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All while ignoring everything those silly guru’s keep telling you…

Dear frustrated solo ad buyer,

If you’ve ever spent your hard earned cash on a solo or two, you’ll may be able to relate to what I am about to say …

Back in the UK, we have an expression called ‘the village bike’. 

Basically this refers to to the village slut. Everyone has had a ride…hence the term ‘bike’.

Is this expression outdated and sexist? Yes…but that’s not the point.

The point is the village bike has been around the block. They will jump into bed with anyone, and with that comes the emotional baggage accrued over time.

Sure, they crave ‘real love’ and to be ‘treated right’.

They are human and have the right to be treated with respect and dignity like anyone else.

Trouble is….they are still pimped out unwittingly.

Welcome to the world of Solo Ads….

Where ‘certain’ vendors are the pimps, and their lists the bikes….

A world of village bikes (subscribers), searching for that one true love (honesty from the list owner).

This is where you and I come in. 

We are looking to build our list with love. We want to nurture the people who are on it.

So you buy, say 100 clicks and boom…you get, say….40 subscribers!

Awesome you’d think….right?

Wrong! You see, all that matters is ROI. These poor souls have been pimped out more times than they can count.

They are on more lists than you can count.

They are worn out, battered and definitely not in the mood for love (or buying what is is you have to offer).

I used to have a list built solely of these village bikes….

And try as I might, they were unresponsive to my overtures.

Something had to change….

I needed to look elsewhere.

And I stumbled across a new place online far removed from the usual hangouts…

It was staring in my face the whole time.

And low and behold, these folks hadn’t been pimped out. Heck, many of them were monogamous. And that was a thing of beauty.

I had inadvertently slapped the face of the pimps…and they didn’t know it.

What am I on about?


Solo Ad GURU Slayer

The methods I personally used to get stats like these:

And more importantly, results like this:

Not bad for a paid offer with a $500 upsell…

You see, I stopped using the same old lists months ago. I’d had enough of the poor quality. Sure, gems are there but they are rare!

So I put my knowledge into a 34 page PDF to ensure you won’t waste the money I did.

This 8 module course will show you the exact process that I followed, using nothing but Solo Ads and a bit of tender love, to: 

+ Find out where the untapped lists are so you get fresh quality leads
+ How to monetize your solos the right way….
+ How to spot a scammer so your money is always safe
+ What to say to potential sellers to ascertain they are legit
+ All the figures explained so you know exactly how much each click and lead is worth.
+ Email tips to make sure your list reads you stuff and clicks on your buy link
+ Bonus Product set up videos so you are good to go

And much more….

Solo Ads can make you very good money….

But you must know a few things or you’ll get your fingers burnt.

Zig when others zag and do things a ‘little’ differently and build your list the right way all the while, getting great ROIs.

So I know you are probably now wondering…

How much is Solo Ads Guru Slayer?

It’s on dime sale starting at the ridiculously low cost of $4, and the clock is ticking. Bitch slap them gurus and get in while it’s cheap…

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