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Shut the FB traffic leak for mobile devices with our Ground-breaking technology

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Everything You need…

  • The go-to app for social, viral coupon and deal offers
  • Works 100% for Facebook, web and mobile
  • Visual “click and edit” system means you can be up and running in minutes
  • No monthly fees, nothing to install, no technical skills needed
  • Powerful QR code system for redeemable real-world coupons
  • 50+ custom background images and design tools

Price increases in




Dear Social Media Marketer,

Did you know that over 50% of all Facebook activity is on a mobile device?

Did you know that Facebook Page Tabs do not work on a mobile device?

Yup. It is true.

Fb flushes half your page tab traffic down the toilet. Even worse, you could be paying for ads and losing that traffic without even knowing it. It’s a big problem, and one we have set out to solve.

More on that in a minute.

Everyone loves a deal, right?

If you see something on a sale rack with a big 25% off in a store, it is going to grab your attention.

Online offers are no different. Discounts and coupons work, it’s simple and irrefutable.

Now, imagine if you can combine the power of Facebook with the massive boost in sales given by properly structured deals and coupons. That will give you quite a powerhouse for getting more sales for you and your clients.

But it leads us back to our initial problem – mobile.

With 1 in 2 people using FB on mobile, that means if you want to create a Facebook Page with your deal (and there are many reasons to do this which we outline below), you are going to lose out on 50%+ of your potential audience. Nobody wants that.

It is as close to you can get to flushing money down the drain.

To try to get around you can shoehorn bits of software together and attempt to cobble together a solution. It might work. After a lot of hours and dollars in developer fees yeah… you might find a solution.

Or you might not.

Luckily, now you don’t need to worry about it.

We have solved the last big Facebook technical issue for you.

And solved it in a way that brings the trinity of sales boosting power right into your hands.

We have joined the viral world ever present Facebook platform with the sales boosting power of deals and the universal dominance of mobile.

We call it

Social Mobi Deals.

Social Mobi Deals is the first app of it’s kind. The first cloud platform that lets you create offline/online based coupon campaigns, online timer based deals and lead capture pages that work universally on Facebook and any mobile device.

This is a huge breakthrough and widens your traffic channel to the other 50% of Facebook mobile users.

We are excited to bring this to market, and to do so with a powerhouse feature set and unrivalled value.

So let’s get into a little more detail about Social Mobi Deals and what it can do for you.

What Is Social Mobi Deals And What Can It Do?

Social Mobi Deals is the 1st of it’s kind in viral, fb and mobile deals provision. You can now create coupon campaigns for online sales events and products, you can create coupons for offline businesses and you can create timer based marketing campaigns for anything you want. The options are endless, and you will see the results in your bottom line.

Check Out Everything Social Mobi Deals Can Do

Creates High-Converting “Deals” Pages In Minutes

With our simple “Click to Edit” features, you can now create world class Deal templates for your Fanpages.

Mobile Friendly -Across All Platforms!

With this tool, ensure that you do not miss out on any of the traffic.. considering the fact that 50% of the users are on mobile!!

Real Time Countdown Timer

Irrespective of your client’s time zone, the deal starts and ends at the same micro-second.


Now offer the discounts and offers on the QR code as well.. From the dashboard, redeem those coupons at ease..

Normally an app like this would be extremely technical and difficult to set up. Often, you would need to hire a techie to just get it up and running for you. Hardly the nimble solution you need for fast, easy to manage deals campaigns is it?

Well you don’t need to worry about that either. We have it in hand.

Social Mobi Deals is totally newbie friendly, and flexible enough for advanced users too. You just log in, select some options, and you are good to go. With our visual “code free” templating system, you just type what you want and our app does the rest.

Check It Out…

1. Set Up Your Deal Page

  • Choose from the list of lead generating templates

  • Load your custom images, logo and brand the template

  • Set up the timer based on your time zone

Check Out The Templates Here! Click On Thumbnails For Preview
Coupon/Optin Templates
view Template
view Template
view Template
view Template
view Template

view Template
view Template
view Template
view Template
view Template

Online Deal Templates
view Template
view Template
view Template
view Template
view Template

view Template
view Template
view Template
view Template
view Template

2. Edit Your “Like” Gateway

  • Choose, single or double optin and enable “like” gateway on Facebook

  • collect e-mail ids and the tool supports all autoresponders

3. Configure Coupon Settings

There are two options in this feature

  • You can input your own coupon code. It will be the same across all coupons

  • Let the tool generate the coupon code where Unique codes will be generated.

4. Deliver Coupon

  • The deal will be delivered to the customer as a pdf file

  • This deal will also be delivered in the QR code for a quick authentication

  • The end logo will be delivered like this to your customer.

You can literally have a deal or coupon set up completely in a few minutes.

And did we mention that this also gets those valuable likes for your facebook page? Yeah – we have left nothing out. There is an optional likegate built in to ensure people engage with your page to get to those deals.

We Even Packed The App With Loads Of Custom Backgrounds For You To Use

In case you do’t know, Facebook rewards people for keeping traffic inside it’s environment so having your deal in a Facebook page is a massive plus and can hugely reduce your facebook ad cost. That’s the name of the game.

Social Mobi Deals Isn’t Just For Coupons Or Countdown Deals.

We know many of our customers are offline marketers who have clients and need to maintain some confidentiality with the software they use. The last thing you want is to provide a client a bespoke service with a deal URL, then have them see our brandthere and just cut you out and come use our software.

That isn’t a problem for you. We have taken care of it with our specially branded mobile deals engine which is fully integrated into Social Mobi Deals. We call it moblr.io and you get it with your purchase of Social Mobi Deals.

Moblr.io is our secure unbranded deals gateway so your clients (and their customers) do not see our brand name or know anything about our app whatsoever.

You can create your deal campaigns securely, safe in the knowledge that your sensitive business information and resources are safe from clients and more importantly, competitors.

Please do not underestimate the importance of this feature and the value it provides.

Every deal you make will automatically have a secure moblr.io deal URL, ready to go as soon as you click “publish”.

Does this get your creative juices flowing?

Is your mind brimming with ideas?

Can you afford to ignore this?

This isn’t a cheesy “get rich online” product.

It’s a serious business app solution for a real, in demand need that we decided to tackle head on, and solve for you so you do not have to. And, to do it in a massively valuable way with a bargain price.

So now we ask, is this something you can afford to ignore any longer?

…50% of page tab traffic never seeing your deal. Clients not getting the best solution to their problem. Lost revenue, wasted ad spend. The list goes on.

The logical answer is no.

So That Brings Us To The Point Where You Can Now Get Your Hands On Social Mobi Deals At A Ridiculously Low Launch Price.

Normally, an app like this, hosted “in the cloud” and with nothing for you to set up would go for a monthly or annual fee.

In fact, it will go for a monthly fee after launch.

We aren’t going to charge you a monthly fee though. We reward loyalty, action takers and early adopters. For you guys, we have a special launch discount price. It’s a special offer for a special app

Let Me Recap Exactly What You Get First


Build your list in your Fan Page


Increase conversion by over 60%


Create Deals on your Fanpage


Time Sensitive Deals


Scan and Redeem Codes


Separate interface for authentication


Customize your templates and use them in upto 25 Fanpages!


Complete Design Control


Works with all autorespnders

Ok, You Have Made It This Far…

Which tells us you are serious about plugging this facebook traffic leak and tapping into the huge opportunity afforded by making mobile ready deals and coupons for you and your clients.

You can grab this right now and have your covert “ready to sell” moblr.io deals up and running. Seriously, it will only take you a few minutes!

It’s entirely cloud based and the admin dashboard even works on mobile so you can show people on the move – perfect for closing deals in person if that’s what you want.

This deal will not be around forever though. We are keeping it open for a very limited time only, before we make this the monthly fee it really should be. It’s your opportunity to grab a bargain, and a real-world app that is going to work as we have described, and with no techie bottlenecks to mess things up for you or require outside help.

Early Bird Offer Ends At 11.00 Am EST

Try Social Mobi Deals For 30 Days Risk Free!

There Is NO RISK For You Whatsoever. There Is NO DOUBT In Our Mind That You Are Going To Be Creating Pages In Minutes Using This Software.

However, We Are Still Offer A Full 30-Day, No Questions Asked “Love It Or Shove It Guarantee!”

So Feel Confident With Your Purchase.

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