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  • The ONLY Video Marketing Software Of It’s Kind That Actually Utilizes the Facebook Video Player!
  • Quickly & Easily Create Highly Engaging Social Videos and Video Posts!
  • “Magically” Brand Your Videos With Your Own Watermark and Intro or Outro!
  • Automatically Add a Call to Action to The End of Each of Your Facebook Videos!
  • Post Your Videos to Multiple Pages, Profiles & Groups Automatically!
  • “Magically” Do All Of This Without Having To Leave Facebook!

[GET] Social Video Magic DOWNLOAD

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It Is Now Easier Than Ever To Create & Post Professional and Engaging Videos
Directly to Facebook That Generate 20X More Leads,
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Don’t Link To Another Youtube Video On Facebook!

It’s no secret… Facebook wants to be your everything! They want your posts, your ads, your photos and YES they DEFINITELY want your videos! I’m not talking about a post with a link to your YouTube video or some other site…. they want you to upload your video straight to Facebook!

And as a marketer…let me tell you…YOU WANT TO MAKE FACEBOOK HAPPY! – So if you give them your videos, they’ll reward you with 3 things…

This Software Will Have You Creating & Posting Videos Directly to FacebookTHAT SIPHON HOARDS OF TARGETED TRAFFIC To ANY Website of Your Choice!

Definitely the MOST valuable “gift” you’ll receive from Facebook by uploading your videos straight to them is TRAFFIC! Now, this is not to say that they’re just going to magically send people to your website BUT they come pretty darn close!

Here’s what I mean… when you upload a video straight to your Facebook fan page they now allow you to put what they refer to as a “Call to Action” at the end of your video!

This is a clear, engaging and effective method of giving your viewers a QUICK & EASY way to get to your website directly from your video without having to put a “spammy” link in your post!

Here’s Why You Are Going to LOVE
Quickly & Easily Attach a Trackable Call to
Action To Every Video You Post on Facebook

  • Simply post your video to Facebook like normal and “magically” your call to action button will appear at the end of your video.
  • You can specify the type of call to action to display.
  • You can set the url for the call to action button to ANY website of your choice.
  • The software will TRACK ALL CLICKS to your call to action buttons.

Works Seamlessly With Facebook’s
Post Scheduling System!
  • Use Facebook to schedule and plan your posts.
  • Use Facebook to back date your posts.
  • No having to even LEAVE Facebook to use this feature!

We Have a MASSIVE LIBRARY of Professional, Sexy
& Ready to Go Video Templates For You To Use!

  • Huge variety of background videos to fit any niche, industry or objective to use with your voice video posts, video ads or however you’d like!
  • “Newsfeed Grabber” video templates to instantly gain the attention of your friends, fans and followers even before they click the play button!
  • Professional, beautiful and highly engaging ready to go intros and outros!
  • “Quick video” templates…simply enter a website address to add to the video, click one button and magically your website address is instantly added right into your video!

Full Stats & Tracking Available For
ALL Of Your Video Posts!

Instantly see real time stats of your video posts such as…

  • Total number of likes
  • Total number of comments
  • Total number of shares
  • Total number of CLICKS!

Instantly & EASILY Post ANY Video Created Within the
Software Directly to Facebook to Multiple Pages, Profiles
& Groups Complete With a Call to Action at the End!

  • No DOWNLOAD and RE-UPLOAD required to post your videos straight to Facebook!
  • Simple one click posting to multiple pages, profiles and groups!
  • Quickly & easily attach a call to action to each video!

Don’t Take Our Word For It!

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Excited To Take Great Care Of You!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 10 years of marketing and creating valuable products just like this one, is that friendly, courteous and prompt customer support is KEY to a successful business!

We know there’s nothing worse than to be all excited about a product and purchase it only to realize there’s ZERO support or assistance available to you!


I have a FULL TIME support team ready RIGHT NOW and EXCITED to take care of your needs and provide you the BEST customer experience you’ve ever had online.

Meet My Team
It Goes Without Saying That My Team Is Awesome!

At Such A Huge Discount To You?

Well… There is one small “catch” to you getting this software at an Incredible DISCOUNT TODAY…

Don’t worry… it’s pretty painless. Once you’ve had a chance to use the software to generate traffic leads and SALES (like I know you will)… simply let me know and provide me a written or video testimonial to use when we take this software to the general public!

Easy enough right?! See… I told you it was painless 🙂

Full 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Gain INSTANT ACCESS to Social Video Magic RIGHT NOW, completely 100% RISK FREE FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS!

I know you are going to LOVE this software but on the off chance that it just isn’t what you thought or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)…I’ll refund 100% of your purchase today, no questions asked, no hassle and no hard feelings.

So fearlessly click that BUY NOW button right now and let’s get you started!

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When we offer this software to the general public outside of our community, the price is not only going to increase but it will go to a MONTHLY cost instead of the ONE-TIME cost available to you right now!

So grab your savings RIGHT NOW and I’ll see you on the other side!

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