[GET] Source Code Mega Sale Ii DOWNLOAD

GET Source Code Mega Sale ii DOWNLOAD

Get these Brandable PLR Software Products WITH SOURCE CODE in SEVEN Red Hot Evergreen Niches forunder $1.49 a piece!

Get Seven Red Hot Niche Software Products With 
Source Code (and also with branding tools for
those not interested in source code) Use 
These Awesome Software Products in 
ANY WAY You Like!  Sell them, Use 
as Bonuses, Use to Build Lists, 
Get Likes, Drive Traffic,
Earn Commissions, 
and More…

Plus… Learn the “closely guarded secret” way I built a subscriber list of 2000+ in a few short weeks just from reading this letter (no purchase necessary to learn that, it’s all revealed below)…

In fact these include “almost unrestricted” PLR rights so you can even sell them 
to other Internet Marketers who want to dominate these niches.

Source Code Mega Sale Vol 1

From the desk of Andy Brocklehurst and Jerome Johnson

For SEVEN DAYS ONLY (15th – 21st September)… The SECOND Source Code Mega Sale is Here! 

Dear Friend,

If you are looking for the fairest, most open, best value in Private Label Rights then this letter might be the most important thing you’ve read in a long time.

Because following the huge success of the first source code mega sale a few months ago we’re going baty sh*t crazy and doing it again!

And as a totally free bonus, just for reading this letter I’ll explain in full how I have been quickly and easily building lists in various niches without using traditional squeeze pages and without paying for advertising!

So pay attention!

No skipping ahead!

For a very limited time (just like the last one, 7 days then closes FOREVER) we are not only releasing PLR to SEVEN software titles in evergreen niches but we’re also including the source code as well!

But the cool part is:  You don’t need the source code as each of these comes with its own branding tool so you can brand them, put your name as the author, change the name/title and lots more.

And if you sell to other internet marketers you can even create bundles of these and sell the non-transferrable PLR to others with the branding tool.

But more on that in a moment…

Let’s first cover the use of these in their 
various niche markets…

If you’ve been looking for a way to build strong lists in evergreen niches then this is the best ‘done for you’ package deal you’re ever likely to come across.

We are handing you SEVEN niche software titles that can be rebranded to promote your products or suitable affiliate products and build your email lists at the same time.

And best of all you don’t have to rely on traditional squeeze pages for lead capture thanks to our optional registration system that works with ANY auto responder.

Unleash the power of Invisible Lead Capture…

OK this is my closely guarded method of niche list building that I have used repeatedly over the past five years to rapidly build hungry subscriber lists.

What is the main problem that a traditional squeeze page has?

When someone lands on it and sees that they have to put in their email they start thinking “what’s the catch” and “what’s in it for me”.  And if you don’t totallly nail the headline and squeeze copy you lose the prospect.

But what happens if you just give them software to download?

No squeeze page and they can download from free download sites, your site – hell you can even have others give it away for you…

Now your prospect can read all about your exciting offering, and download and install it on their computer before they are asked to part with any information.  #

They don’t have their guard up, they are clicking on a direct download link.  The psychology is perfect (I rapidly built a list of over 2000 using this technique).

And because they’ve already downloaded and installed it… they are already committed to the idea, their resistance is down and a far higher proportion of those prospects happily hand over their real email address and other details.

So that is exactly what I did.  I let them get that far and then asked them to “register the software to get a free license”.

Couple all of the above with a standard thing people are used to doing (registering software) and you have almost zero resistance to them parting with their REAL email address.

And here’s the kicker…

The software products in this package… ALL DO EXACTLY THAT!

If you are already working in, or have considered getting into 
any of the following evergreen niche markets… 
You Need to buy now.

  • Finding a Job With Ease (Employment Niche)

  • Work at Home Tips (WAH Niche)

  • Article Writing (IM and MMO Niche)

  • Fat Burning Secrets (Weight Loss Niche)

  • Yoga for Beginners (Health Niche)

  • Get Your Ex Back (Dating/Relationship Niche)

  • Goal Setting (Self Improvement Niche)

And at the price this is being offered at today, even if you are only interested in one of those niches… this is a bargain!  Not to mention that you can also sell non-transferrable PLR rights to other marketers.  Another way these will make you money!

These software products are for Microsoft Windows Computers.  

They should run on a virtual machine (VMWare or Parallels on
a Mac but we cannot provide support for this, there is a 
demo brandable title for download at the bottom of this 
page if you wish to test before purchase).

GET Source Code Mega Sale ii DOWNLOAD

Because this offer is for PLR with full source code it does not come with an unconditional money back guarantee.

Check out some of the testimonials I’ve had from previous releases:Testimonials

The following terms apply to the 7 Niche Software Products (excluding the branding tool and source files):

[YES] Can be used for personal use
[YES] Can be sold.
[YES] Branded product Can be given away.
[YES] Can be branded with your information
[YES] Can sell or giveaway Personal Use Licenses of the products
[YES] Can sell  Resale Rights to your branded copy of the product.
[YES] Can sell  Master Resale Rights to your branded copy of the product.
[YES] Can add resell rights to PAID member sites
[YES] Can add master resell rights to PAID member sites
[YES] Can add your branded copies to a membership site.
[YES] Can bundle together and offer as a bundle with resell rights or master resell rights.
[NO] Can sell on The Warrior forum or Auction Sites.
[NO] Can brand these for other people or offer customization.

The terms and conditions of use for the branding utility(s) are as follows:

[YES] Can be used for YOUR personal use
[NO] Can be given away
[NO] Can be sold except for what is detailed under special terms below.
[NO] Can be packaged
[NO] Can be offered as a bonus
[NO] Can be branded with your information
[NO] Can be submitted to software directories
[NO] Can be added to paid membership sites
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites

Special Terms and Conditions relating to selling Brandable Rights.

[YES] May sell single products with branding rights and pass on the brander.  Your customer may not pass on those PLR rights.
[YES] May bundle these products and sell with branding rights
[YES] May add bundle with the brander to a paid member site.

Terms and Conditions for the SOURCE FILES

[No] May pass on the source files in any way shape or form.

GET Source Code Mega Sale ii DOWNLOAD

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