[GET] Software Store Creator DOWNLOAD

[GET] Software Store Creator DOWNLOAD

  • Complete Turnkey Business That YOU Own
  • Ready in Minutes Then Set and Forget Easy
  • Generates Sales AND Builds Your List
  • Build an Army of Affiliates to Make Sales For You
  • Professional Online Store Optimized for Max Sales
  • Your Customers Get Awesome Software
  • Your Store is 100% Customizable with Tons of Options
  • Add Unlimited Software (or any type) Products

Get a Ready-Made SOFTWARE Business-In-a-Box, Earn $1,000s in Online Sales, Have an Army of Affiliates Promoting it For YOU,
and Quit Your Dreaded 9-to-5 Day Job Forever!

Dear Marketer,

Are you looking for the fastest and easiest way to make some serious cash online?

Imagine if you could have a ready-to-go business that can be up and running in just a few quick & easy steps and will generate profit for you FOREVER on nearly 100% autopilot! It could be the LAST product you ever need to invest in

Now You Can Offer the HOTTEST Selling Thing Online…SOFTWARE!

The global software industry is a whopping $328 BILLION…

If you capture .0001% of that you make over $328,000 per year! So do you think there’s some money to be made selling software? You bet there is…and here’s the PROOF:

That’s over $54,000 in sales from software products I’ve sold recently. People buy software like umbrellas in a rainstorm.

That’s Amazing…BUT I Don’t Know Anything About 
Creating Software or How To Start an Online Business…

I’m sure you’ve had some great ideas for an online business before, but maybe you got hung up on all the technical details or had questions about how to setup stuff. Well, you can stop worrying about the technical side entirely of software development and website design, and still be able to setup your own software business in an afternoon.

You don’t need to know 
anything about:

 Software development

 Website design


 Product creation

With Software Store Creator 99% of the work is done for you…You get a complete, pro quality, software store with everything you need to start making money right now…

Your New Software Store Is Packed With Awesome Features and Tons of Customization Options Yet Point-n-Click Simple To Use

New software that generates an online store for you that YOU own and sell software from!

Optimized settings for making money–clean layout, shopping cart, multiple payment options

Sets up in minutes…just upload the software and run the installer and you’re done

Includes 12 awesome software products with sales letters pre-stocked in your store and ready to sell

Add as many new products as you want–software, digital, or physical

Simple point-n-click admin panel lets youcustomize virtually everything about your store in minutes

Take payments from Paypal, Amazon, Klarna, Authorize.net, Moneybookers, Paypoint, Sagepay, 2Checkout, and more

Move sections and change the layout of your store in seconds with no programming, HTML, CSS, or PHP

Choose any of 5 awesome color themes and change the look and feel of your store in just 1 click

Add your own custom store logo in seconds and brand your store unique to you or your company

Grow your Twitter followers and keep customer and prospects updated with the live Twitter feed

Have your OWN high quality product thatAFFILIATES can promote for YOU

Move, add, or change menu items with simple drag-n-drop menu manager

Get free viral traffic from social sharing icons on every page

Cash in with sidebar banners to post affiliate products

Use the testimonial manager to post customer comments and make more sales with social proof

Run special offers, discounts, and offer coupons with the built-in store modules

Build and profit from your subscriber list with thebuilt-in opt-in form and newsletter creatorand list manager

Full video training included–we’ll show you how to get your site up and making money for you fast

Finally have your OWN high quality store website that gives you credibility and makes you money

Set-n-forget technology means your store manages the whole customer experience for you hands-free

Market a product that’s so valuable you’ll have testimonials pouring in from your customers THANKING you for providing it!

Dummy proof – NO EXPERIENCE or tech skills required! You can even have US setup your store FOR YOU! (extra charge applies)

Even create your own blog right from inside the store admin panel

Software Store Creator is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to finally earn decent money online with their own Internet business….and you don’t even have to know a thing about software or Internet marketing.

All you need to do is upload the software to your website and run the installer…and you’ll have your very own store that will be ready to start making you money the same day!

Now there’s nothing standing in your way of setting up and earning faster with your own business when you take advantage of our simple and affordable Software Store Creator instant software business solution. You have NO excuse.

Software Store Creator Is a Software Selling Cash Machine
In A Box Where 99% Of The Work Is Done For You – Simply
Plug-In And Profit Forever!

Check out this quick tour to see how awesome your new software store is…

YES, It WILL Work For YOU Even If You…

That’s because the SOFTWARE does all the work for you…It creates your software store automatically that can rake in new customers like a magnet pulls up paper clips…

You just use the software to generate a software store–it even comes preloaded with a bunch of software you can sell for quick profits. Let’s look at how easy it really is…

It’s Just 3 Easy Steps

Check out this video of how fast and easy it is to actually setup a store…

It’s THAT Easy! And once your site is setup, it runs virtually on autopilot.

So you can see there is NO simpler or faster way to get started making money online. You’re giving people what they love to buy–software, and you can be up and running in a day even with no marketing or tech skills

Here’s your chance to catapult from wherever you are with your online business to instantly become a player with your own set & forget software store!

All the hard work is done for you.

All you have to do is upload it to your website, edit a few settings to direct the sales payments to your account, and start making sales and profit.

Here’s what you get with your instant “Software Store Generator”…

Software Store Creator Software

Software to create 1 complete, fully-customizable software store that can start making you money in minutes

The software comes loaded with all of these features

Create a Complete Software Store in Minutes

Upload the files, run the installer, and your store is up & running…

$297 Value

5 Point-n-Click Store Color Themes

Choose from 5 different color themes for your store and change colors in 1 click

$97 Value

16 Background Patterns Panel Tool

Choose from 16 different background patterns for your store and change in 1 click

$97 Value

Customizable Welcome Feature Module

High quality welcome feature included or can be changed to anything you like. The welcome feature area displays at the top of your store so visitors see it instantly. It can also be hidden instead if you prefer.

$97 Value

Slideshow Module

Show or hide a feature slideshow in just a few clicks. The slideshow displays on any or all pages of your store and rotates images between as many as you set. You can set the image size, scroll speed, transition effect, and more.

$97 Value

Banner Module

Add banners to promote affiliate products or anything you want to multiple areas of your store. You set the banner sizes, upload images, and set whatever affiliate offer or other link you want to each. Then you can display them on any or all pages and in multiple layouts on your store.

$97 Value

Featured, Bestseller, Special, Latest Product Modules

Promote any products you want with different product sections. Customers can sort products by these types, and you can decide which ones to include in each section.

$97 Value

Testimonial Manager Module

Add customer testimonials and display in rotating slider on your store. The testimonial manager will scroll through your testimonials and can be placed anywhere you like on all or any pages.

$97 Value

Twitter Feed Module

Grow your Twitter followers right from your own storefront. Use Twitter, or any other live updates you want that you have the embed code for.

$97 Value

Newsletter Module

Build your subscriber list and send out newsletters and promos to make more sales or earn affiliate commissions right from your store. Customize the opt-in form any way you like–keep it simple like the default form or add any content you like to boost signups.

Create and send newsletters from right inside your store admin panel.

$97 Value

Social Sharing Module

Get free viral traffic from social sharing with all of the most popular social network buttons on every product and page of your store. Customize and change the icons and social networks any way you like.

$97 Value

Payments Module

Choose from 10+ different payment processing options to offer to your customers and configure them in just a few clicks.

$97 Value

Reviews Module

Let your customers post reviews for you for your products and choose which ones to display or hide in just 1 click. You have total control.

$97 Value

Reports Module

Get detailed reports at the click of a button about sales, products, customers, and affiliates so you know exactly how your store is doing instantly.

$97 Value

Blog Module

Setup and manage your own blog from right inside your store. Make posts, share content, develop a following, and boost your site’s search engine rankings with new content.

$97 Value

Layout Module

Change the layout, look, and feel of your store in seconds by moving sections anywhere you want them. You can move site sections, add or hide them, and choose whether to display sections on specific pages or your entire site.

$97 Value

Affiliate Module

Make tons of money by getting an army of affiliates to promote your store for you. Automated signup for new affiliates, and you an approve or deny each affiliate. Software creates custom links for each affiliate and also tracks sales and clicks.

You can set commission percentages, and see at a glance who is promoting and making sales.

$97 Value

Just the software alone, packed with all of those awesome features, is worth over $1,752. But we want to make 100% surenothing stands in your way of making money online…

so you’ll also get:

12 Software Products Preloaded

12 high quality software products preloaded into your store so you can start making sales and earning profits the minute your store is setup.

$197 Value

Secret Software Sources Guidebook

My private list of places you can get an unlimited supply of hot software to add to your store and sell for mega profits. The more products you offer in your store, the more money you can make.

With the guidebook you’ll have access to an unlimited supply of new software to stock your store for continuous lifetime profits.

$197 Value

Step-By-Step Video Training

Walkthrough training videos that take you through every step of setting up and running your software store. Quickstart training to get you up & running in minutes, and also detailed training for all of the advanced customization options.

$197 Value

That makes the Software Store Creator package worth over $2,343. And it’s all ready for you to download and plug in instantly! Just upload it to your website and collect 100% of the profits!

Are you starting to see the massive potential with having a ready-made business you can call your own?

You get all the professionally made pieces that make up your complete software store when you secure your package today.

You get everything you need to be ready to start selling software in one afternoon after you order and download your new software business in a box.

Once it’s set up on your website, you keep 100% of the sales for every sale you make and 100% of the customers.

Lots Of Hungry Buyers!

There are over 1,800,000+ searches every month by people who are looking to buy software and are in need of someone to sell it to them!

This is where you will be able to tap in and instantly cash in with this software business.

Own An Instant Best Seller!

You can have this instant best seller to burst into the Internet marketing scene or add an extra income stream to your current business.

It’s all there ready and waiting for you on a silver platter.

For one, the product is great. It works and you’ll be up & running fast and easy.

Second, the store looks smoking hot! You can be sure that you will get high conversions and make sales.

In other words…

You CAN Make Money.

You will have a unique business that you can rely on to make you money for years to come without the need for any more work or maintenance on your part! It’s truly a set and forget internet money machine!

Everything you need to start making sales is all in this complete package. Just add traffic and the website will close the sales for you.

This is the perfect opportunity for you if you….

  • are a busy marketer who wants an extra profit stream fast
  • want to start your first real Internet business 
  • don’t want to spend a fortune creating a product, copywriting, setting up a website
  • want a truly set & forget business for passive income
  • want to make sales on auto-pilot, even while you sleep
  • want to sell a quality product with your name on it
  • want a team of affiliates selling your product for you

Very Powerful Yet Still Very Simple To Use

As powerful as it is, the software is very easy to setup. You just upload the files to your domain, enter a few settings, and run the installer. You get full tutorials, but if you’re still intimidated by software we’ll even install it for you–you don’t need any technical knowledge to use this. (extra charge applies for install service)

And it’s even easier to manage and customize…the Software Store Creator software uses a simple menu-driven interface so you can customize your site without any programming or technical knowledge. Here are a few screenshots…

If you can click checkboxes and drag and drop you can manage and modify your store menu …

…your store categories and products…

…your store layout, modules, and look & feel…

…and so much more

Why Software Store Creator Is the 
LAST Marketing Product You’ll Ever Need

You’ve seen how powerful the software is in building your list and generating cash. You’ve seen how simple it is to setup and use. Now here’s why it’s the last marketing product you’ll ever need…

Software Store Creator creates a software store for you that YOU own. So you have your own Internet real estate, you gain instant credibility, you establish your brand, and you have online currency. These things are the absolute foundation for generating real wealth.

Your own product helps you make more money as an affilate, too. When you promote other people’s products you can offer software products as a bonus for ordering through your affiliate link, which leads to higher sales and more money in your pocket, which in turn is the fastest and most powerful way to get noticed by big time marketers and make them want to joint venture with you.

Beware of Products That Teach You to 
Build Your Business As an Affiliate

Maybe you’ve seen the recent explosion of products teaching you to focus your Internet business on affiliate marketing–Amazon, CPA networks, Clickbank, JVZoo, and other methods. But there’s a hidden danger in that that they aren’t sharing with you

When you market as an affiliate, you are building the product OWNER’s list and not your own because the leads you send signup on their list. You also have no control over the product, and the competition in affiliate marketing is increasing by the DAY with everyone trying to make an easy buck.

So the danger is, you may look up in 6 months and find that you can’t make much as an affiliate anymore–the increasing competition means more affiliates to divide the same commissions so you get less. And worse, the bonus packages being offered by affiliates are escalating out of control so if you don’t have your own product soon you won’t be able to compete. (It’s no secret why the top affiliates are all also product OWNERS–they offer their products as bonuses to make more sales as an affiliate!)

So you can make money as an affiliate and it’s a nice extra income stream, but you NEED your own product to build enduring income so don’t focus ONLY on affiliate marketing or you may be doomed and never even see it coming…

With Software Store Creator YOU own the store so you can build an increasing, stable, and dependable income that you can count on to be there for you…

This May Be Your ONLY Chance, Because
I Wasn’t EVER Going to Share This…

With software this powerful, I had planned on keeping it all to myself and just keep using it to build my income while I spend my time doing what I want.

But I talk to so many marketers and people who want to break free from their dead-end jobs, stop worrying about money, and find a way to finally feel secure about their finances and their future. And unfortunately, for most they want to succeed so badly but just don’t know what to do or can’t seem to get anything to work…

So I’ve decided to make my software available…BUT I may only do so on a VERY limited basis or for a VERY limited time…

The value of the software is almost beyond measure–it builds your list, puts cash in your pocket, AND gives you instant online credibility. And it does it on nearly total autopilot.

If you tried to develop the software yourself you would pay at least $3,000 and that’s if you outsourced it to the cheapest bidder (good luck hoping it actually works when you get it back!)

If we charged $297 it would be a bargain and it would sell out…

But I know at $297 it would be out of reach of most people who need it.

So you’re not going to pay $297 or even $197. In fact, you’re not even going to pay $97. When I showed this system to my friends in the industry, $197 is the price they said I should charge.

BUT, for right now, during this pilot launch phase only, if you agree to give me an audio or video testimonial when you get your breakthrough…I’ll drop it down to just $27.

$27 for all that value…all that list building and income potential…and most importantly the chance to break free from your job and live the way YOU want to…getting up when you want, doing what you want, knowing all of your bills are paid, and being able to buy whatever you want without worrying about how much it costs…

So $27 gets you the full Software Store Creator package, but only now during this pilot launch phase, and only while they last. If we open it up again it will likely be at the full price of $97.

I KNOW Software Store Creator is going to play a huge part in a lot of marketers’ upcoming breakthrough stories–the only question is will you be one of them…

Order NOW and I’ll throw in this EXTRA BONUS – a $299 Value. Grab a front-row seat to the online training event of the year–“How To Setup a $100,000 Internet Business in 8 Weeks” where I walk you through it step-by-step…

You get FREE Access to this breakthrough training event as a bonus–access details are in the Members Area.

  • INSTANT ACCESS to download the software, watch the training videos and get started in minutes
  • 1-store license to create a list-building, money-making software store with point-n-click ease
  • Secret Software Sources Guidebook
  • Step-By-Step Video Training
  • Bonus “How To Setup a $100,000 Internet Business in 8 Weeks” training
  • Full 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee

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