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Re: Dear people who wanna make money online and want it fast,

Hi, my name is Aarthi Elumalai and I’ve partnered with Tom Yevsikov Gaurab Borah to bring you…

…a rock solid method to generate 4-5 figures a month, quickly and easily.

I am writing this to you today because this could change your life FOREVER.

What we’ll show in this course – how to run a five figure per year writing business from home part time,without having to do any of the writing yourself, and essentially only working a couple of hours a week.

I have been doing this business for more than 2 years now, and has been VERY successful at it.

Instead of Talking To You About How Much I Struggled
(and I did, I was a modern slave), I’ll feel better If I Just Show
You Some Of My Results:

“I have made $100, $200, $500 and even as high as
$1000 per order…”

“I am just a normal person like you, and if I can do it –
YOU can do it too”

You see, Albert Einstein said it the best … “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”.

I know I have done that in the past, BUT NO MORE, and you can break that cycle too!

Want more freedom? More money to pay bills? More time with your family?

Then we have something GREAT for you…

 “Everything Changed When I Realized That Instead 
Of Writing Articles, I Can Be The Middle Woman Between
A Client & A Professional.”

The only reason I survived writing articles was because I charged very low prices. Now I had a talent, and many others like me had a talent, just couldn’t charge more.

Then I realized that there are clients out there who are willing to pay MORE than I charge, but as soon as they saw my prices, they grabbed me and we worked for cheap.

So I thought, what If I could become the middle man, with my knowledge in article writing and in service providing and give clients exactly what they need, while taking the cut?

And what cut? A big cut, a really big cut.

 “There Are NO Upfront Fee’s, You Can Get Started 
For FREE And Earn BIG Payments Very Quickly Just 
Like I do.”

“Fast Forward To Today, I Outsource This Whole Work 
For Extremely Cheap (I’ll show you how as well) And I Work 
Only A Few Minutes Per Week.”

And the reason I want to share this with you?

Because I believe in helping.

But more than that, I believe in getting results fast, without all these products and methods out there about launching and listbuilding.

 Just Take A Look At What People Say, 
And Decide For Yourself:

 “I Don’t Need Launching, I Don’t Need Listbuilding, I Don’t 
Need “PPC”…Because This Method Is Practically The DEFINITION
Of Fast Cash, It Works VERY Fast.”

  • We will teach you how to work when you want and how long to work. No more endless hours working for an ungrateful boss.
  • You will learn how to find the best paying clients. No more spending a fortune with solo ads and FB crap. This can cost ZERO!
  • We will teach you the exact method you need to make money.No more vague instructions about something that “should” work.
  • Learn exactly how a young girl makes 4-5 figures while going to college, there are no more excuses. You can do it too!

We also have these Fast Action Bonuses for you that you help
you succeed faster and easier…

#Bonus 1 – Content Flipping Profits (Valued at $47)

Discover How to ‘Flip Content’ for Instant Cash Profits.

This concise yet comprehensive ebook reveals step-by-easy-step how you can turn old PLR content intonew cash profits.

#Bonus 2 – Write Quality Targeted Content (Valued at $37)

Become An Authority In The Online Writing Market By Writing Quality, Targeted Content That Attracts a Large Number Of Visitors!

Learn how to offer visitors a better experience with substantial, to the topic content and stand out from your competition.

FREE Live Webinar Training Session with Gaurab Borah & Barry Plaskow

Sun, 3rd May 3 PM – 4PM EDT

Overnight 100k List + 70k/M Profits Without Lifting a Finger

“How Joe built a 7 figure business simply publishing an author, despite not speaking much English and having his secretary do all the work”

 FAQ About The Method Answered For You:

  •  Will this business become saturated?

No, absolutely not. This is an evergreen niche.

There will always be a huge demand for this type of content. This is a real business model. We take you behind the curtain.

Learn from marketers who know the business and do it daily.

  •   Do I need to be a writing pro?  

No! You don’t even need to be a Native English speaker. We show you how to get content created for you. You never have to write a single word if you don’t want to.

  •    Is This Newbie Friendly? 

 Yes, this is newbie friendly, and even the advanced will love this.

  • You do not need a huge budget, and actually you can get started FOR FREE.
  • No technical skills required.
  • Can be scaled to a five figure per month business and beyond.
  • Unlimited potential.

Potentially You Can Make $2,000 Easy By This Time Next Month, 
So “Potentially “ I Should Charge You $2,000.

But I Won’t, Not Even Close To That Absurd Price.

I know what it’s like be out there and just trying to improve your life and that of your family’s.

AND I know if I had not had people helping me along the way I would have never achieved success.

I want to help you now.

At the end of this I want a light bulb to go off in your head and say “Yes, yes I can do this!” SO, we are making this very reasonable for you to be able to afford. We are taking the excuse factor out of the equation.  

Therefore, I am foregoing the recommended price of $97 and making it only $17 for quick action takers who want access as quick as possible…..

We’re Making This Affordable For ONE Simple Reason, YOU.

We Want YOU To Be Where We Are.

But The Price Will Increase, We Want Serious People, And The Best Way To Find Serious People Is To Charge More. So Take Advantage Of This Special Offer!

Yes, You’re Protected By My Refund Policy As Well:

And Yes, We Provide Full Support While You’re A Customer.

If an 18 Year Old Girl Is Doing It, You Can Too.

Take Advantage Of This Special Discount Now:

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