[GET] Stealth Video Sales DOWNLOAD

[GET] Stealth Video Sales DOWNLOAD

“Discover a Powerful and Proven Formula for Selling ANY Product or Service with Ease using Video…”

…revealed through ‘Over the Shoulder’ Case Studies that show you 
exactly how we use this system in our businesses over and over.


Increase Conversion & Generate More Sales

Save Time & Cut Costs on Video Production

Highly Versatile & Easy to Follow Formula

Both Newbie & Veteran Marketer Friendly

It’s Official…Online Video Marketing has  Blown Up!

Dear Fellow Video Marketer,

Neil Macpherson here on behalf of myself and my good friend Justin Sardi…

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or so, some where out there using aol mail still, then you’ve likely seen the video explosion that his hit the marketing world like a tidal wave.

New tools have popped up all over the place that allow you to do all kinds of awesome stuff with your videos that just wouldn’t have been possible before.

The reason is that online video has quickly become one of the best marketing mediums the world has ever seen.

I’ll explain what I mean in just a second but first let me give you a super quick background on who we are, how we know each other and how we got to where we are today…

Justin and I were roommates in our early 20’s and have been friends for almost a decade   now. He’s basically one of the smartest, most rock solid and loyal people I’ve ever met.

When I first set out online I struggled for nearly a year and a half to make any real money. 

 A lot of people told me to stop wasting my time but Justin hung in there and supported me while remaining interested in finding a way to make money online instead of having a JOB.

Once things caught on for me with Local marketing (selling websites and SEO) he came on board and over time we have grown into very versatile marketers that can sell virtually any product or service online or “offline”.

Back then our main focus was local marketing (we still take on clients to this day) which led us to learning paid traffic simply due to client demands.

It wasn’t long after we started working with search PPC that we discovered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is now possible with Video Advertising.

After meeting a YouTube “Guru” (he’s really a super chill guy) at a marketing event we gained even more insight into where things were trending with this whole “video thing”.

Not only did we hear that video helped your conversions but that it was going to BLOW UP.

As it has.

With all that knowledge in hand we began to apply video to what we were already doing online and even though we didn’t have a clue what we were doingit still made us money.

We noticed an immediate increase in conversions even from the very first crappy iphone video we used and slapped on a landing page.

What didn’t take long to figure out was…

“The hardest part of making money with video is learning how to actually SELL with videos on a regular basis without wasting tons of time or money…”

We learned that lesson the hard way. Through good ole trial and error. Here is what happened…

Right around this time we found a great opportunity that lead us to figure out even more about selling with video…

We landed a client with a video editing software that wanted us to help them sell it and give us a percentage of the profits.

Although we’d heard webinars (live video sales) were the way to go we really had no real map to follow when it came to using them to make sales.

So we purposely went to an event hosted by a guy who had absolutely killed it on webinars.

At that event we learned the core formula that we’ve been using ever since. Once we went home and took action we got some truly shocking results.

In three months we sold $150k worth of that software using this one formula with our own style mixed into it. That’s when the light bulb really went off.

We thought “Hey if this works so well for webinars, maybe it’ll work great for other videos too” and man were we right!

As we started implementing this formula into our local marketing strategies and affiliate promotions we found it worked over and over again.

The best part is because the formula is broken down into three main sections we were able to scale it up or down for almostany type of video we wanted to create.

“We developed a Proven, Battle Tested System for Creating Profit Pulling Videos Like Clockwork and Works for Almost Any Product or Services you can think of…”

In fact it works for pretty much anything you would want to sell online, such as…


Works Great For Local Clients

Once we fine tuned our video sales template we started using it with clients and found it to work like a charm. Not only can you use this template to script the video and charge for it but you can even use it to land clients!

Once a client sees the difference between how they are trying to use video and what this formula can do for their business, it’s game over. 

With this knowledge in hand you immediately look like an expert and can charge for more than you’d think.

Increases Affiliate Marketing Sales

Any affiliate marketer worth their salt knows that if you canincrease conversions you can increase your income.

Using our system we’ve promoted hundreds of affiliate products with great success. What we love about it is how easy yet still effective it is to create these profit pulling videosweek in and week out. 

Whether you are doing reviews, mailing your list or any type of promotion this formula can help you take it up a notch.



Excellent for Software Solutions and Information Products

One of the fastest growing and smartest ways to make money online is by selling your own software or digital products. That is what this formula was built for.

Although we’ve “re-purposed it” for many different uses at the core it’s designed to sell Digital Products. 

Overtime and plenty of testing we’ve figured out a ton of “little factors” that make a big difference in your sales and they are all built into the system. Even just one little tip has the potential to bring you thousands more in sales.

Even Works for Amazon Sellers…

Like I said you can use this formula to sell virtually anything online and sell more of it. 

Have a Kindle book you want to sell more copies of at a higher conversions rate? Great. This formula will help make that happen. 

Have a physical product you’d like to sell more of with less traffic? Perfect. Our System can help you do just that.


“Not only that but Our Proven System Saves you Time & Money while increasing conversions and sales…”

Once we began to find so much success with this formula we began to find all kinds of ways to speed up the process and save ourselves some time.

In analyzing our results we found that some of our best converting videos weren’t all that pretty and shiny but at the end of the day…they worked.

That’s when we realized that we didn’t have to create whiz bang videos to get them to make money. It’s all about the actual sales message inside.

So we developed a system that would allow us to create more videos and make more sales on a regular basis with virtually no cost and the least amount of time spent possible.

Over time we tweaked, test and fine tuned every type of video from a 2 minute teaser to a 1-1/2 hour live presentation to get the maximum results.

Eventually we found a ton of ways to create videos with almost no cost and could pump them out all the time.

Not only that but it increased our conversions and sales in the process which is awesome.

There is no better way to make more money with what you are doing then selling more while doing less work.

Like I said even when the videos weren’t “perfect” they still got great results.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the shiny software tools on the planet, if you don’t understand how to actually sell with videoyou will struggle to make sales.

With our formula you’ll never have to worry about that again.

Don’t you think if you had a proven system for creating high converting videos that you could save time and make more money using video?

We know you can and that’s why we created this special training to show you the ropes…



This is our complete system for selling almost anything you can think of online. After years of testing and tweaking, trial and error we’ve developed a highly flexible system that will help you convert at a higher rate while building good will along the way. With this proven system you’ll always be a step ahead of the competition.

Here’s what you’ll Learn Inside…

  • Standard Sales Video – We use this 30 minute educational style video as the basis for everything else taught in the course. You’ll get the full breakdown and see us put it into imperfect action that generated us some great income multiple times.
  • Re-purposing for More Money – In this section we show you how to save tons of time by simply re-using (in a specific way) videos you’ve already created. We give you an example of how we slimmed a 20 minute video down to five minutes, placed it in a different funnel and generated almost 10x the revenue.
  • Quick Value Demo – In this section you learn our super simple yet highly effective strategy for creating product demo videos that convert like crazy. You’ll see an example of a video that helped generate some big time sales with very little effort. Massive
  • Video Marketing Case Study – As a part of the bonus traffic training (more below) you’ll see behind the scenes how Justin generated $66k in sales from a YouTube Promotion. It won’t take you long to realize how this knowledge is PURE GOLD. And much much more…

What is included when you Buy Today…

Easy to Digest Ebook

To make it easy to quickly absorb the main formula and tactics you get the main PDF (30 pages) and a short breakdown PDF of the core formula.

Walk Through Videos

Each section of the main PDF comes with a walkthrough video reviewing the content and then showing you a real world application tcase study.

Step-by-Step Templates

To make it drop dead simple to create a winning sales video we provide you with the exact templates we use to create all of our videos.

Additional Video Training

We also include a one hour training session replay that teaches some of our best conversion, creation and video traffic strategies.

Plus You Get these Killer Bonuses…

yt cool

Bonus #1 – $66k in 11 days with YouTube Marketing (Case Study)

We recognize that in order to make money with Video you not only need a rock solid video designed with a proven sales formula… 

…but you also need targeted video traffic! Without traffic it doesn’t matter how awesome your video is you will not make sales. 

That’s why we are including a live webinar training where Justin will pull back the curtain on a promotion that generated $66k in sales in one week all from YouTube Traffic.

Bonus #2 – Justin’s In Stream Video Ad Template & Walk Through Video

One of the fastest and most targeted methods of getting traffic from YouTube is by running In stream (pre-roll) ads. The problem is most marketers have no clue how to effectively craft an ad that will get the most bang for your buck. 

Justin has been creating and fine tuning video ads for himself and his clients for years now which helped him develop this template. 

By following this template and walk through video you’ll gain the full understanding of how to script a video ad and why.

doc clip


Bonus #3 – Live Video Sales Template & Walk Through

Live video is one of the most profitable marketing mediums online today. Between the two of us we’ve done hundreds of live video sales presentations and we owe all of our success to this template. It flat out works. 

Whether you want to do a hangout, YouTube live presentation or good ole webinar for you or a client…this template will give you the exact steps you need to follow to get the maximum conversions.

By combining our Complete System for Selling Anything with Video with the Over the Shoulder Case Studies and YouTube Traffic Training you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running…. 

Click the Buy Button Below to Get Start Selling More with Video Today…



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