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Personal user (Monthly) rights means you can use this in your own business to profit and setup unlimited campaigns.

Developer rights (Monthly) means you can use this in your own business and to help an unlimited amount of businesses improve their Facebook campaigns.

Find Your Competitors

Look At What’s Working And Whats Not

Duplicate The Campaign With Your Own Spin And Make Money

Spy Software Ever Created For Facebook That Within Seconds Reveals Previosly Unavailable Opportunities
To Make Money With Facebook Ads!

Hey, Sam Bakker here,

I am the guy behind Social Business Accelerator, a really popular Social Media Marketing site that boasts over 3000 active customers. In my time online I have generated a list of over 80,000 subscribers who rely on me and my company to provide the best and most up to date information about Social Media Marketing & Consulting.

The information that I’ve taught to students of mine has resulted in them making into the hundreds of thousands of dollars’ creating success both online and offline.

A big factor of that success has been our ability to direct customer attention to the most in-demand, hot upcoming trends. A good example of this was in the recent launch of Mobile Smartlink we enabled thousands of users with a software that could take any Facebook App and make it viewable on a Mobile Device. This was a BIG breakthrough for our customers.

But… dispite the success there was still one big problem that users wanted our help to solve…

…many of our customers had created ad campaigns over Facebook. Problem was they hadnt been able to duplicate the success they had heard or witnessed others having. They felt like they were flying blind, second guessing themselves when they tried to promote an offer. They wanted a way to be able to have a better chance at success with their campaigns. They wanted to be more sure that the money they were investing in Facebook ads would bring a return. Well here’s the truth… if you want to succeed yourself, find out what people who are successful are doing and do that. You’ve probably seen all of the other marketers out there making money on Facebook… well…

Imagine how much money you’ve missed out on as a result of not knowing what Is working on Facebook right now.

So we took things to the next logical level…

Fact is that plenty of people make money on Facebook… that means in order for us to make money all we need to do is find the people who are maknig money and use that information to create our own profitable campaign. Easy right?

How do we find profitable campaigns though? Facebook wont just hand us over their Facebook insight stats… the guys making the real money on Facebook arent going to show you their campaigns… so how do you find campaigns that are making money on Facebook?

Well Ricky, Mike and I got thinking about this and we decided to go on a mission. A mission to create a software that would allow us to locate data we were never meant to see… profitabe campaigns, ads other people were using, target markets others were going after, demograpjocs anmd even the landing pages they were leading people to from Facebook.

Look when we finished cooking up this baby we felt like Facebook should be paying us for the amount of marketers who were about to jump on Facebook and spend money on ads confident they knew the campaign was going to make money.

This software had to deliver all of the results we needed without asking for to specific information from us. We wanted a broad view of the market so we woudlnt miss the best opportinities.

Nothing like this had ever been created before… honestly, we didn’t know if it could even be done.

But our developer came back with a full solution and after a solid few months of thorough testing it was READY!

Beta Testers have already used this to track down and profit from campaigns they saw other people making a killing on using our software!

Locate Profitable Campaigns in seconds then use the data you locate to create your own winning offers over Facebook

All while saving you an incredible amount of time and effort.

Target new niches and make coin with less effort than you could ever imagine…

Spy Perfection Does It All For YOU!

The biggest advantage with Spy Perfection is that you can finally feel confident prior to creating your facebook campaigns that yours could be a winner…

Just how powerful is Spy Perfection?

Well how about if we let our testers tell you in their own words…

The JAW-DROPPING Powers and features of Spy Pefection is going to light up your Online Or Offline Marketing Business like biting into a hot chilli

Search Broad Keywords To Locate hidden GOLD

Find Out What Ads Are Being Used To
Promote Different Topics And Why

Look deeper and find out exactly who the
creator of the ad is targeting and why

Use Spy Pefection to locate the landing page And Other Information About How The Creator Of
The Ad Is Monetizing The Page

Get More Targeting With Your Ads And Save Money

Generate More Money Knowing What Others Are
Doing To Advertise Over Facebook In A Particular

Question is… Am I Going To Have To Mortgage
My House To Get All Of This?

Well the short answer is a good one. No you wont have to mortgage your house to get access to this one of a kind software.

It’s our mission to help you to the best of our ability, we obviously should be compensated for a software that’s set us back thousands and taken months of hard work to create… but we created this software so you would have an effective all in one resource you can use over and over again to make as much money as possible.

You’d be paying a grand total of $641 if you were to pay regular retail price, or look at investing in another
solution… this is at a minimum

We have a very dedicated and helpful support team who will help you with any questions you have. If for whatever you are using the software and you become stuck or you’re applying the system and you don’t know if you’re doing everything right simply shoot our support desk an email at and we will help you with any problems you come up against.

An absolute boatload that we couldn’t even begin to add up!

This information is invaluable and critical to your success online and offline NOW.
And in the future. We are giving you our most crucial information in our bonuses than more venders give you in their main products.

Spy Perfection
(Special 48 Hour Launch Price)

Be aware that the price of Spy Perfection will rise continually during this launch, so grab this amazing Facebook Software now before the price rises to high.

First 48 hour Price ONLY

You’ll have 30 days to make a decision as to whether Spy Perfection was a good purchase

All we ask is that you’re serious about your business and not one of those refund hobbyists who regularly likes to play the sad “Let’s Refund Game”

Spy Perfection is some very serious Facebook Marketing software for some very serious people who are ready to go to new heights in their business.

If you are not at the point of being serious about your business yet, let us make a suggestion… just pass on this software and pickup the next ‘cold calling for offline success’ course you see or something else instead

Because if you can’t see the value in Spy Perfection we probably are not going to be able to help you in your business.

We stand behind our software 100% all the way.

You have our support teams full assistance behind you to answer any questions or help you in any way to get Local Lead Detective working to it’s full potential.

We are happy to reimburse your investment in Spy Perfection for 30 days after purchase if you have contacted the support desk for help but we fail to get Spy Perfection running like a well-oiled machine for you.

We offer the 30 day policy to protect you against non-delivery, or the product not being as described. Because this is a digital information product and software with license keys that can be deactivated should a refund occur, it’s not subject to refunds for any other reason other than the ones stated above. Non-valid refund claims include no longer wanting or using the product

Are you ready to seriously to start dominating the competition uncovering profitable campaigns with subsequent ease…

Yes are you ready to start finally making money from Facebook starting today? This is your ticket!

You don’t want to be that guy or girl sitting at home still unprepared to run a Facebook campaign because you don’t know if it’s going to bring a return or not…

…it’s not why I got into this business and I doubt it’s why you got into this business either. If you want to find success marketing online it starts with finding a simple method that WORKS then scaling it up while maintaining the lifestyle that you got into this business for. Facebook ads can do that!

So what are you waiting for? The price is rising and there is no better time to act than NOW

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Personal user (Monthly) rights means you can use this in your own business to profit and setup unlimited campaigns.

Developer rights (Monthly) means you can use this in your own business and to help an unlimited amount of businesses improve their Facebook campaigns.

I cannot wait to hear of all your success stories,

P.S. What are you waiting for… you’ve got this far. You know that this software is far Beyond any of the other softwares and courses you’ve been spending your money on. You know the price is rising fast and soon will double if not triple. Don’t wait to get This and start dominating your market. Don’t come back tomorrow and kick yourself because you Have to pay significantly more. Jump in now, get in and start benefiting from this Awesome piece of marketing software.

P.P.S. This is your absolute last chance to get access to all the extreme benefits of Spy Perfection at a rock bottom price… what’s holding you back? We’ve shown you the solid results with Spy Perfectoin. Demonstrated how it works and how I produced such incredible results locally with it and around the world. Plus you know that something like this isn’t going to come around any time soon. How much time have you invested acting upon your business, generating results these last 7 days? It’s time you made the next 7 days the best of your business. It’s all possible with Spy Perfectoin. Jump in now. Catch you inside the members area ready to dominate your competition.

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