dyson Vacuum Cleaner…



  • Ready to go, fully compatible with any WP theme and any Autoresponder as soon as you click “Activate”
  • Push a button to create your squeeze page.
  • Push one more button to add conversion necessary powers: testing, geotargeting, countdowns, and more…

I Bet You Could


From Those Subscribers in

Half The Time.

SHON CARY has worked from home as an Internet Marketer since 2002. His clients and students would always ask him to recommend asimple, elegant, and easy way to create gorgeous, high-converting squeeze pages, so they could finally build their own lists at a lightening pace. But none of the options available on the market had each and every feature proven to maximize conversion, so Shon built his own. Today, he shares the most important conversion secret powers, and SubscriberBlaze, with you.

A very important letter from Shon Cary:

Before today, Internet Marketing was almost easy.

You probably know that if you have your own list of targeted subscribers, making an extra $100, $500, or $1,000+ a month can truly be as easy as sending an e-mail…

And you may have heard the most over-used expression in the Internet Marketing world… “The money is in the list.”

But I’ve got to drop a “reality bomb” on all of the people who carelessly toss that expression around…

If you haven’t started building your list yet… You’re missing out on a huge money-well

And if you’re not constantly building your list… Your money-well will DRY UP…

We build our lists with squeeze pages. And if your squeeze pages aren’t constantly converting as high as possible… It’s like…

Holding a stack of crisp $100 bills in your hand… throwing them into a pit full of gasoline… striking a match… and lighting them on fire.

Yes, it’s a dramatic image. It has to be. The lesson I’m sharing is that important.

Because most people, no matter how experienced in Internet Marketing, don’t know the 3 critical elements that your squeeze pages must have.

For Top Converting Squeeze Pages

three super powers

Because these 3 elements – and so many more — are so important to maximizing conversion, I would have my cliets put in the time, effort, and investment to make sure they had all 3, which required:

Either a lot of time programming,
a large investment in a designer, OR

a large investment in software
that only did some of these things.

Has this ever happened to you?

You want to profit from building a list…

But you get caught up in all of the technical steps in between…

Over my 12+ years in this biz, it’s happened to me hundreds of times… until I finally had ENOUGH!

Because after custom-tweaking dozens of squeeze pages myself on behalf of my clients for years, I finally hunted down and hired one of the best WordPress programmers in the world to take all of my unique “conversion super power criteria” and include it in one ultimate, perfect, and easy-to-use squeeze page creator plugin.


Subscriber Blazer

I Use It On 100% Of My WP Sites. 
I Am Extremely Proud Of It


It’s my solemn promise: That you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to create stunning and top-converting squeeze pages and landing pages in under 60 seconds with SubscriberBlaze.

See All Of Subscriber Blaze’s Super Powers,
And Decide For Yourself If It Is A
Fully Loaded, Insane Value

Live Preview With Content Repositioning (drag n’ drop) Technology:

Live preview will ensure that you know EXACTLY what your pages will look like as you create them. 
Plus you can reposition page content by simply dragging it up/down and dropping it in place…right within 
the Live Preview.

Not a single stitch of code, no more constant refreshing, tweaking, refreshing, and tweaking.

This includes: Google Fonts, video/text testimonials, footer links, bullet points and more. So if you HATE the technical elements of design and programming, this is for you. ($500 cost to outsource per site)

Automatically Make Your Squeeze Pages Mobile Ready:

Instantly create a mobile responsive version of your pages automatically. You do NO extra work. ($300 cost to outsource per site)

Super Easy Facebook Fan Page Integration:

For additional exposure, leads and sales.

Facebook Fan Pages are proven to add tens of thousands of subscribers to lists for FREE. Now you can get in on the action in one click of your mouse. (Elite Licenses only) ($200 cost to outsource per site)

Easy Slider Opacity Control:

Make your queeze pages really stand out by using a convenient slider to increase or decrease opacity levels. Allowing you to perfectly control how much of your background appears visible through your Squeeze Page. ($100 cost to outsource)

All The High-Res Backgrounds You’d Ever Need:

Includes 100+ stunning high-resolution backgrounds that you have complete rights to use however you like. You can also easily upload your own backgrounds if you choose.

Transform Your Background Into a Video:

Wanna way to really bring excitement to your squeeze page(s)? Simply add your video, click a button…and your background instantly comes to life, sparking curiousity, engagement and higher optin rates. ($500 cost to outsource per site).

Add Another 20+% To Your Conversion Rate:

Create stunning lightboxes that pop over any post or page you want. (Elite Licenses only) ($300 cost to outsource per site)

Attention Grabbing Exit Pops:

People don’t feel like it’s a “pop up”. Easily add an Exit Pop to any post/page including your squeeze page and then redirect the visitor anywhere you want. Gives you the opportunity to maximize every bit of traffic to your Squeeze Page(s). (Elite Licenses only) ($300 cost to outsource per site).

Even More Optins? Add a Version of Your Squeeze Page to the End of Every Post/Page in One Click:

Add your squeeze page inside of any post or page – flows seamlessly and turns ALL of your content into a list builder. (Elite Licenses only) ($500 cost to outsource per site)

Scarcity ‘Run-Out’ Timer:

Fear of Loss is a very strong motivator. The Scarity Timer can be added to any post or page and will count down the quantity remaining, When the countdown ends, you can redirect your traffic anywhere you want. (Elite Licenses only) ($200 cost in additional software)

Alert ‘Count Down’ Timer:

Real-time timer that will count down the days, hours, and minutes that an offer is available.

Industry experts swear by these timers, and it’s proven time and again to boost conversions by a whopping 40% or more.

Also great for promoting upcoming events like product launches, webinars etc…($200 cost in additional software)

‘The Personalizer’… Thank Them by Name:

When you can immediately make new subscribers feel appreciated, they are WAY more likely to open up your e-mails consistently! You can now automatically accomplish this by showing your subscriber’s name on Thank You and Success Pages. (Elite Licenses only) ($250 cost in additional software)

TONS of PreMade High Converting Submit Buttons:

Ever build a page and spend an extra 10 – 20 minutes looking for or tweaking a button? I hope so, because your button matters. Just switching out a button has proven to boost conversion rates by 5% or more!

Right inside SubscriberBlaze, you’ll be able to choose from a huge library of 300+ premade call-to-action submit buttons. And if thats still not enough, you can even upload your own. ($100 cost additional software)

Powerful Real-Time Tracking & Stats

Without fussing with additional software, or paying for an additional service. SubscriberBlaze will automatically track clicks, opt-ins, sales and conversion rates and display the data right before your eyes in 
a easy view format. No more being left in the dark. Know your squeeze page activity the moment it happens. ($400 cost additional software)

(ETS) Enhanced Testing System With Auto-Optimization:

Although it may sound complicated, its the simplest, most powerful testing tool ever offered in any squeeze page creator product and it blows traditional A/B split-testing out of the water! Now even the biggest tech-phobe can test, AUTOMATICALLY Optimize and increase optin conversions like a pro. Testing is where the REAL Money is Made! More Optins = More $$$ (Elite Licenses only) ($1500 cost to outsource per site)

Automated Geo Recognition & Personalization:

Automatically personalize your pages with the visitor’s city and your jaw just might drop by how high your conversion rate increases. Use this, and nothing else, and you can immediately see a boost of 10%, 20%, or even 30%. Is that worth a literal 15 seconds of your time? You bet. (Elite Licenses only)($1500 cost to outsource per site)

Live-Updating, Social Proof That Boosts Optin Conversions:

Show your traffic that they’re joining a large VIP community by including a list of real-time subscribers right on the squeeze page. When they see that other real people are signing up, they’ll be more motivated to sign up themselves! (Elite Licenses only) ($750 cost to outsource per site)

With Delayed Optin, they’ll be begging to subscribe:

Build massive anticipation and have your visitors chomping at the bit to subscribe to your list(s) in droves. Set your optin form to automatically display at a preset time of your choosing. Especially powerful when used in combination with video. (Elite Licenses only) ($400 cost to outsource per site)

Squeeze Page Positioning:

Tired of always displaying your squeeze page(s) in the center of the screen? Now you can move your page(s) anywhere on the screen…up or down, right or left at the click of a button. (Elite Licenses only)($1000 cost to outsource per site)

Go Invisible:

This subtle, yet cool feature allows you to simply click one button and seamlessly blend your squeeze page right into the page background. (Elite Licenses only) ($300 cost to outsource per site)

A Legitimate
$9,700.00 Package…

Not made up “retail values”… But the REAL value based on how much you would have to pay outsourcers, and pay in additional software, to have all of this proven-to-convert raw POWER…

As you see, SubscriberBlaze instantly replaces 10+ expensive pieces of software… And eradicates your need to outsource to a designer or developer…

It is truly the end-to-end List Building solution… your squeeze page, stunning and complete, ready to work for you as soon as you click “Activate”.

And best of all?

You’ll Finally Have The

Money-Making List
You’ve Always Wanted

Because the pages you’ll create with SubscriberBlaze are gorgeous. The type that are proven time and again to convert at 45%, 53%, and even 37% AND MORE…

So imagine holding a check for $1,000, or getting a Paypal transfer for $1,000… and knowing that if you want to double that, all you have to do is create another SubscriberBlaze funnel in 60 seconds and start sending traffic!

It really is that easy – just like you saw in the demo, and just how you see in these screenshots!





Note: The Powered by Logo Can be Turned Off

Did you know that

you can’t get ANYTHING like

Subscriber Blazer

anywhere else?

I don’t care where you look.

Because no other plugin takes my years of experience…

No other plugin is based off of my unique knowledge of exactly what gets squeeze pages to be conversion-churning-machines…

And no other plugin has each and every engagement and conversion tool built in for you, ready to go as soon as you click “Activate”.

Without Paying Monthly
Without The $200 Price Tag
Without ANY Technical Hassle

In fact, during the Grand Opening special of SubscriberBlaze, you can immediately download

GET SubscriberBlaze Squeeze Page WP Plugin DOWNLOAD


By now, you’ve probably thought that SubscriberBlaze is a really incredible value…and you’d be right. Because even if you only use this for the instant squeeze page, and instant mobile squeeze pages functionality, with no WordPress or programming experience necessary thanks to our unique drag-and-drop with live preview functionality…

Or if you only use it for the testing and tracking that is built-in and goof proof…

Or if you only use it to GEO-target the traffic that comes to your squeeze pages, proven to (even if you do NOTHING else) boost conversion rates by a minimum of 10%…

Or if you only use it for the lightbox and exit pops, which also have been proven time and again to as much as double conversion rates…

Or if you only use it for the countdown and scarcity timers – which are holy grail conversion elements that cost an arm and a leg elsewhere…

Is using any ONE of those newfound super powers across all of your websites, and all of your clients’ websites, worth a risk-free $37?

Of course it is! But instead of just one, you’ll have ALL of the SubscriberBlaze superpowers for that one-time, small investment.

But, as I mentioned before, there IS a catch…



Limited Time Grand Opening Special

…made available to you right now, and right now only. This grand
opening discount can close at any time.

That’s because this software is the Cadillac of Conversions, and right after the grand opening, I’m going to price it accordingly. Like a Cadillac.

So rather than wait for that and be disappointed about what easy conversion hikes and instant cash surges could have been, satisfy your curiosity and give SubscriberBlaze a try right now, entirely risk free with our money-back guarantee.



GET SubscriberBlaze Squeeze Page WP Plugin DOWNLOAD


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