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Perfect For Newbies and Experienced! This Formula Replaced My Day Job!

Originally Posted by Matthew Olson View Post
What Scott is teaching here works 100% exactly the way it’s described.
How do I know? Because I’m speaking from direct experience… I’ve been 
list building since 2008 and have been a top solo ad vendor myself. 
Nearly all the steps Scott outlines are ones I do on a regular basis
(I also picked up some “extras” I hadn’t thought of – thanks Scott!)

Everyone talks about building a list, but seldom do you hear about how
to monetize that list by starting a solo ad service. You may be surprised
how lucrative this can be. And contrary to what you may have heard,
selling solo ads is not just for people who have burnt out, unresponsive
lists. Instead, it can be part of an overall email marketing business model,
one where you rotate between affiliate offers, helpful free content and
solo ads.

Bottom line: This is smart, efficient marketing and something I’ve tested
and proven extensively.

If you’re looking for a realistic, sustainable method that will continue to
grow over time, you can’t go wrong here.
 Just be prepared to roll up
your sleeves and take some consistent action. The rewards are worth it.

To your success,

Originally Posted by Franck Silvestre View Post
Just bought, I will post my review within minutes.

I don’t leave a lot of reviews, but when the product is good, I don’t hesitate, so here it is.

First, I must say it’s the first time I read an ‘About me’ with so much interest. I like how the story ends. 

Now, The main ebook is very detailed. Scott took every single aspect of the solo ad business and explained it in an easy to understand way. He added some screenshots which are actually examples. As an example, in the squeeze page section, he shows you three different squeeze pages created with three different software for every budget. 

Scott dedicated a whole chapter for each tool you will need while building and growing your business (autoresponder, squeeze page, etc…). There are screenshots (aweber), where he shows you how to create a list, a webform, a followup message and everything a beginner needs. 

He then walks you through the whole free subscribers process. He shows you how to setup everything to get hundreds (or thousands) of subscribers at no cost. He then shows you how to buy solo ads, how to manage everything (incoming and outgoing clicks), and where to sell your clicks.

Scott really did a really good job with the beginner friendly step-by-step explanations, plus you get access to his group, so you know that you’ll never be alone on this one.

I’m going to check the bonus now (11 Email CTR Hacks and 11 Email Open Hacks)

This is an excellent “Solo Ad Handbook” for anyone who intend to become a solo seller (beginners and advanced alike). I’m happy with my purchase. Great job!


Franck Silvestre.

Originally Posted by fcf360 View Post
I had a great time reading this. In this WSO, Scott Price shares some advanced solo ad tactics that you can use to generate more clicks, as well as how you can get more money out of your list. If you are not a solo ad seller, this WSO will take you by the hand and show you how you can get your solo ad business to the next level. This WSO is well worth the read and I recommend it highly for anyone looking make a full-time income selling solo ads.

Dear Fellow Warrior,

How would you like to earn $5,000, $10,000… even $20,000 each and
every month?

Yeah I know, you’ve seen the claims before…. make a million dollars
per year doing absolutely nothing… blah blah blah.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by pitching you some hyped up
method that only works in theory.

Instead, I’ve got something REAL that I want to share with you…

Something that truly ANYONE can succeed with… even a total newbie.

You see, out of the hundreds or thousands of different “make money
online” methods out there… only a handful have a proven reputation
for providing solid and sustainable cash flow.

And one of the MOST EFFECTIVE and MOST REALISTIC of these
proven money-making methods is Solo Ad Sellling.

A $30,000 per month business?

I personally know people who are making over $30,000 per month with
this formula.

Think about it… some vendors can provide 2,500+ clicks each and every
day. (Some can provide a LOT more).

And at $.45 per click (some charge more…) that works out to $1,125 each
and every day… or $33,750 per month!

If you’re a newbie maybe you think building a big list is over your head
right now. Not True. The only barrier is in your mind.

I’ll show you EXACTLY how a newbie can BANK BIG TIME (it’s a LOT
easier than you think).

If you’re a seasoned solo ad seller maybe you think you have the process
dialed in… and maybe so. But I bet I have a few tricks up my sleeve that
you can benefit from too!

No matter what your experience level. I’m 100% confident I can take you
by the hand and have you selling clicks for immediate PayPal cash in
no time at all!

For many of you this will be LIFE CHANGING INCOME!

Why should you listen to me?

Because selling solo ads is my full time job. This is how I pay
my bills and live my life. So I know a thing or two about how it works.

Below is a screenshot of my earnings since I started. You can see that
I’ve made over $15,000 in this industry in a few short months!

Originally Posted by pipo View Post
I’ve been delaying my training of Solo Ads for a while and I know Scott has a great reputation as an Ad Solo expert, and given the low price of this WSO, I decided to give it try… I am tired of seeing so many people making money with Solo Ads.. is my turn!

oh boy… was I surprised, this is a VERY comprehensive package and just the way I like a simple file with all the goodies, no boring membership sites to keep track of, with long videos and take a while to implement.

The first thing I checked from Scott’s WSO was the resources, which are a clear indication that he is an expert, no way a newbie could have collected a comprehensive list. The main learning module is a 50 page PDF nicely written and professionally formatted. Step by step methods and lots of insiders tips that again clearly show that Scott is not just another Solo Ad guy.. he is an expert.

Two bonus documents are included and a spreadsheet.

After going over this great WSO I feel very confident to get started and making money with Solo Ads, there is also a good deal of advice of list building and awesome marketing knowledge.

Thanks for creating such fantastic Solo Ad course Scott!


Originally Posted by alzack View Post
Solo Ad Insider, is in fact the third product I purchased from Scott after he started his WSO adventure (within 3 weeks!). I’m becoming a loyal customer to Scott now…  simply because he produces good stuff that enhances my technical knowledge, strategy, way of thinking, methods on how to do an effective solo business. 

What’s inside Solo Ad Insider?

a) It shows all the basic imperative tools and software required to build a solo business. For each tools & software, ample description is provided plus recommended links so that we can easily grab hold of the tools and software. Scott recommended several tools and softwares for each catergories so that we have options which one to choose. He also recommended those which are most economical (cheapest but good for the starting the business), which is good for those with low budget but have desire to start a solo business.

b) Scott also showed several methods on how to grow our list bigger faster. Hence, we can effectively used all the steps and processes to utilize all the traffic we get for building the list swiftly. I liked the step by step guide with screen shot that makes it easier and faster to understand what Scott wants to convey. 

c) …and tonnes of other important stuffs like where to buy/sell solo, how to email your list, selling tips, tracking the opt-in-rate (very crucial!!!). Bonus Report #1 and #2 are very very important. Scott share all the secrets, tips and tricks on how to increase email open rate and click rate. Believe me, it is not easy to geet those people to open the emails and get their clicks. So, this bonuses really help.

My 2 cents – Solo ad insider is suitable for every one. It can be mostly super appreciated by those who are new and intermediate level solo player. For those who are new and do not know what is a solo business but wanted to try or understand, this is the piece of document you need. For those who are new and want to do solo business now but have no budget to pay for a coach, get this WSO copy first. It will provide you all the early and essential info for you to kick start your solo business. 

Highly recommended.

Best of luck

Originally Posted by Anthony La Rocca View Post
As a graduated student of Scott Price, not only did I love the results he taught me to achieve — but every single product he has released so far has been top notch quality! 

Solo Ad insider is no different — 1000% recommended must buy…grab it while you still can 

Originally Posted by YaniB View Post
Disclaimer: I got a review copy.

I won’t repeat the info in the sales page regarding what you get, and I also won’t repeat what the other awesome (and very TRUE) reviews say, either.

What I WILL say, is that this really should be the last WSO you ever buy. Seriously.

Scott is the real deal, and you need to GET. THIS. NOW.

You won’t regret it.


Don’t Like Selling? No Problem!

I know a lot of people want to make money online without selling anything,
and I used to be the same way.

The beauty of what I’m going to teach you is that you don’t have to sell
clicks to people if you don’t want to. You can see in the second picture
above that this traffic converts VERY well to CPA offers.

So if you want to, all you really have to do is mail to cpa offers and make

7 Reasons You Should Sell Solo Ads:

Still not sure if selling solo ads is the way to go? Here are 7 great reasons
why you should be jumping on board asap:

1. Simple. Selling solo ad clicks is one of the easiest things I’ve ever tried
doing online. Which is probably why it worked out so well for me. It literally
takes maybe 30 minutes per day to run this business.

2. Short term profits. As soon as you are able to produce at least 50 clicks
from an email sent to your list, you can start putting money into your PayPal

3. Long term profits. The solo ad business will be relevant for as long as
people use email… which means sustainable consistent cash for years
to come.

4. Newbie friendly. A total newbie can be up and running in no time. And
since profits are made by sending an email… this is as easy at it gets.

5. Build a list. You have heard since you first got into internet marketing
that the money is in the list… isn’t it time to start building one?

6. Network and build a reputation. Anyone who has built a network around
them understands the absolute potential it can bring. It opens the door
to so many possibilities, as well as many life-long friendships.

7. Develop crossover skills. Not only will you learn the profitable art of
sending emails and list building. But you will also learn vital copy writing
skills, networking, customer service, confidence, etc… These skills will
prove to be invaluable as you advance in your IM career.

Here’s What You Get…

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the content inside Solo Ad Insider:

A to Z Funnel Setup. Exactly how to set up your list building funnel from
squeeze page to sending emails. This funnel will help you monetize on every
subscriber who opts into your list.

Step-By-Step Action Plan. I will take you by the hand and show you exactly
what steps to take from the very beginning to the very end. Follow the steps
and always know exactly what to do next.

How To Create A High Converting Squeeze Page. My most recent squeeze
page converted at 50% for over 11,000 visitors… I’ll show you how to make your
very own high converting squeeze page.

How To Properly Clickbank. I will also show you my method for getting 2
clickbanking clicks out for every single opt in I get into my funnel!

No Click Is Wasted. How I optimize my funnel to make sure that every single
click I get out of my funnel or list is sent somewhere to make me money.

What To Send. The types of emails to send to your list. How to structure
them, what types of headlines to use, how often to send, etc…

Where To Sell. Not only learn where the best places to sell your clicks are…
but I will also teach you exactly how to sell your clicks for the best price.

How To Track Everything. This is what separates a barely profitable business
from one that is absolutely KILLING IT!

My “Thank You Page” Super Bonus. Learn a secret and highly effective way
to set up the thank you page of your funnel. This alone is worth the cost of this

Bonus Report #1:

Get 11 of my very best email open hacks, which will “force” your subscribers
to open your emails!

Bonus Report #2:

11 of my best email click-through rate hacks… there is nothing worse than
getting a lot of opens and only a few clicks on your email link. And in any
email based business clicks = $$$

And much, much more…

This is the real deal folks. If you’re struggling to make money online then the
information in this report has the potential to turn your financial life around

I’ve seen struggling newbies take this very same information and become
success stories, forcing their financial dreams to finally come true. YOU

And you won’t be alone. That’s because I offer…

Access To My Members Only Facebook Group!

My private Facebook Group is only for my customers. Which means I am dedicated
to offering the highest quality support to members of that group.

This level of personal support is what separates me from others who are teaching
similar methods to make money online. If you have a question that isn’t answered
in my WSO then I am available to help you!

One of the the SMARTEST moves you can make…

Starting a solo ad business is one of the SMARTEST internet marketing activities
you can do. The low maintenance of this business means you can bring in a
consistent and sustainable income for years to come working only 30 minutes
per day.

To put it bluntly: If you’re not getting involved with solo ad sales you’re missing

Literally all of the information you need to create a successful and profitable solo
business is being served to you on a silver platter. You’re even getting personal
one-on-one access to me via Facebook!

I challenge you to test my Solo Ad Insider System for yourself. Once you start
taking action you’ll feel your confidence and enthusiasm grow as your list size
starts to take off like a rocket! It’s a lot of fun and extremely gratifying to get
paid to send emails.

But don’t take my word for it… prove it to yourself – TAKE ACTION NOW!

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